Forge of Empires: 2023 Fellowship Event - Town 3 Tutorial! How to Easily Complete Town/Banquet 3! -

Forge of Empires: 2023 Fellowship Event – Town 3 Tutorial! How to Easily Complete Town/Banquet 3!

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Welcome to my playthrough/walkthrough video for Town/Banquet 3 in the 2023 Fellowship Event!

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0:00 Intro
0:35 FoE Helper Strategy Checklist!
0:53 Town 3 Tutorial!
5:44 Ending Town 3
6:37 Thanks to my Patreons!


  1. FoE Helper Strategy Checklist: the Building Upgrade Plans here: Event Spreadsheet: Event Tutorial & Strategies: Overview & Strategies Guide: 1 Walkthrough: 2 Walkthrough: 3 Walkthrough: 1 Checklist: 2 Checklist: 3 Checklist: Intro0:35 FoE Helper Strategy Checklist!0:53 Town 3 Tutorial!5:44 Ending Town 36:37 Thanks to my Patreons!

  2. Hi MooingCat. I love your videos by the way. I just wanted to ask, when switching towns/banquet do you use any of your gemstones to open a reward box?

  3. Thank you so much for these tutorials. Wish I could leave more likes!

  4. Hi MooingCat. Can you add information about minimum manager's level to complete each type of city? It would help at the end of event to calculate right quantity of gems for the last city.

  5. Is it just me or does this feel slower than St Patricks ? On my 3rd town and seems to be really dragging…

  6. At the 3:23 mark in the video you mention to get your carriage to level 181 but then at 3:35 you said after you get your carriage to 189 level you should level banquet to 200. Should it be 181 or 189?

  7. i've collected 8.4Q but it wont let me advance to the next banquet, i've completed all steps

  8. Hi guys!
    Stupid question – How to find out what town I am doing? Is there any indication of it?

  9. How much money do you purchase on Gems to do this?

  10. So now I am confused. I am just about to finish city 3 but I am not going to have enough gems to open all the chests? How possibly can we get 9 cities done? FYI I play 4 cities and this is the case in all 4 of them. What did I miss?

  11. For the other cities, it is done in the same way as you explained in city 3, or are there changes?

  12. How do you get enough gemstones? I keep trying to complete the quests to get them but most of them take several hours so i never have enough gems to upgrade the managers.

  13. Is it just me or is it fuzzy? Towns 1&2 I could zoom in on and it wasn’t fuzzy.

  14. Great walkthrough, following these I get through 1 town per day (give or take a few hours) more than enough to get a fully upgraded event building plus many other goodies. 👍

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