France and Belgium reverse 180 degrees on nuclear policy. AIA weekly report 7-1-23 -

France and Belgium reverse 180 degrees on nuclear policy. AIA weekly report 7-1-23

John Polomny
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France announces its intention to build new reactors while Belgium decides to reverse the decision to close two of its large reactors.

The nuclear power renaissance continues as the uranium market becomes more and more bullish.

NY and CA tax revenue drop as people leave for TX and FL. Capital goes where it is best treated.


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NY state tax revenue reportedly falls nearly 20% as Florida, Texas see boom

Oil and gas will continue to power the world for decades to come, big oil firms say

‘Strong customer reluctance’ forces Volkswagen to slash electric vehicle production

The restart of student loan payments is going to pressure the strong US consumer, as 34% of borrowers say they’ll be unable to make payments

Ford to cut jobs in the US, Canada to trim costs

Belgium and Engie agree on nuclear reactor extensions


  1. Sign up for my weekly free emails that have tons of great information on profitable investing ideas. If you sign up I will send you a copy of my free e-book "Ten Rules For Investment Success"

  2. did you know that Nigel Farrage, has been debanked by the UK and global Banking groups?

  3. Most young people do not earn enough to put away for things like student loans etc.
    It’s just a mess. Education too expensive imo

  4. Regarding STEM degrees, your job/career could easily be outsourced!

  5. Just returned from 3 weeks in India- can confirm the place is hopping with economic activity. Traveled through 3 airports, all were very recent built and top notch. Many infrastructure projects underway as well.

  6. Thanks. I look forward to your political and market thoughts. It helps me put things into perspective.

  7. I agree with the succession idea. Absolutely. New county: HOWCAL: Hawaii, Oregon, Washington Cal. Can we have Alaska too? Palin must leave first

  8. I agree. The adani group is a great company

  9. Love that nuclear de-risks a little more every week, can’t legislate away entropy

  10. Ford is forcing all dealerships to install multiple, high-speed (480 volt) EV charging stations in order to keep receiving any vehicles. (Multi-million $ expense.)

  11. They declared the youth AFG a terrorist organization.

  12. Eu needs the immigrants to pay for all the retirees.

  13. On Germany, I'm not sure which is more likely: turning back on Nuclear (currently seems politically impossible) or resuming imports from Gazprom (seems difficult – but maybe after the war is over it might be possible).

  14. You are rarely wrong, but you are way wrong about Tesla not making money. A lot has changed in the last two years.

  15. I'm AfD Voter, our party is a mixture of regular conservatives, liberals, right wing and "extreme right", including me by now as I demand full re-migration no matter whaat I have to do in order to achieve that. I'd say regular conservatives who dont want multi-culti are by far the majority

  16. Ford is running itself into bankruptcy, thanks to mgmt selling out to govt instead of selling to customers.

  17. Hey John, It’s been a while. You sound like you’re doing good. I completed my carpenter certificate at an excellent trade school. Even here, most people do not work longer than 5 years in the trades. No one wants to get dirty anymore man. I’m sure you are already aware of this. Everyone (I’m generalizing) wants the nice cushy A.C. office without putting the work in. They feel like they are above us.

    I’ve been working for 14 months in the trades since I graduated. I went from $52,000 starting to $77,000 at the beginning of this next August, plus $3500 bi-annual tax free vacation pays, all unionized. Not too bad, and this is working for someone else. But the rule is true, no one wants to do real work so-to-speak like trade work. It’s hard work but it’s rewarding since you learn a lot of important information about the infrastructure. THERE’S PLENTY OF COMMERCIAL CARPENTER WORK FOR YEARS TO COME. And that’s what I am doing.

    Also, the VA is paying for the rest of my college. So.. working full time and completing my college degree at night. I’m exhausted… but whenever I transition to a non-physical job eventually, if they are still available, I will have zero debt associated with my piece of paper. Otherwise, I would never pay for an expensive degree in this environment.

    Sorry I haven’t messaged you in a while, I’m just overloaded these days.

    I just figured this comment would help.

  18. Good video. No amount of wishful thinking or political will is going to change the energy fantasy we're in. You can't change the laws of physics and engineering to make wind and solar efficient on a large scale no matter how much taxpayer money you throw at them. I’ve known this since the 1970's when I worked in mechanical engineering designing and building nuclear power plants. One uranium fuel bundle the size of a fire log can power 100 homes for an entire year.

  19. How massaged are all the Us data numbers to portray a narrative? Such as employment. Is it worse than we are being told? We saw during the plandemic it was “with” not “from” the sniffles to Jack up the fear porn.

  20. Appreciate the unsympathetic embellishments describing these commies who have no idea what reality is. Calm factual and impactful!

  21. I guess all your listeners from Germany vote for the AFD. 😉 Its right wing anti-establishment. But nothing to do with "nazi" and all the BS MSM tells you.

  22. Thanks John, great video as usual. Have a great week

  23. Gold 🏅 and Silver 🥈 are a great opportunity 😃✊

  24. That's a fact John.I spend 15 years as a tree surgeon cutting timber round the powerlines, i recently started surveying power poles for the integrity of them and the apparatus on them,There is no PHD for this just experience of the power network,if i want i can earn €1,500 a week at this, There is no labour to it just going pole to pole surveying them,piece of piss…Can,t get men here for utilities, There taking in lads with 0 experience just to try get some in

  25. So if shale oil production has peaked, this will be negative for ONshore oil services stocks?

  26. There are several offshore oil rig stocks on the Norwegian stock exchange that looks interesting.

  27. Too much recency biased. Over the last 250 years Colonialism has oppressed billions. People maybe kinda tired and fed up….

  28. Calling the Russian invasion a civil war is kind of silly or worse

  29. John your mention of "full on Auschwitz" is highly inflammatory and was needlessly tossed about. As a Jew this offended me especially from a respected commentator like you. I don't expect an apology from you since it would be inane and weak in nature and you knew what you said with malice and forethought. Jews have traditionally been the canary in the coalmine with respect to how a nation is descending into chaos and anarchy. If the Jews in France leave en mass because of the riots it would be a Tell of how europe will become unmanageable and violent with the muslims taking control by any means. This time it will be the non-integrated muslims that will turn on the christian and non-muslim population to have a sharia led country in the center of europe.

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