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G-Shock GWM5600 Solar Atomic square watch teardown

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  1. 7:17: I think the large chip is the CPU. It's hard to tell which circuit board is for which watch at around 6:40.;42

  2. Waht is that connector called on 9:08? It connects the display with the main board, I know, but how is it called? how is it able to conduct electricity? It seems all black. Is there copper or smt there that connects the pins of the display to the main board? For your next disassembly I'd like to see that up close a bit! 🙂

  3. Isnit possible to make the alarm louder by putting in another piezo element ? Or, how should one go about making the alarm louder on these sodt of watches?

  4. You're a brave fellow. I could take things apart but could never ever put them back together 😅

  5. The extra components on the circuit board are due to the Multiband 5/6 support. It has a few extra crystals with different timings and these crystals are switched in and out to receive the correct frequency of the time transmitters, plus an IC for decoding and a few passives to support the radio reception.

  6. Does the buttons come out? I want to make a solid gold bezel so it won't go over the the buttons

  7. Is there a way to remove the layer where all the letterings are? (Tough solar, adjust etc…) Would like a cleaner look.

  8. I've seen sapphire glass available for these style of watch but do you know of any that are available for purchase that are sapphire and work with the solar? I've had no luck so far.

  9. Can you show a glass replacement on a g shock square?

  10. Question: can you remove and replace/swap the solar panel and crystal/glass shield from the case?

  11. Do you have a teardown of a GWM5610 on your channel? I'm curious if the lcd looks the same or is it more similar to the lcd of the 5700 series as it uses a full EL backlight.

  12. cool
    do you have a multimeter?? it would be interesting to see howmmuch power the solar panel puts out

  13. Hi, i just wanted to ask you something.My modul number on the back(3261) isnt same as the number of the model on test screen(3260) and on the main display it shows me 001d do u know why?

  14. Another great teardown video Thanks G shock HighFashion

  15. Do you know if the disassembly is the same on a 5610?

  16. u didnt remove the side screw of the bezel . ouch!!!!!!

  17. Would you be able to swap the crystal from a GW-M5610 into a DW-5000 (the metalcased version of that watch)?

  18. Wow you are rough. Didn't bother to remove the 4 screw securing the bezel. Just pry away lol.

  19. I wanted to remove the writing from my glass but it turns out it’s not that easy so. Gave up and reassembled.

  20. Bro..do you know why my side button of gwm5610 not working when i press?

  21. Hey, always love your videos! I'm wondering if you can confirm for me that the underlying case (underneath the metal bezel) of the 5000 metal Bluetooth series is metal or resin. Thanks!

  22. For the mirrored filter on the backside, is that replaceable with an lcd sheet and if so would it enable you to view the watch with polarized glasses?

  23. Am I seeing 4 quartz crystal oscillators on a single watch at 6:35? What is that for?

  24. I have the GW-B5600-HR1 , love the bracelet and red inlay bezel but hate the negative display, what modules will exchange with this case? Thank you for any help

  25. How do you read watch codes number? Mean how do you know that A stands for 2011??????? PLZ ans

  26. My buttons are none responsive after doing a polarizer change 😭

  27. I have followed these steps and now my module is dead.. please help

  28. Hope your read this comment.

    Could i swap faceplate gwm5610 for gwx5600? The module different, so am not sure if they swappable.

    I love to have gwx5600 to use gwm5610 faceplate. It will be perfect match!😅

  29. Even though it has fewer layers I bet it’s more durable. Looks like they improved on it by adding a lower durometer (more squishy) rubber that fills in more of the internal area around the module. Sometimes simpler is better, less parts to make means less to break and lower cost. I can’t image Casio (probably still Kikuo Ibe) would have made a less durable watch. I think they just have continued to refine the protection since the originals. Thank you for the great video!

  30. Hi, I need some advice… I scratched the screen of my GMW B5000V watch, what would you advise me to do before I decide to attempt to fix it with another screen from another GMW B5000 I have ready to be disassembled?

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