Gaétan Chevalier: Earthing & Bioelectromagnetism | Ricci Flow Nutrition Podcast -

Gaétan Chevalier: Earthing & Bioelectromagnetism | Ricci Flow Nutrition Podcast

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Gaétan Chevalier, PhD, is an expert in engineering physics, atomic physics and laser spectroscopy. He is a world-leading expert on the effects of earthing (otherwise known as grounding) on human biology. Gaetan has been involved in earthing research for over 20 years and founded the Earthing Institute. He spent four years of researching plasma physics and nuclear fusion at UCLA, and then served as a professor at CIHS. Dr. Chevalier is currently lead faculty at CIHS, visiting scholar in the Department of Family Medicine & Public Health, School of Medicine, UC San Diego, and Director of the Earthing Institute and Research Director at Psy-Tek.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:01:20 – Gaétan’s Background & Training
00:18:11 – How Earthing Works
00:25:01 – Highrise Living Depletes Electrons
00:31:44 – The Earthed State is The Normal Physiological State
00:35:34 – Robert O. Becker, The Current of Injury & Bioelectricity
00:38:29 – Native & Non-Native EMF
00:46:12 – Electron Resonance & Biorhythms
00:48:04 – Physiological Shifts Resulting From Earthing
00:51:51 – Extracellular Matrix & EZ Water
00:59:49 – Blood Viscosity, Earthing & Meridians
01:04:12 – Best Way to Earth
01:05:41 – Earthing & Sun Exposure
01:08:30 – Are Outlets Safe to Earth With?
01:14:35 – Are There Unsafe Places to Earth?
01:20:38 – Outro

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  1. Dr Kruse sent me. Fabulous discussion. Best podcast on electrons 🙌

  2. Great interview Cameron, I take it you don't have concerns yourself for terminating a grounding rod into a yard then? Curious if your mattress has coils and whether any concerns there? I have seen others mention that as an issue if you plan to use grounding sheets while you sleep.

  3. This was a great interview. I would love to know if they are planning to do research on the potential for therapy dogs actually helping by a grounding type process for the person stroking them. (Dogs don't wear shoes! so they ground them selves whenever they are outside. ) Also I think i caught him mention the impact of sea air/ the moist air having a charge. That could explain the well established tradition of sending people to the coast to heal (?!)

  4. I have been earthing myself each morning for about 8 months. It has helped all aspects of my health, sleep and energy. Excellent work Cameron.

  5. I used to work in a research institute studying and researching physics, materials of optoelectrics and microelectric components. Then I got sick and finally became a bioquantum-hacker. Fortunately I get what he says.

    But….boy does he have heavy topic with even heavier output. Problem with the scientists is that they all have a really really nerdy way of expression. Their mind does not train how information is given to the lay minds. They have lived their lives around few things and got to a point where they will no longer be understood. This is why we need moderators like Cameron.

  6. Well, Jack Kruse referred this podcast, so that is all we need to know regarding veracity

  7. Hi! What is the name of the acupuncturist who grounds his needles? How is that even done? As an acupuncturist I am super interested.☺️

  8. Hello, nice talk! I've been a big fan of earthing for 7 years and I love to hear about the science behind it.
    I'd love to see a little study on sleep quality (and/or blood viscosity, cortisol, etc…) in a group grounded in a regular kind of home (smartphones, neighbour's wifi, big electric devices here and there…) vs a group grounded in a low EMF home (detached house, no radiofrequencies nearby, low to no EMF within several yards around the bed).
    Now, there are some little things that bother me in the conversations about earthing, though, such as "no inflammation = no pain", as if nociceptors didn't exist…
    Then affirmations such as if a woman is grounded during peri/menopause, she'll have no issue.
    I can tell you, she still may, and not just a few small issues!!!
    Take care!

  9. excellent podcast. Would like to know more about home grounding/earthing into my bed(room).

  10. I have two copoes of the his book. I doesn't get deep enough into the physics…Jack Kruse level. Even his papers are a still high schoolish…But I understand his target audience. Thanks for having him on the show.

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