Gravitas Plus: India & Russia: A time-tested friendship -

Gravitas Plus: India & Russia: A time-tested friendship

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In an ever-changing world order, Russia has remained 1 of India’s most dependable partners. The friendship has withstood the test of time & geopolitical churns. As Vladimir Putin visits New Delhi, Palki S Upadhyay decodes the past, present & future of India-Russia ties.

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  1. U.S using its Puppet Ukraine to provoke and fight Russia Today

  2. I really love to listen to things that I really love to listen.

  3. Stalin was awesome in understanding the true colors of Gandhi And Nehru… kudos..

  4. Wow, I'm glad I watched this. I had no idea there was a conflict between all those countries and India. Now I've got more research to do. By the way, "Vikramaditya" is an awesome name, I had to look up the meaning.

  5. Our history teach us how Russia support when the west countries are against India. Long live India and Russian relationship

  6. Current True reliable Friends which always stands with India.
    No matter who rule there.
    France second category

  7. रूस भी अपना दोस्त है आई लव यू लूज एंड इंडिया

  8. As a European, I'm really fond of Indian diverse culture and rich history. You truly are one of those nations that understands the value of diplomacy, though you might sometimes be a litte shaky in matters of global security. But I thank you, my Indian friends, for keeping in touch with us during this turmoil, thanks to russian paranoia. After all we speak the same language and have many shared values, of which democracy is absolutely paramount. We europeans are not blind to your concerns and desires, and owe a debt of gratitude to you for your contributions to world trade as well as the digital revolution, not to mention the challenges of global warming. We understand you can not bring it over your tongue to condemn Putins uncalled for war in Ukraine, but this is solely your choice and privilege, as a free and independant country.

  9. Glad to see India admit to their true colors as a bastion of the caste system including not only horrible treatment of lower castes trying to moving up economically coupled with the wonderful acid wash treatment continually used on women.

  10. It's sad India wants to be partners with Russia who is bombing civilian areas.I warn India, they'll turn on you too!

  11. I can say Russia is created to save the world from oppression not now long time ago 🤞

  12. Boris Johnson says “ We will never forget Ukrainian blood on Russian hands ”..

    “What about Indians blood 🩸 of ocean on British hands for 150 years ❓”

    how about that for a question Mr. Johnson?

  13. Being a US citizen ;
    Those who are saying China will invade India, should read the history first
    Indians would love this deal, they will be able to live in China ; and Chinese will move to crowded roads of India
    It will be a huge upgrade to India; only if my Asian friends agree; because whoever XiJingping, XiJongPing, XiJongPong comes to power, they will never be able to slave or kill 1.3 billion people
    British tried to kill or rule India , they survived their slavery for more than 350 years
    India have slavery experience , so watch out Chinese before opening your mouth (just focus on getting your lost $$ from Pakistan )

  14. These aren’t exactly things to be bragging about.

  15. The Soviet Union did so much good for other countries fighting against America and United kingdom bullies

  16. So why are you against Russia, if Russian never was against you and never let Indian down, and thats how you repay this trust or help, the why it looks you are not reliable to России

  17. Say it like it is india 🇮🇳 keep it 100 you guys can't afford to pick another side 😂 stop the cap and stop the excuses

  18. i know stalin wasn't someone to be cheered on but his views on gandhi nehru had some weight. it was something most of the India did not realise.

  19. America and West says that Russia will not help India against China. My question is, what is the guarantee that you will also help. You betrayed Afghanisthan you betrayed your own ally France for AUKUS deal. Your history is full of betrayal. What is the guarantee that you will help India in times of need.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣.

  20. It'll be interesting to see what happens to all the countries that rely heavily on Russian military assets in the coming years.

  21. Now waking UP Modi about then sungi Modi try to licking of American shoes remembering since before 1947 british kingdom in india that time also Modi and his party was shoes lickers of british king dom who is American and their white people generation of America Modi and his party going on shoes licking process as well as before ?

  22. As a US citizen, I love this channel. It is news without someone trying to tell us how to think. The information is greatly appreciated.

  23. Yes, Paliki Indian should never forget ,never such friendly action

  24. Indian religious epic highlights the sacrifice of King Karan son of Kunti for his friend
    India does not forget friends

  25. India is not to be trusted!! A country controlled by China was always going to side with Russia.

  26. I have learnt everything about Indian colonial history in Indian education system but not modern history which shapes India as a great nation. And this video is just one of the many examples.


  27. India owes a big time to Russia and Bangladesh owes a big time to India in time of crises… Hope none will ruin this relation..

  28. What does it say about India? Siding with the failed evil state of Russia will bring death and suffering to India. Karma ALWAYS works. A primitive, barbaric Russia collaborated with a Hitler during WW2 and is a Nazi country.

  29. Being friends with Russia is like stroking a snake.

  30. Modi is not a good leader
    He is more tilted towards west
    Modi is also showing EU like pet owner mentallity towards USA
    I think we should kick out him in next elections
    He is failed Prime minister.
    Minorities are not safe

  31. 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰Neutral >< Neutral (severed heavily mighty hungry

  32. russia is discredited, putin is a dictator and killer

  33. This is why India love Russia
    now we are nuclear power.🇷🇺🤝🇮🇳

  34. ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜

  35. ✴✴✴✴✴

  36. Russia is a trustworthy partner always I guess, unlike US and EU. Russia has proved this time and time again. Always it is best we stick with Asians. The US will only take advantage of you. Furthermore, they try to win friendships via intimidation and blackmail. Its time to show that we will not bow to it anymore.

  37. Long long life India and Russian friendship
    Today I will not be able to stop myself from saying that in 1971, when the whole world was attacking against India, then one country came and helped India and now Russia is needed this help and support from India. India's will definitely help Russia and no country has the courage to stop India. 🙏😌❤🇮🇳🕉🇸🇮❤😌🙏


  39. nothing like having a time tested relationship with the same people murdering children at this very moment. Eeesh!!!

  40. Whatever you say about the war between Russia and Ukraine, I truly believe there is a underlying good reason for this. We always look at what can be seen physically but there is something happening spiritually. I stand with Putin.

  41. Temptation creeped up on EE at the end says:

    quite a striking difference between this video and your video only 4 months later on "putin and the strongman's trap" — did RT pay for this segment?

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