Groundbreaking nuclear battery that lasts for 50 years without charging revealed -

Groundbreaking nuclear battery that lasts for 50 years without charging revealed

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Groundbreaking nuclear battery that lasts for 50 years without charging revealed

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  1. Enjoy your show
    Is there any reason you don’t appear to cite sources?

  2. Do anybody think that this is really needed? In fifties, there was fantasies about nuclear powered car. Our stupidity is immense, radioactivity everywhere.

  3. People will still ironically have "range anxiety" once their 5k mi range battery got below 1000 miles of range LOL

  4. The extremely LOW power output of these devices makes then totally unsuitable for EVs, drones, planes and smartphones 🙄

  5. Real problem is you are putting 50 year radioactive batteries into small consumable devices that can be thrown away before the 50 year radioactive safe decay marker has been reached. Its a recycling nightmare, they will never be disposed of safely. Millions of low level damaged radioactive batteries released into the environment.

  6. I see you deleted my link to the eevblog video – very disappointing, this is about as fake news as you can get – debunked MANY times over MANY years. I see other people are now posting the link to the video. everyone can make a mistake, but actively deleting posts to stop yourself from looking like an idiot just isn't on. Just fess up and move on

  7. OK Sam lets just hold on a minute here!!! We all know (sarcastically speaking) the Chinese make the SAFEST STUFF/JUNK in the WORLD, Lets just hope this was just someone yankin your CHAIN!!!! I SAY NO WAY TO CHINESE NUCLEAR POWERED ANYTHING TILL IM DEAD!!!! Once the AI robots find out and insert them into themselves WE GOT NUCLEAR CHINESE ROBOTS!!!!!!! OH YEA DONT TELL XIO XINPING!!!!!

  8. Endeavour is a nucular powered mars rover

  9. This is a concept with a very long way to go. However, every invention created by humans started off very small and was developed over time. Penicillin, the medication that has saved more lives than any other drug, started off as a piece of mould on bread! Hopefully these nuclear batteries will continue to get better. Earth in 100 years time will have some incredible inventions! Hopefully there will also be no wars and people are living in peace!

  10. Isotope generators have been powering spacecraft for over half a century. They use plutonium which prolly a wee bit toxic for consumer gizmos.

  11. There are more than a few problems here. Health, radiation, source of depleted isotopes, breakage and exposure, the list is massive why we will not see this on your arm anytime soon in countries that have protection laws.

  12. I really think the people are completely stupid in the West or completely dumb… As nuclear batteries are a technology used for 70 years now in satellites, and they are the reason we are still in contact with Voyager I and II at over 4 billion miles… because are powered of nuclear batteries… 70-year-old technology which media, and you, making it "groundbreaking news" for the stupids who have no idea what their GRANDPARENTS have done… Yes, the Western world is doomed, too many stupids…

  13. amazing tech, but I hope this can't be collected and brought together to make some kind of weapon, or at the very least, not collected for proper disposal.

  14. Sounds like the chineese batteries on Wish that claims 7000amph in a AAA format.

  15. A new energy source for electric cars is coming soon

  16. This is a dirty radioactive battery. Will not buy if available.

  17. We have been wearing radiation on our wrists for years in the form of fluorescent numbers on our wristwatches that have small amounts of radioactivity. No one seems to worry much about that. Properly shielded batteries nothing will leak out. Voyager still performing nicely on its plutonium battery. Nothing seems new under the sun.

  18. after Chinese moon lander reached to the far side of the moon, lots of new tech we never thought of were just popped up from no where. Discuss.

  19. That increase medical bill and reduce pension fund expenses drastically 😂

  20. Radioactive batteries of Chinese quality. What could go wrong?

  21. Sam its called Everything Electric not "Electrify Everything"

  22. The tech is true but this has been blown out of proportion, way overhyped has usual. They are not the first company to make such a battery and is a 100 micro watts battery that is 0.0001 watt, even less than what a normal tiny 3V CR2032 coin lithium battery can do, those used in computer motherboards to keep the clock and bios data modifications and those, also last for decades as well.

  23. Betavoltaics were invented in the 1970s. Some pacemakers in the 1970s used betavoltaics based on promethium. A 2007 report by the UK government's Health Protection Agency Advisory Group on Ionizing Radiation declared the health risks of tritium exposure to be double those previously set by the International Commission on Radiological Protection located in Sweden. Betavoltaic nuclear batteries can be purchased commercially. Devices available as per 2012 included a 100 μW tritium-powered device weighing 20 grams.

  24. The first nuclear battery was implanted in a human body (pacemaker) in the 1970's, so there should be data on how safe it is.
    Betavolt's innovation is using the Ni63 isotope with a half-life of 100 years. So far, nuclear batteries mostly use tritium with a half-life of 12 years.
    These batteries will not be used for cars. You can buy a nuclear battery of 0,0001 W for about US$ 5000. Assuming a BEV car battery needs at least 30 kW of power, the battery assembly will cost $1,500,000,000,000. Or, in other words, you need 300 million cells as shown in the video and that requires more volume than a full-size semi-trailer.

  25. What if you collected thousands of these batteries and then used the isotopes for a dirty bomb?

  26. Your video shows a person in a lab wearing a hazmat suit. That should tell us a lot.

  27. The areas with medical radioisotope materials in the medical center that I worked were restricted for a reason.

  28. I always believe the safety assurances of all corporations.

  29. China setting new standards year over year. So much for all those stupid sanctions by the west 😂

  30. Do people even need a watch on their wrist today at all?? Seeing the batteries in phones from Samsung which caught fire etc, and you want the Chinese to make nuclear batteries on your wrist?? What if that could be an explosion device that they could set to explode on your wrist?? LOL nah seems more like a weapon the Chinese have developed to be used against everybody LOL

  31. 5:28 My jaw dropped and ive been staring at this video in Kyle Hill. No, you won't get sick just going near a nuclear plant. Go check out his videos on nuclear power.

  32. Love tracking innovations in batteries. More power to the innovations. I will appreciate these type of innovations more, when they hit the market place in mass, and after demonstrating a history of dependability and longevity 🐾🐾🐾🌠

  33. Yes, you could power cellphone with these but you would need 50000 of them for 5 watts. The volume of the battery would be 56.25 litres. I hope that people would stop spreading info that this technology could power devices that use even moderate amount of power. They cannot, even if they would reach their theoretical power output limit. Betavoltaic batteries are nothing new. 100 microwatt batteries have been available at least since 2012 from City Labs. Move along, nothing to see here!

  34. You have probably not heard of this, but the Chinese produce ARTIFICIAL DIAMONDS on an industrial scale. The UK BEERS COMPANY (formed during colonial times), dominating the DIAMOND MARKET in a monopolist way, attempted to block the flood of artifical Chinese diamonds to the world market, but failed. At the moment the values of diamonds are crashing to 10% of original values. Now these DIAMONDS are used for producing save nuclear batteries for electronics and small appliances. It is unclear if nuclear batteries can be created with high voltages usefull for EV cars. IF THEY EXIST IN THE FUTURE THEY WILL RUN FOR 50 YEARS, NOT 1000 KM. I HATE WESTERN GREEDY, CONSERVATIVE, FAT ENTREPENEURS AND I LOVE THE CHINESE TECHNOCRATS, REVOLUTIONIZING LIVE AND MAKING EVERYBODY RICH IN THE END……

  35. EV's will have a Geiger counter next to the speedometer in the future.

  36. Round the clock protection! I dont want them disapearing like the water guy or the porthole dude? Protect them now!😂

  37. the potential is defiantly there, but hard to see a nuclear battery emitting a safe amount of radiation when caught in a house fire

  38. my family and friends will not watch your videos unless you remove your huge dinasour head from video, very annoying

  39. Sorry to say, you are dreaming!!! The amount of energy this technology can provide is low! Very low!! Very very low!!!

  40. My phone was accidentally nudged off my charging pad last night so now I have to charge it – annoying!

    This technology will be very welcomed by me.

  41. It sounds awesome. I still don’t understand how it works. Cause nuclear energy typically involves water.

  42. Could you use a nuclear battery that gives out 1 or 2 Continuous Volts to charge an other battery like a phone battery or a drone for higher peak power that does not run all the time there by nullifying the need to charge?

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