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Hiby M300 Review: Affordable Android MP3 Player

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Discover the Hiby M300, a versatile companion device offering value at an affordable price point. In this overview, I explore the features, specifications, and functionalities of the Hiby M300, highlighting its compatibility with various apps while operating on Wi-Fi only. Join me as we delve into the device’s benefits, battery life, and suitability as a companion for those embracing a digital minimalist lifestyle. Whether you seek an alternative to your smartphone or a dedicated music player, the Hiby M300 offers a compelling option. Explore the possibilities with us in this comprehensive review!

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00:00:00 – Introduction: Hiby M300 Overview
00:01:26 – Specifications Overview
00:02:11 – App Installation and Functionality
00:02:34 – Additional Pre-installed Apps
00:03:10 – Browser Caution and Alternative Options
00:03:51 – App Compatibility: Wi-Fi Apps Only
00:04:53 – Device Affordability and Value Proposition
00:05:22 – Device Features and Downsides
00:06:21 – Battery Life and Usage Expectations
00:07:05 – Conclusion: Embrace Digital Minimalism

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  1. Sorry a noob here, is the built in music player app UI similar to the Samsung music app ?

  2. I would like to know the following… if I play music from, for example, YouTube Music, when I listened to it, is there the function to be able to balance the sound more to the right side or more to the left side? I have a hearing problem and it would be essential for me. I know that if I listen to music locally I can do it with the player's balance option, but there is also the option with music downloaded from Youtube Music, or Amazon Music, etc., that is, there is the balance option in some menu For example, accessibility, the same as on a mobile phone?

  3. doesn't do anything different better to use mobile phone.

  4. Hi Jose ! I got an question bro, if you download some tracks on TIDAL playlist, could you after play them offline? Without internet conexion? And if yes, this M300 allowed to download directlly the tracks from TIDAL on the MicroSD card storage of the DAP? I apreciate your help!!!

  5. Why is the reson you dont like Google play?

  6. You always review gadget whose not to sale legally in my Country, and I love it.

    Hallo from Indonesia.

  7. The Hiby r4 just launched last month. It might be worth considering it over the M300.

  8. The key element is how good is the DAC in comparison with Sony’s and fiio ones? After all it’s a music player, needs to to shine in this area! ( What lossless format does it accept?)

    Thanks for the cool video!!

  9. Does it have Bluetooth so that you could use wireless headphones

  10. I think (IMHO only) that used old phone could be cheaper option and more available.
    There are some good DAC in old phones like Xperia and LG.

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