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home depot crazy deals on power tools and ac and tool boxes and more

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Power toolboxes not only provide convenience and efficiency but also prioritize safety and protection. With sturdy construction and secure locking mechanisms, these toolboxes safeguard valuable equipment from theft and damage. Additionally, some models feature built-in padding or compartments to prevent tools from shifting during transport, minimizing the risk of accidents or wear. Whether on the move or stored away, power toolboxes offer peace of mind, ensuring that tools remain in optimal condition and ready for use whenever needed.

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  1. You obviously like the DeWalt boxes more in general but I'd like to say the Ridgid boxes are just as good as the DeWalt boxes and maybe better with a few items.

  2. I'm in the movie business and I build movie sets and props and I have those Ryobi tool boxes and power tools! They're good quality I never ever had a bad experience with them! I also have some Bosch power tools! I'm not ashamed of having Ryobi products! Plus they're reasonably priced! And if one of my Ryobi tools walks away from my job site it won't cost me a arm and a leg to replace it!

  3. My store had the M12 high output battery kits marked down to $120

  4. Nada más necesita el radio para completar el conjunto

  5. Congrat on your new sponsor, Benadryl. But I do miss your Monkey sponsor though

  6. 6:35 it's very funny that you started to bash in Ryobi for the price then realized they cost less so you switched to "Who wants to go on the job site with Ryobi pack out stuff" if you had given any reason that was based on anything, like say it's thinner plastic, or it's not as well made, but no… You went with "Who wants to…" 😏 Then you move to Rigid, which is made by the same company Ryobi is made by! LOL!

  7. I bought my Ridgid rolling organizer setup about a year ago when prices were lower so I only have $170 in the 4 piece setup(small, medium, large box and the parts organizer box) It’s freakin awesome would definitely recommend it

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