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Home Depot Fathers Day Deals

Tool Deals
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Here are Home Depot Father’s Day Deals. There are waaayyyy too many deals to go through individually or to even graze over in this one video. But today we’ll cover some of the power tool deals at Home Depot.

Links to deals mentioned in the video are below but I’ll start with the Toolbarn alternative for the impact wrench.

Metabo HPT Mid Torque impact wrench:

Home Depot Father’s Day Gift Ideas main page:

DeWALT Oscillating XR Multi tool:
Milwaukee Hammer Drill Tool Only:
Milwaukee Hammer Drill Kit:
Milwaukee M12 3-tool hammer drill impact driver kit:
Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Impact Wrench:
Milwaukee Surge Impact Driver Kit:
DeWALT Impact Driver Kit:
Ridgid Drywall Cutout Kit:
Ryobi Buy One Get One 3 Battery Starter Kit:
Husky Mechanics Set:

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  1. I'm with you on that M12 hammer drill. I have never used it since I got it because I have the m18 with the handle. Maybe one day I'll need it because the m18 may not fit somewhere but so far it's just taking up space.

  2. There is no place for a handle on the M12 Fuel hammer drill. I tried. I measured. I poked and prodded. I have the M12 HammerVac dust extractor which includes a handle and clamp so you can add dust extraction to any drill that accepts a handle.

    I ended up 3D printing a weirdly shaped custom bracket for it. Works OK, next version I print will probably work well.

    The HammerVac is great, by the way. I use it when drilling into drywall at home. No dust falling everywhere. Drilling a hole in the ceiling to mount a light? No dust!

  3. Totally appreciate the content. In my opinion, the best comparative deal finder on youtube without a bunch of crap filler like the other channels. Im not interested in saving $2 on some bs tool thats having a sale. Im interested in which tool is the best value and youre great at finding them.

  4. I have the m12 hammer drill among others the way I use it is, I expect it to bind so I grab the battery end with my other hand and WHEN it binds my other arm/hand acts like a shock absorber . can never find handles when at a job site . my m12 pair are indispensable . Thanks .

  5. If you find that cutout kit in store and it’s got special buy kit on it it will prolly ring up around 100 bucks , it will be in the no home section or top stock in the power tool section

  6. Just an fyi for everyone considering the right angle impact wrench , the 1/2inch model only hits about 170 ft pounds the 3/8. Model is the one that actually hits the numbers on the box and is a way better buy , not that the 1/2 inch won’t get the job done but the 3/8 is the one that brings the beans to put it ttc terms

  7. Did anyone else take advantage of that ridiculous bogo deal at lowes on the 12v 3/8" installation drill kit? Buy that kit (DCD703F1) and get a dewalt miter saw stand free (DWX723)? I couldn't believe my eyes when I found it. I haven't seen anything on any tool channels about it either.

  8. I have had to switch from m12 xc to cp battery on a 3/8 ratchet (non-fuel) to get clearance in engine bay. Compactness matters. You are correct about the m12 hammer-drill, it's unexpectedly powerful…twisted my wrist and gave me a good scare.

  9. The Cut-off tool is $149 BARE TOOL normally, you’re getting a $89 4.0 ah battery and a charger for free. That’s why it’s a deal. Pay attention to the pricing of each individual item that comes in the kit carefully and then decide whether or not it is a good deal.

  10. Notice how nearly all the Milwaukee package deals have the 5.0 battery. I saw somewhere else that they are thinning out the heard due to the XC 6.0 being the better battery.

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