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Home Depot Special Buy

Tool Deals
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Home Depot Special Buy deals today are pretty darn good. Particularly the DeWALT tool deals! Here’s a direct link to the page:

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  1. toolbarn has a good deal on a 2 pc deal for a Metabo HPT recip and rear handle saw. Also comes with a starter kit included. IMO, back in the days it used to be a combo impact and drill driver to get into a system, but nowadays I look at the saws….who ever has the best deals on the saw that's how I get into their system.

  2. You think we'll see some better tool deals the closer to fathers day we get, historically speaking?

  3. this is a good 1 👍 the m12 fuel hacksaw is def disappointing in the limb trimming department, I cant say the metabo hpt 18v 1 handed recip is any better tho it just shakes the branch or your hand, must b the stroke length?

  4. The problem with the m12 fuel hacksaw has a short stoke and the limbs move they cut 2x4s better

  5. thanks for posting that tool deals on northern . i pick up a set from them. i am also looking for a 15 gauge nailer

  6. Change zip code then at the end it switches the price to 330. For the 250 packout there.

  7. Diablo is made by Bosch , and if you go to Lowe's you can find the daredevil (the same thing as their Diablo spades just in blue) spade bits for cheaper

  8. that 3 pack of max output 4.0s is a good deal too the 4.0 usually goes for 129.99 in a single pack or you can get the starter kit with a charger and 4.0 for 99

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