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Homemade “Nuclear Battery” – Tritium

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The original (I think) working DIY Tritium nuclear battery. 50-100 nanowatts for years with no input. Pushing the boundaries of useless.

Sorry I couldn’t take it apart, it was a pain to assemble because the tube was pretty small.

If anything is incorrect tell me, particularly on why the correct voltage is not measuring as I’m still slightly wary on that.

More about Tritium:


  1. Since it is not getting energy from a nuclear chain reaction, instead it draws power from the decay of nuclear atoms so it is an atomic battery.

  2. i think the multimeter has a resistor in its path for measuring the voltage. with such low amps it will pull the voltage down. hell it could even be the input of an opamp thats leaking away your bit of current. guess you would need some more expensive gear to measure such low values

  3. You didn't show us the inside. Are you hiding a flux capacitor in there?

  4. hi I red about the topic of neuclear batteries for a long time and I was wondering about the element cadmium and the possibility of using it's decay in the production of energy so I hope you could answer a couple of questions I have using what you came up with.

  5. Make a betavoltaic battery. Tritium isn't that scary 😛 Make some iron hydroxide plate made with tritium instead of hydrogen, separated by a vacuum (probably boosts efficiency) to hit a regular piece of metal plate. Stack them together in series to boost the voltage. Still inefficient but better than this.

  6. Try using a lens to focus the tritium light onto the solar cell.

  7. How much uSv/h on beta + gamma has tritium source?

  8. why not keep it connected to the little battery ? wouldnt it keep charging the battery always? this is obviously on such a small scale it really doesnt have any uses lol? how much energy would your battery produce in its entire lifetime? how much is that compared the amount of energy stored in your average battery lets say AA ? sorry your video blew my mind never heard of this way to make energy before….

  9. hey. so im thinking about building one of these to power a small lcd wristwatch. its for a science fair project. i also was wondering if I could scour outside for naturally occuring radioactive rocks and use them to collect energy. i just feel safer working with something radioactive that i can see and that i wont accidentally breathe in.


  10. This is still photovoltaic. Betavoltaic devices produce electricity by hitting a semiconductor with beta particles

  11. So a nuclear battery as I'm sure you already know already exists and has existed for roughly 60 years

    Early pacemakers used something called betavoltic batteries, which is essentially a solar cell, that has a slightly different composition to reacted with beta radiation rather than photonic radiation (light)

    So what does this mean? Well tritium like in the glow in the dark necklaces you're referencing has a 12 year half-life and enough of it paired with betavoltic cells means you'll have usable electricity…

    The military uses it. NASA uses it. And even some implantable medical device use it (such as how pacemakers used to)

    So yeah, great thinking! And smart design! However I think someone said a long time ago "all the good ideas have already been thought of, No new good ideas exist" and I'm pretty sure that's a fact jack

  12. Should've sandwiched the tritium tubes in two solar panels

  13. Adding the compactor is smart, but you mentioned also adding something else. Could you please provide a diagram? The total circuit schematic?

  14. This is a good video you don't say false info like it can power 5v like other vids I've seen I like how your honest about it

  15. you should try putting a bunch of them in series.
    i think if you had enough of them (lets say you fill a space about the size of an average car battery)
    then you might get something worth using for at least small applications

  16. Makes one wonder if a usable battery could be contrived from a more energetic radioactive medium, and still remain totally benign.

  17. Nano watt….? I think it's impossible to charge phone with this…

  18. what if I made a something like with a size of a fridge… what can it generate..???

  19. Wouldn't we have higher efficiencies with a direct ion capturing system using a magnet and a coil Crystal like they use in radios using a permanent magnet to separate the ions and protons through a magnetic field and using the coils to capture the energy of course you would need a extremely fast switching rectifier going to a capacitor Bank to gather the energy at least this is what I'm working on with americium which has an extremely long half-life I am an amateur plasma and nuclear physicist with both technological and mechanical engineering under my belt I am currently working on a Vortex Fusion reactor or a VFR prototype of my design that uses the pinch effect on plasma along with increasing Fusion rates by creating a multi-directional rotating sphere of superheated fusion I have a star mode video if you're interested and I am looking for funding so I can build a safer and better prototype I actually was not intending to get a star mode when I was testing I was just trying to increase the efficiency to reduce the requirements for Fusion to happen and was able to achieve a high intensity Starr mode under only 28 Mercury's which is a relatively low vacuum compared to the high vacuum systems that use turbo molecular pumps and take hell of a power drop my entire system input is 250watts but that project has been put on hold due to needing funding for proper safety equipment and Spectrum analyzation equipment to get data from my experiments so in the meantime I decided I would work on another project of mine currently building the neutron stabilisation chamber for stabilizing Elemental isotopes and designing a new reactor core with a directional pinch acceleration magnetic field that allows atomization of a source material and acceleration into a Target to cause Fusion to create Elemental isotopes what I plan on trying is to fuse Element 50 or 99% pure tin with element 29 or 99% pure copper this should give us an isotope with 104 neutrons of element 79 gold by taking that isotope of gold that has been created and stabilizing it with 14 neutrons you get the natural occurring stable isotope of gold most recent attempts to synthetically create gold has been using heavier elements like bismuth lead and Mercury and using fission to knock an electron off which creates too heavy of an isotope that decays through neutron-to-proton conversion turning it into Mercury what I'm proposing and theorizing is using the same process that has created gold naturally in our universe through Fusion of to Source metals and stabilisation with background radiation so I'm developing a neutron stabilization chamber for isotopes and creating a reactor core for fusing lower atomic number elements it's just a hypothesis and its speculation at the moment until I can get some proof data and major testing I just wish I had a team a lab and funding in order to further my research at a way faster pace

  20. i have calculator with japanese battery in it that last for 10 years

  21. aam that gloving thing isnt tritium it is phosphor powered by radiation from tritinium

  22. So you could make a nuclear reactor with BIG tritium glow sticks and a BIG solar panel with no risk of nuclear explosions

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