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Earth by MusicbyAden
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Title: Earth by MusicbyAden
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  1. At 2:21 no two uranium atom are formed after fission!!!!

  2. Watching this video after watching Chernobyl episodes…really haunting till now 😯😯😯

  3. Nuclear power plants, the ultimate way of saying you don't care about the future

  4. Anyone who playes minecraft mod nuclear craft / mekanism understand this is way better

  5. So uranium is the fuel, is the planet low on uranium ? Or is this sustainable

  6. Thank you so much for this amazing tutorial

  7. So ultimately a nuclear plant is just a steam engine? LOL

  8. Россия лидер в атомной отрасли!вы далеко отстали.

  9. The part that is always glossed over was glossed over again here.

    Where in this entire presentation is the splitting of the atoms occurring?
    All the uranium is inside the tubes as rods in the fuel assembly. I thought the control rods being lowered created a reaction that caused heat generation but you're saying there is splitting of atoms where and when is this happening.

  10. good animations, but a lot of mistakes in just 4 minutes:
    0:48 – the unit is giga-watt hours, not giga-wat PER hours… GWh not GW/h
    2:22 – the splitting of a uranium atom certainly doesn't release two uranium atoms. the products have to be lighter elements than uranium.

  11. 윤두창이 일본의 오염수를 아무생각없이 수용하려고 한국의 원자력발전 수출을 안한다고 미국에 서명해버렸다 정신 나간놈

  12. That’s it? That was nuclear power? That was just boiling water.

  13. Simple Informative…
    but makes little mention the complex processes to control fission.
    Think I learnt more of the technical aspects from HBO's 'Chernobyl'…Lol

  14. There must be a nuclear plant in every household 😮

  15. 1:22 That's not exactly true, Uranium is Enriched before it can be used in a Reactor or Bomb by removing the other 2 Isotopes, Uranium 234, and Uranium 238 leaving about 85% Uranium 235, Uranium 235 is the only Isotope that can undergo fission so, the other 2 isotopes must be removed. (the other isotopes absorb too many neutrons and would inhibit the fission process, that's what Control Rods do in a reactor.)

  16. Forget to mention where URANIUM comes from! Stop mining the planet! And doesn’t mention the problem of disposing the waste material.

  17. Build more nuclear power plants not useless wind turbines….

  18. Correction needed: Splitting a uranium atom does not produce two uranium atoms. Minute 2:20

  19. So, what exactly did Homer Simpson do?

  20. So does the uranium every deplete and have to be replace? I would imagine there's a finite set of reaction that can take place or can you infinitly split uranium atoms? Very interesting

  21. Now I understand that science is not difficult but we're taught in a way of arising fear for it.😅

  22. I think you need to make correction at 2:24
    Since each process releases three neutrons, Barium 144 atom and Krypton 89 atom

  23. UNBELIEVABLE…Nuclear power to produce STEAM…that's like creating a wildfire for a nightlife…what jerks!!!

  24. So, nuclear power plants are just a fancy way of heating water

  25. Thanqu for the elaborated vedio about nuclear reactor sir… We will appreciate ur knowledge

  26. I'm graduated from Chernobyl series 😌😌😌

  27. Nuclear power plant produces electricity using the heat that comes from splitting uranium atoms in a process called nuclear fission

    Nuclear fission is a nuclear radioactive decay process in which the hitting neutrons on the uranium atoms then the uranium atoms split into two and it releases 3 neutrons. Each process releases two uranium atoms and 3 neutrons

    Heavy water is 10% heavier water which contains deuterium and is 1 out of 7.000 drop of water.

  28. 👍Great video! 😲Although I would add that in order NOT to 😱mislead your audience, you should have stated that you describe here a specific type of nuclear reactor, and that other types exist. This is a pressurized heavy-water reactor (PHWR) is a nuclear reactor that uses heavy water (deuterium oxide D2O) as its coolant and neutron moderator. PHWRs frequently use natural uranium as fuel, but sometimes also use very low enriched uranium. The heavy water coolant is kept under pressure to avoid boiling, allowing it to reach higher temperature (mostly) without forming steam bubbles, exactly as for a pressurized water reactor. While heavy water is very expensive to isolate from ordinary water (often referred to as light water in contrast to heavy water), its low absorption of neutrons greatly increases the neutron economy of the reactor, avoiding the need for enriched fuel. The high cost of the heavy water is offset by the lowered cost of using natural uranium and/or alternative fuel cycles. source : . Peace & Prosper. ❤🖖

  29. What reactor type was this, pwr, rbmk, bwr?

  30. Dt de casa da tia Maria e é o almoço de hoje né a noite toda hora de dormir um pouquinho de um beijo no coração e o almoço de ontem e

  31. Now, im going to build this reactor at my back yard.

  32. 𝐊𝐮𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝙈𝙚𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙞 says:

    Any student of khan global studies?

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