How do nuclear diamond batteries work - prof simon -

How do nuclear diamond batteries work – prof simon

Professor Simon Holland
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What is a Nuclear Diamond Battery ? and how does it work. Prof Simon

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  1. You would get more power from a stamp sized solar cell and you don't need to worry about someone setting it on fire and releasing dangerous radioactivity.

  2. A new Development called Waste burners that spawned from the resurgence of Thorium Nuclear has come into R&D. So we have a solution to Nuclear Waste in development and possibly close to commercial use.

    The biggest problem with the Gamma Rays is the fact that it goes threw so much stuff. You literally need 6 feet of concrete wall to stop it with any reasonable safety measure, from a functional nuclear reactor. that is what is usually between the Control room and the Reactor, when both are side by side each other. So you are not going to be having a AA battery as a spent Diamond Nuclear Battery, even if they had some sort of Diamond Lattices Shield over it. Even lead, which you can have Half a foot or less of, still has to be hugely thick. So I am pretty sure this Nuclear Diamond Battery is't going to be something that can reasonably fit in your pocket.

  3. They already buried nuclear waste under a dome near the ocean on an island. Far away from US population while the islanders are exposed to the leaking radiation waste contaminating their coasts. Plus killing their only source of food, fish.

  4. Just found this man on here and he's fecking awesome

  5. I think you have misunderstood a few things. The graphite turns into C14 in the reactor. C14 is radioactive, beta decay. They make a diamond out of it. They then take regular carbon which is C12 and not radioactive and encase it as an extra diamond layer. This not only shields it but actually increases the power. Not sure why you say it emit alpha and gamma rays as well. Carbon-14 doesn't emit alpha and gamma rays.

  6. a AA battery produce this level of power for 10 years, totally useless 🙂

  7. If I remember what I heard about it, the diamond would be radioactive but less so than background which would make it relatively safe to put even in pacemakers.
    Carbon12 is more stable than Carbon14.

  8. Lol put it in a rocet and send it to space with ion engines

  9. I take issue with a number of your comments about nuclear recators. Modern reactors used for commercial power generation are light water moderated reactors which require enriched uranium fuel to produce power. The nuclear fuel is actually uranium dioxide pellets. Spent fuel storage / reprocessing has not worked as planned thanks to your government. Utilities pay a fee to the (US) government for waste disposal. To my knowledge Not one dime of that money has been spent for this purpose. Technology to reduce spent fuel residues to a glass like substance which chemically bonds the waste products together has been known for decades As usual, politics has been the barrier to implementation. The (US) government gets all of it's plutonium from the Hanford Washington and Savannah River plants. The government approached my utility in the 1990s about providing tritium for use in nuclear weapons. We "declined" the opportunity. Carbon 14 is an isotope of carbon which has a long (predictable ) half life C14 analysis is used to determine the age of some fossils. This proposal looks like" high tech" snake oil.

  10. A battery Which which Itself Lasts For 28000 years Whereas decreases 80% life of its User.
    The Universe is Reaching Towards its End At The Speed Of Hypersonic Missile

  11. Nanocarbon tubes surrounded by diamond have encased then dove tail a cover

  12. So that's how humanity will go permanently bald. Nuclear batteries.

  13. Sir , u are very cute …….. your expressions , knowledge . which are very handsome.
    Thank u sir , for great explanation.

  14. Um… Hanford nuclear reservation? Eastern Washington state.

  15. Allot of this has to do with how they propose to make, pure vapor deposited diamond, and what they have made exposed doped diamond to a nuclear source. Even though the actual commercial product is not the Carbon 14 but Tritium that is commonly used in watches and glowing trinket gas tubes, they still half to have perfect capture of the gases used in vapor deposit, and recycle them. So, even they don’t trust exposure to the Tritium gas, but it is considered safe in novel uses. They have terribly inefficient prototypes, and never made the product proposed, and their marketing team has failed to present the actual differences of C14 and Tritium versions, pure and Nuked lithium doped prototype.

  16. You need to check out
    Dana durnford channel
    On nuclear power

  17. In the Forest of Dean UK, there were dumps from Roman iron mining. With changing tech (ie using coal for smelting) the dumps were mined for residual iron. The dumps that that produced were mined 100+ years later when the tech made extracting the residual iron cheap enough. The original iron ore came from caves, a very expensive & dangerous mining process. Surface dumps cheap even if the yield was small. I see parallels, if the tech is found here.

  18. David Myers Retired Aerospace Engineer. says:

    Useless.Bob Lazar makes them in his shop.

  19. Sounds like not a single experimental unit has been made. They're asking for investment to fund that, sent directly to them in cash. heheh If the federal government doesn't want to fund it, or even control it, it's not dangerous enough to be useful. Can you say "SCAM"?

  20. Another that was used in the past
    Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator Pacemakers

    In looking at the nuclear pacemaker, there are two distinct kinds that became relevant in the short period of time that these medical devices were in use. The thermoelectric generator used Pu-238. Due to the extremely high risk and toxicity involved with using plutonium, numerous layers and shields were woven into these pacemakers resulting in larger and heavier devices. Despite strong concern of radiation exposure, the actual risk of exposure from these plutonium-powered pacemakers was almost non-existent.

  21. Dr. Bruce Paulralt patented a Battery
    Scaled + useing Yellow Cake and by the way it can be shipped thru mail. Build your own useing schedule 40 PVC
    Case. Battery will last as long as PVC.
    USES Radon emission. Completely Sealed. Russian used nuclear batteries
    In light houses. That are Gamma radioactive. Terrorist love stealing.

  22. Mornin' Professor. You asked more questions than you answered.

  23. Only way to encase radioactive is have a resident frequency of the match resonance to counter or shield its own self Tesla came up with this in the 1800s frequency vibration and energy is the key to the universe

  24. Each one becomes a nuclear carrier this is dangerous.most dangerous. Talibani will cut the dimond layer and keep ration open to destroy earth

  25. Nice battery, but is this non radio active?

  26. This tech was developed and patented by a researcher at the University of Bristol in UK. The C12 encapsulates the radioactive C14 ensuring that there is no radiation leaks. The output power is low and there are considerations on how to incorporate tritium to increase output because tritium provides more beta particles

  27. Nuclear batteries are nothing new, NASA has used them since the beginning of the space age and the USSR /Russia/ former soviet states used them in their space programs and in unmanned light houses. These nuclear batteries( RTG’s) use a radioactive fuel with a very short half life which means quick decay and lots of heat that can be turned into electricity. NASA’s fuel of choice is plutonium 238 which decays so quickly that a lump of the stuff is red hot all in its own and the battery converts that heat into electricity. These new batteries are taking the principle of using nuclear radiation to produce electricity albeit he diamond lattice is probably quite a bit more stable and energy dense than Pu238

  28. So even after vaporising the graphite it is still radioactive?

  29. The only thing he is missing is a white coat bet he has one somewhere

  30. May view is that a car or any other applications could not outlast the battery itself. Even if they made a very durable car, it would go out of fashion sooner or later but the battery would still be there, so they would need to remove a reuse. Here is the problem, the existing battery business is fed by an ongoing demand, this demand would never be as high as the market is flooded with everlasting batteries from many vendors, this would starve the battery manufacturer making it unsustainable. For such manufacturers to survive the price of each unit would have to be astronomical

  31. If biden ever stumbles upon this he’ll probably get in the second plan in green energy. Lmao

  32. your energy gives off the vibe that youve been consuming NDBs and i like it😂

  33. In a few months the Hydra-Kinetic Motor will be unveiled and it is the ultimate energy device. It is cheap, clean, simple, quiet, efficient, light weight, made by common materials and methods, can power anything that needs power and can run for 20 years on its own power before needing to be replaced.

    It can even bypass the need for batteries altogether.

    A few more months and you'll see it in action.

  34. Great if you can use nuk waist without danger

  35. If we can power street lights, computers, hospitals with NDBs, then we're on to something.

  36. It is very simple. The nuclear energy in a battery is directly converted to electricity. So from a particle that shoots a ray directly to the end of a wire (like a pool ball that hits a line of balls). The energy moves down the line like water in a hose that shoots electrons to the device. When the device is off the chips in the battery take over and bleed off the shooting rays into a harmless piece of copper as electricity, heat sink mounted. The heat sink also serves as a radiation shield if the chip fails. What is so difficult to understand about that?

  37. Where can I read it's whole composition.I mean if this process is in hardest diamond, then how can mbl gain energy from it because everything is happening inside diamond. I'm very confused. It's my presentation topic 😨😨😨

  38. what, it sounds like getting the power out of glow in the dark "clock face", crossed bread with a off the Shop shelf "coupled power isolation in CHIP FORM" of some sort power out put would be anyone's guess!

  39. Neutrons are being moderated not to increase the chance of them hitting something, but rather of sticking to it 😉

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