How do solar panels work? - Richard Komp -

How do solar panels work? – Richard Komp

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The Earth intercepts a lot of solar power: 173,000 terawatts. That’s 10,000 times more power than the planet’s population uses. So is it possible that one day the world could be completely reliant on solar energy? Richard Komp examines how solar panels convert solar energy to electrical energy.

Lesson by Richard Komp, animation by Globizco.


  1. This video is called "How do solar panels work?" and after watching it, I still have no idea how they work. What's awesome about that?

  2. It z bad idea. Много энергии теряется при зарядке и разрядке батарей. Крыши домов лучше использовать для выращивания зелени.

  3. Thanks for trying but I still don't know how sp work. Anyway just installed "Canadian Solar's" panels rated at 480W each. My inverter measures/captures 388W/panel (at 12h00 full sun). Does this mean my modern panels are 80% effective? Anyway I am elated with my household system. Greetings from Africa.

  4. Every thing is very good but I love the animation and explanation

  5. In India, especially the entire South and North India, people can tap on the potential of Solar system for electricity generation. Summers here typically last for eight to nine months at a stretch.

  6. Question:
    What is creating the electric field at the P/N Junction, which forces the electron and the hole to only move one way?

  7. Good picture though to be fair it takes energy and resources to mine and process the materials to make solar cells. So like everything else this isn't a perfect–or perfectly clean–solution. And creating large farms and then stringing more power lines isn't so wonderful, though with improving efficiency hopefully more local energy centers will be possible. Of course it's money though–I was in a tropical town that obviously needed solar power but the owners of the big resort also controlled the fossil fueled electricity generating system. That's just not right or viable in the long term.

  8. only hippies believe in this nonsense.. We need more Canadian oil and gas..

  9. The sun give of numbers of energy wc ones are the solar panels using?


    Coz my solar light is charging even its indirectly in the sun.

  10. Oh I see. There needs to be work done to effectively utilize the solar energy through all weather.

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  13. What will people do with these solar panels when the Sun goes dark, the moon turns blood red, all the stars fall and the heavenly bodies are shaken? Then Heaven rolls back.

  14. i have like 5 solar pannels now and 20 car batteries and have it rigged to cut in when my normal electricity runs out, it is getting to the point i no longer need to top my electric up.

  15. what about solar farms in space, this would help cool the planet as well

  16. Everything you said in this video was correct; until you said that it still was a far shot to build up in the north. This is actually incorrect. What is true is that you cannot be reliant on solar power; you can never really produce enough power for a building since the amount of photons distributed across every m3 varies. But you CAN still have solar and dramatically decrease your reliance to the grid.
    Also another note to prove that this isn’t just speculation: the worlds most north solar farm is now under construction on Svalbard/Spitsbergen

  17. When are we sending solar powered tanks to Ukraine?

  18. Africa can literally flourish when oil runs out 😬

  19. Nice video with excellent presentation of the concept

  20. I used this video on my science fair, and it helped ALOT,

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  22. Hey i wanna setup solar panel over 1400 square ft area(my house)…if i get sunlight 8h per day would it be able to give electric backup to my house all night long or more than one night?

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  26. At 1:20 there is a mistake. The positive charge accumulates in the N-region while the negative charge accumulates in the P-region. The video did the opposite.

  27. I believe every house wherever you live can have solar panel and then have a smaller turbine for a more affordable energy saver for everyone to have the right amount of free energy to light up American homes plus have the right power for everyone to have the energy for all technology energy weather that is recreational or even solar cars

  28. can we not directly use solar energy why do we need to covert it to electricity. Why do we always need ELECTRICITY to use as energy. What is in electricity. What is it. WHY does moving electrons do everything. Like why does it provide energy. Does any work require movement of electrons providing energy. What is this energy.

  29. I would have loved to hear how solar panels are produced, where the materials to make them come from, and what happens to them after they stopped working. These are important questions to really understand if this is a viable option for our sole energy source.

  30. if the places where cloudy then make a prism satelite to outer space where its direct to sun light then harness the solar energy then bounce it to the solarfarm in a cloudy place. so its continues to do a solar energy.

  31. I mean that's how the cycle of technology works an innovation gets created and an invention gets replaced

  32. I have a question: if the solar panel only provides electricity by creating holes in its surface (tiny ones but still they add up) sothat the solar power panel is 'depleated' after a few decades… Doesn't that just mean that the only energy output it generates is in the very energy put INSIDE the solar panel put in at its production process?
    If I understand correctly, then, a solar panel is like a battery, that requires photons to release its energy, just like a betafvoltaic panel, which uses betaradiation to release its energy.

    So…to keep it simple:
    – quartz and cole is melted into a high energy furnace faclitity, they are melted together.
    (but this creates a lot of energy simply to power the production process, energy that does not go into the product, but that merely diffuses away from the product elsewhere..
    – the quartz cole, heat and pressure is used up and transfers into solar power panels, leaving a lot of energy to go elsewhere.
    – the solarpowerpanel then releases its energy over the comming decades, as the sun shines its photons to make the wholes, dislodging the electrons to provide its electric current…


  33. – the quartz cole, heat and pressure is used up and transfers into solar power panels, leaving a lot of energy to go elsewhere.

    – the solarpowerpanel then releases its energy over the comming decades, as the sun shines its photons to make the wholes, dislodging the electrons to provide its electric current…


  34. aren't solar panels like a single charge battery? requiring photons to dislodge their 'fibre' to get an intermittent stream of electrons (dislodged by photons) going?

  35. Hi, I have a theoretical aspect-type question on solar panels doesn't the law of conversation of energy prohibit that the solar panel puts out more energy than was originally put into its manufacturing process? 😅

  36. If so, what's with the converting ac to dc as everybody does and storing that energy in batteries? Doesn't that create an imbalance with electrons?

  37. We could get most of our energy by solar. But humans are addicted to oil. Simple as that.

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