CGL’s New Jersey Collectibles
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Welcome to CGL’s New Jersey Collectibles !!! I buy and sell vintage and modern collectibles through the lenses of a collector, dealer, and investor! I am going to expand this channel to capture and share my findings and perspectives!
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  1. Nothing wrong with throwing any offer. Sellers get comics for dirt cheap. Buyers, don't forget that.

  2. You paid waaaaay to much for the table. That's small convention rate. Fleamarket tables should be half that.

  3. Absolutely love your videos man. Been binge watching them all over the past week. Your flea market videos are gold keep up the great work.

  4. hay dude I would like to buy some of your comics that you brought from a dealer for 1200 bucks or so. was watching your video some time ago with your dad lol. you had some older comics that I like. hook me up

  5. I worry about selling the larger ticket items on ebay because of scammers. In my experience, ebay protects buyers versus sellers and if they claim they never got a $1000 book…Im just out that money.

  6. I enjoyed this video , thanks for great video

  7. I found this selling video and commentary at the end to actually be some of you better content.

  8. I’ve always wondered, is there a reason why people put prices on the back of the books?

  9. Nice! Aye but wait the little kid asks “is that the lowest you can go” as the dad just let him run the show, I loved that u had to respect it the lil kid is a bargain shopper. Wayy better then that guy that was tryna give you $90 i think your were generous on the $120, u even said $100 who reaches In their pocket for $90

  10. Definitely will be set up next week. Of course, it's the National Baseball Card Show. That might hurt us a bit.

  11. Awesome video. Hope to meet you at the next show this Saturday at the Rah-Con in Rahway NJ. Outerrimcollectibles table. Casino Jay.

  12. That guy wanted nearly 50% off those comics. Good job standing your ground. Gotta watch out for those Dirty Flippers! 😂😂


  14. With words seasoned in cruel laughter he said, "Even if he said seven I would've stuck at eight."
    This had me dying 🤣

  15. Great to see your same videos with negotiations from the sellers standpoint

  16. Good job staying firm on prices. That first guy with the comics said could you do 80, that was way low balling. I understand everyone is trying to get a deal but dang it's sticker price for a reason

  17. $80..was he for REAL? $120 was a good counter. Way to stick to your guns..$100 would have been a steal. LOW BALLER no class.

  18. More vids like this please! I buy and sell to add to my own collection and this is great content to me. Good job on the sales man! Loving the channel so far!! 👌

  19. You had a good variety of interesting stuff in nice condition. Great job with the video. It's nice to see a communtiy come together to trade nostalgia.

  20. Man i friking love your videos, i thin i have like two weeks just lookign at them, it r3ally helps me to know what i can find, prices i can get and more stuff abour comic hunting, im not native of the language but i go to fea market one or two times of the year and i feel like your videos really educate me a lot, really really thank you for your work

  21. Awesome video. Hope to meet you at the next show. Next Saturday at Rah-con in Rahway NJ. Outerrimcollectibles table. Casino Jay.

  22. Great video Chris, you made me famous lol. It was great talking with you guys, looking forward to doing it again.

  23. Good job men, u got a nice inventory there, one thing … Why I don't try also (whatnot) sales. Is free and u don't need to pay for a spot or table ,😉 anyways … Good luck next one and don't be to soft with prices be more patience, u got great item there 👊👍

  24. That first lowballer was ridiculous. That happened to me last week too, where a guy opened by saying, "I get wholesale price." I just laughed, and he added up a short box that came to $500 and offered me $150. More like wholesale robbery.

  25. New retro marvel legends hulk goes for $65.00 Canadian Ironman figure goes for $40.00 Canadian at toys r us.

  26. What silver age runs you working on for your collection.

  27. Great video! Fun to watch you sale stuff. I was amazed at the reception at your table. Vinyl records seem to be popular now. I am guessing the first guy was a reseller or maybe he saw that you were young and would be eager to make a quick first sale first sale to offset the cost of the table. You did offer him a great price! It was also cool to see how many people were interested in your toy selection.

  28. Hey I always like buying videos but the selling videos are legit also. Awesome channel.

  29. Great video the music and speeded up setup was a little distracting but that part was short and I am sure other people like it. Brings me back to when I set up on early Sunday mornings. If you wanted a spot u needed a spot and people were there with flashlights looking for deals. It was fun but finally got sick of it as there were to many insulting offers. Everyone wanted things for a dollar. So I put out a dollar box of nice stuff and people loved picking thru but then they wanted to deal on $1 items. And a lot of times the offers were a quarter. Also they would pay me in pennies sometimes. I just had enough but……. I do miss the whole experience and the friendships with loyal customers and other dealers. And also the hunting. Enjoy. Keep the videos coming

  30. Great video Chris, I really enjoyed your video, the Walkthrough at a New Jersey Flea Market was Fantastic, also thanks for sharing Chris keep up the great work and have a nice day.🙂👍🦸

  31. Awesome video. I just recently posted a video about my first time as a vendor at a con. Didn’t get a ton of footage while there, but I was able to show my setup and talk about the process and how I did

  32. Nice sale video😎 next time shout out your most important visitor!! MOM 😎

  33. Where is this flea market? What is it caled? Would love to check it out…….and when is it open?

  34. Good deals. Seems like u stuck to your prices but still hooked people up. Good camera work overall.

  35. Question for your next Q&A: When to CGC and when not to CGC? Do you, and the comic folks in your inner circle, feel that graded books yield a bigger profit given their (theoretical) increase in value? Or are raw comics easier to move/better for business? Thx

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