How Stray Mastered The Art Of Dystopia -

How Stray Mastered The Art Of Dystopia

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don’t expect a video this long for a while…

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this video was a lengthy one to get done, but I’m super happy with how it’s turned out (despite the bad audio I’m getting a new mic soon guys). I hope you all enjoy this project as its arguably the most important thing I’ve ever made. also I had to change the mini montage of clips at the start because the original music got copyrighted so I’m sorry if that part seemed off I didn’t have much I could do.

thank you to ddkdaniel for helping me with my channel art, check him out on twitter whilst he learns how to promote himself:

0:00 Intro
1:25 Opening
5:55 The Slums
10:26 The Dead End
12:05 The Sewers
14:46 Antvillage
17:17 Underground
18:03 Midtown
22:00 Jail
24:44 Control Room
28:24 Environment
30:57 Memories
33:49 Music
35:00 Outro
36:17 Encore

Celeste – Quiet & Falling
Stray OST
Celeste – Awake
Zelda BOTW – Field (Night)

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  1. Your content is really something special and your passion really shines throughout. Keep up the great work!

  2. I can not believe that this video does not have more views!!! This is such a fantastic video!!! Absolutely awesome work!! 😀

  3. ppl should definitely sign up to membership!!

  4. Amazing as always, one of the best videos you've made yet. Although the humour is something I love of your videos, this one is definitely a great change of pase (excluding bender drinkers). I know you really want me to play stray, and I will eventually, but this video has made it go up the list

  5. I wanna watch this video but I haven't played Stray yet 😢

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