How to Find Clementine Location After Atomic Battery in Stray | Midtown Puzzle Guide -

How to Find Clementine Location After Atomic Battery in Stray | Midtown Puzzle Guide

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You will learn in this short video How to Find Clementine Location After Atomic Battery in Stray. This Midtown guide is part of the Puzzle Guide Playlist.

👉 Chapters 👈
00:00 – 01:25 | Mysterious Message Puzzle
01:26 | Get into Nightclub
02:44 | Lever Handle & Base Puzzle
03:46 | Ceiling Lights Puzzle

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Stray is a game released in 2022. This video is one of many Stray Guide to help you out to figure out how to accomplish a sepcific task.
Mainly this video is about the solution of one of many Stray Puzzle and this Stray Puzzle Guide will help you to solve it and proceed further.

While visiting Stray Midtown you will be asked by Stray Clementine to steal from a factory the Stray Atomic Battery. Next in Stray Atomic Battery Clementine won’t be in his apartment. So you will need to learn in Stray How to Find Clementine in Stray After Battery. Initially in Stray Find Clementine After Battery you will need to solve a puzzle related to a mysterious message that will require from you to find 4 clues in order to understand in Stray Clementine Location. This message will send you toward the nightclub where you will be able in Stray Midtown Find Clementine. Once near the nightclub you will see that you won’t be able to enter inside the Stray Clementine Location After Battery from the main door. So to be able in Stray Find Clementine you will need to use a back entrance. Once in the nightclub you will need to find a level in order to reach the next puzzle before reaching in Stray Clementine After Battery. The last puzzle will require from you to use several buttons to create the passage toward a VIP area where you will be able to find in Stray Midtown Clementine.

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  1. I have the battery i checked her apartment i got out and i went to the club. the guy is not sitting on top of the thing and the window is closed how do i fix it?

  2. I’m on the same part but the The hologram is different and when I get to the alleyway the window is shut and there’s no robot or there’s no robot sitting on the platform that I jump on so what’s different?

  3. How am I supposed to get to her?you know, past the drones in that

  4. And you don't know we can run right!?

  5. Omg, I just finished the game, and I’m not gonna spoil it, but let’s just say 3 things have me crying rn. Hint: they aren’t cats, they are what the games 3 main goals to complete, all from the start, and 1 has been there from the start going along with us.

  6. Already got thr battery, but unable to interact with those items on her apartment…. Any solutions? tia

  7. I can’t find her in the city anymore, i know shes in apartments but I forget where that is🫤

  8. i can’t interact with the board also there’s no cube on the table in her apartment is my game broken

  9. Thx I was stick for a hour getting killed and I didn't know where to go

  10. yeah, its a good tutorial and all… But clementine is a girl! it even says it on the last note; lets go find her

  11. It doesn’t let me complete the puzzle and I’ve got the battery and have already met her

  12. Yeah cool we remember where she lives but how to get there? There is barricade

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