How to Install an MSD Atomic 2 EFI System -

How to Install an MSD Atomic 2 EFI System

MSD Performance Ignition
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MSD Atomic 2 EFI is a simple, hyper efficient way to convert your ride from a carburetor to modern EFI. Increase mileage, horsepower, and drivability in a weekend and in this video, we’ll show you how!


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  1. Never buy a Efi kit with the ECU on the throttle body Heat and vibration will kill it 2:46

  2. MSD Atomic EFI's are junk. First one I had lasted less than 500 miles, it was replaced with a new one which lasted less than 8000 miles. I have a Holly Sniper now, 100% better performance

  3. how is this different than sniper? is atomic better? after holley bought msd…. how is one better than the other?

  4. Прикольная штука конечно, но блин дорого, да и дрючат в России за тюнинг.

  5. Just admit it. This is a holley sniper that you guys rebranded

  6. I like to have one of these on a Chevy C20 350 small block

  7. Will this be CARB legal like the original atomic efi?

  8. How do you set these up for a roots blower- this kit need to come with better instructions

  9. Where do you place and secure all the wiring?

  10. When paying that much for a system it should come with everything shouldn't have to buy accessories

  11. Nice if you're going to give me one to try, but I can already tell you that even two 255 L/hr pumps still won't flow anywhere near as much as one maxed out Holley blue pump.

  12. is there any additional information on the fuel line plumbing? which fittings are required to connect the fuel lines to the MSD atomic 2 body? is it 2 times -6AN female?

  13. Msd wouldn't sell at close to the price of the sniper because of the hand held, they didn't want to reduce the price of the reliable msd system against the more expensive sniper, so they made the msd into a sniper, buy the competition, then scuttle it.

  14. This is a mass intake injection and is dependent on the intake manifold.

  15. okay this is sick, I want one and I don't even have a car !

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