How To Make A Nuclear Bomb | Atomic Theory Explained -

How To Make A Nuclear Bomb | Atomic Theory Explained

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How do you make a Nuclear Bomb? This video explains how nuclear bomb works and who knows you can actually make your own atomic weapon. :p

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What this video teaches you:
Nuclear Bombs / Atomic Bombs
Atomic Theory
Nuclear Fission
How to make a Nuclear Bomb?
How to make an Atomic Bomb?
How is a nuclear bomb made?
How Do Nuclear Weapons Work?
Is it legal to make a nuclear bomb?
How long does it take to make a nuclear bomb?
How does a nuclear bomb work?
Nuclear weapon design

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  1. I Am From Ukraine, And Thanks For Showing How To Make Nuclear Bomb

  2. Now they will stop shipping me to brazil.

  3. Someone watching: Just wanna bomb pentagon

  4. I want a nuclear holocausts so badly, we can exterminate the worst species on earth: Homo Sapiens. Also, without a nuclear war, how will we ever have a Star Trek future?

  5. Please suggest a method to make it using easily awailable home materials 😂

  6. Before this video, I already had some background information — Sheldon Cooper

  7. U is for Uranium. BOMBS. N is for no survives~~

  8. this is what inspired me to be the man i am today!

  9. Ah perfect finally a worthy weapon for the destruction of my school.

  10. Next video: how to make missile silo for atomic bomb

  11. 😆😆😆😆 wow anyone could make a nuclear bomb now 😆😆😆 u dont need one 😁 just go to main power plant that sends energy to any electricity or lit a fire in gasoline tanks .
    Youre promoting nuclear bomb so they will contact you 😆 this is maketing starategy .

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  13. FBI, do not put me on the FBI watc-

  14. I just wanted to know how they make them. Not how to get on the watch list. Thanks, explained.

  15. Holy shit humanity at my hands 👀

    My head: Kill everyone 👿😐

  16. Is there any possible way to get radioactive metals easily? From black markets or from any old electronic devices?

  17. Yo i dont know why i looked this vid up but FBI i aint bad person no woorrrtyyyyss

  18. This is so sick.😤

    Somehow useful science& still not needed to eliminate species.😮‍💨

    But finally needed to destroy an entering solo exo planet in our solar system which endangers our civilisation.👨🏻‍🚀

  19. if any federal agency is watching me, i swear i just wanna memorized every word on how to make an automic bomb to flex

  20. Shame on you for showing Islam as an enemy.I have reported you

  21. fbi dont watchlist me im doing ramadhan with my big family now

  22. I just watched this in the toilet cubicle at work and the guy next to me started laughing.

  23. I hope I don't go to jail just watching this video


  25. Ferb, I know what we’re going to do today!

  26. What a bullshit story. Such bomb is impossible

  27. Imagine that there is one country watch this tutorial and make a Nuclear bomb.

  28. I'm pretty sure I'm now on some sorta person of interest list, thanks YouTube

  29. So, you’re telling me that if I simply clap with a piece of uranium in hand, it’ll go off?

  30. This given knowledge is going to help me in the future!

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