How To Make Tritium Nuclear Battery at Home! -

How To Make Tritium Nuclear Battery at Home!

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Making tritium nuclear battery from tritium keyring lights placed
between 2 solar garden cells.
The tritium keyrings lights are very expensive about 15$ each
and they can run 10+ years.
So light from tritium rods is absorbed by solar cells and converted
into small amount of current,enough to power a calculator.

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  1. you shoul use first foil after that tape because aluminium will reflect some neutrons so you would get higher voltage

  2. "That's not how that works, that's not how any of this works!"

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  6. The ti mathmate has great power harvesting. throw 10 photons at it and it’ll run for 11 million years.

    Wonder if it could run on tritium light

  7. I am a reactor core, I eant the core. Witches can get fireplaced on reactor cores, My name is AngelReacts. And I have 6 years old. Already core can explode,

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  10. Yeah it's not worth it just use the solar powered rechargeable device

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    All the work you do to make a video like thia, and you RUIN it.
    You've got a cell phone. with a microphone. There is no excuse for not trcording audio explaining what you are ddoing!!!

  12. First you use more photo tubes (Glow sticks) and wrap one low light cell in foil. Use the other cell to make a second battery & your going to need a lot of them to make anything useable! Plus it's not the half life of the Thorium or what ever they're using, it's the phos breaking down.

  13. Are only luminous bars the uranium is like any other metal (only radioactive)

  14. everybody : WOW tritium batterys hasa 10+ lifespam
    XboX consoles : theres 7 minutes , actualy

  15. Kutsal Kırım Hânı III. Kutsal Panda Hazretleri says:

    This is basic thing. It has very weak radioactivity. I need more radioactive fuel and %99 purity tritium and deuterium oxide. I can buy deuterium oxide from internet but I couldn't find any tritium seller. Of course for scientific purposes.

  16. Stuff that use to glow for long use to kill. There are many good ideas around but I doubt this is one of them. Shouldn't you be using radiation proof vests??

  17. You realize how bad it would be if everyone had one of those in a civil war

  18. I really thought I would learn something new, but this was fun too ..

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  20. next video : How to make plutonium at home

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  22. There's better ways to make very free power anywhere on Earth,less than one hundred dollars and permanent batteries in the ground that never need replacing,fact..


  24. Yes kids turn electronics on when disassembleing them

  25. So what you are saying is I need to drink the liquid in the tube

  26. I'll use it to power my ion drive flying saucer

  27. Hi guys Mr jokes here. What comes with tritium.Answer the fbi

  28. so basically i have a nuclear reactor in my hands

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