How to Replace a Watch Battery -

How to Replace a Watch Battery

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Love your relic of a timepiece but having to pay to replace the battery? Installing a new battery yourself can save you a trip to the jeweler.

Step 1: Open the band or remove
Open the watchband or remove it. If the band is connected by a clasp, remove the spring-loaded pin that holds it together with a toothpick.

Step 2: Place in the vice
Open the 2 sides of the case holding vise, place the watch in the middle, and slowly release and tighten the sides. The watch should be held snugly.

If you have a specialized watch or waterproof watch, you should take it to a professional watch repair to prevent any damage to the timepiece.

Step 3: Remove the back
Remove the back of the watch. Use a case knife to wedge under the back of a snap back and pop it up. Use a screw driver to remove a hatch back. Use a case wrench to remove a screw back by placing the tips in the back slots and twisting counterclockwise.

Step 4: Move the battery clip
Move the battery clip out of the way with tweezers for a removable clip or a screwdriver for a screw clip or permanent clip.

Step 5: Remove battery and test
Remove the battery and use a battery tester to check it. If the tester shows the battery isn’t dead, then your watch needs repairs. If your watch has 2 batteries and one is “good,” replace both batteries.

Step 6: Clean the battery compartment
Remove any dirt and debris from the battery compartment with a pair of plastic tweezers or a cleaning cloth.

Step 7: Insert battery and battery clip
Insert the new battery and snap the battery clip back on or screw the clip back into place.

If your watch has a screw clip, you will need to use a pair of tweezers to hold the clip in place while you twist the screw back in.

Step 8: Close the watch
Replace the watch back and secure with the screwdriver, case wrench, or a watch hand press.

Step 9: Clean the watch and replace hinge pin
Clean the watch with a cleaning cloth. If you removed the hinge pin on the clasp, put the clasp back together and replace the pin.

Step 10: Reset the watch
Reset the time on the watch and put it on. Now you’ll have to come up with a new excuse for your tardiness!

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  1. Very informative but as a jeweler unless you have all the equipment already I think paying the $5 to get the battery replaced is a lot better than having to buy all the equipment you need to replace it yourself.

  2. apparently nobody dislikes changing watch batteries…

  3. 20 bucks the girl talking has no clue what shes talking about

  4. @sakinehbs I'm with you, dude. it only cost me $10 to replace the battery on my watch at a fine jewelers. (that includes the price of the battery!) So why bother with all this?

  5. there you go pry against the strap hinge so you break it oh wait that prolly leads into your next video "how to replace a watch strap"

  6. dam she needs that much tools? better to pay for a professional than for the tools …i just needed a flat screwdriver and battery.Lol!

  7. She blew right past the hard part–How do you get the back of the watch off?

  8. I can follow the method you demonstrated. But I definitely wouldn't want you to replace my watch battery because using a vice-clamp and and screw-driver to pry the metal in that way is bound to cause superficial damage to the watch – aka scratch marks. You obviously don't mind using your technique because you don't care whether a watch gets scratched.

  9. Also noticed at 1 minute and 12 seconds that the back cover was already detached because the back cover moved a bit when you touched it before you started to do the prying.

  10. Do not follow this video if you like your watch.

  11. I WAS gonna do this myself, but then the "what you will need" list just kept going, and going.

  12. This video is dumb who the h will have all that watch repair stuff laying around. Save yourself some money by not buying all the tools this video says you need and take it to a professional

  13. what number should the battery reader say if the battery is dead?

  14. so honestly you just need a screwdriver, right?

  15. You can easily find these tools around your house (I hope you get the sarcasm)

  16. Please take you watch (only if it is semi high quality, if not go ahead and ruin it yourself) to a watchmaker (not a jeweler). Do not follow this horrid guide.

  17. For one thing, that is a HUGE list of things they say you will need. I can say for sure it would be nice to have all of the things they said you will need, but not all of them are necessary.
    But the part about opening the watch case was incredibly laughable! They put a screw driver under the lip and Bingo! The thing popped right open. That right there is usually the most difficult part of replacing a battery, getting the case open.
    Some of them unscrew so prying the case open is going to get you nowhere. But those cases usually have notches around the entire case where a specialized tool goes to unscrew the case. And those notches are your clue it unscrews to open. Otherwise if prying it open is the actual way to open the case, I find many times that all that can be wedged between the case and case cover is something like a razor blade because the gap is so small. And that is where an actual watch tool comes in handy. And is why I came here looking for alternatives to razor blades. Although this tutorial is accurate in telling you what needs to be done, this tutorial actually skims the surface of what really needs to be done. At least that is my humble opinion.

  18. Wow, this is the most complicated video I've ever seen for removal of a battery. It is not like this at all. I guess more than half people are thinking the same thing with the dislikes.

  19. Thanks God you are not a watchmaker. On the positive side it was an amusing and well made video. I gave you thumbs.

  20. Everything you shouldn't do and on that movement you don't need to loosen any screws as you only need to gently move the retaining finger to the side slightly and the battery will jump out.

  21. When you put the watch in a friggin' vice you lost all cred.

  22. Long story short… take your watch to the jewler

  23. Optional: Take watch to jeweler. Pay $6.50 and you're done.

  24. Ah yes, lemme just grab my everyday EWB-1 battery tester that everyone owns.

  25. My god woman do this again properly. You should be called "Bodgit & Bodgit. You removed the battery with a screwdriver???? OMG!!! and it shot our and you didn't move away the battery spring clip holding the battery in. Please take this video off the air and start all all over.

  26. Now i know how i recondition lead acid battery The old bike of my father will roll again thank you for the video , it's really great

  27. Notice that after battery installation when the time is being set the watch is not running.

  28. VISE???? VISEEEEE?????? OMG! You are serious? Put the clock in the vise and….pray for him.JESUS!!! VISE for change the battery to a simple hand watch…

  29. jeezus…"and also, a forceps, a 1/2" breaker bar, a machete, and also (optional) a flame thrower"

  30. The important bit here is the watch press not mentioned – I wrecked my beautiful watch, breaking the glass and I still don’t know how to figure the watch press. It came with no instructions.

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