How to Replace the DC Motor in the Vintage 1979 Atomic Arcade Pinball Machine by TOMY -

How to Replace the DC Motor in the Vintage 1979 Atomic Arcade Pinball Machine by TOMY

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The Vintage Toy Restorations, Part 3: 1979 Atomic Arcade Pinball Machine from TOMY

In this episode I cover the unboxing of the game, how to disassemble it, replacing the 3V DC motor, reassembly, and testing.

The DC hobby motor model# SVM-260 or RE-260.

For information about the type of 1.5V-3V DC hobby motor you’ll need, watch my overview video:

This video demonstrates a method for removing a pinion or gear from a motor shaft with common tools:

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  1. Have one For Sale, works perfect. Tomy 1979 American Pinball 1954. Atomic Arcade

  2. Hello, Thank You for the helpful video! I have a question: I have the same pinball machine and its super loud whenever I turn it on. Everything works well, its just really loud. What do I do to make it quieter/play silent? does replacing motor helps or what should I do?

  3. Is there any way of making the motor less loud? It's a bit annoying:(

  4. Just found one of these at a thrift store. All it does when turned on is kind of whine, like a dog whistle. I guessing I need to change the motor because nothing reacts to the ball hitting it, any thoughts? I'm not familiar with electronics, I just want to play with it lol, thanks.

  5. Just bought one today from Ebay…It didn't work..I watched your video and now it works great!,,,Thank you!

  6. where would I have to solder leds for flashing lights when the bumpers get hit

  7. Hi, I recently bought one at an antique toys store. It works flawlessly, but when I turn it on the counter starts spinning on its own. I opened it and ran it and sometimes, when you touch a bumper or slingshot, it stops. But when you hit another one it'll probably start running again (only to stop randomly when you hit something again) It doesn't matter if you touch any of the bumpers, slingshots or the rollover thing at the top, all of them trigger and stop it randomly . It comes and go, but except that it runs great. I thought it was a broken/missing gear but I checked up all of them and they seem fine. Do you have an idea what might be? It wuold be very useful to have a working counter,or at least one that isn''t constantly running. Thanks and great video!

  8. Any idea what size the 10 teeth white pinion on the motor shaft is? Mine is missing and i need a replacement.

  9. The sound effects on mine are really really low can barely hear it with the actual motor running . Can this be fixed

  10. I got one and changed the motor as that was dead but from the get go when you turn it on the speaker just plays a continuous tone, very annoying, replaced the caps so far but no joy, trying to find a pic of a circuit board so I can check wiring is correct

  11. WD 40 IS NOT NOT NOT a lubricant its a solvent not an oil I have no idea why people think its oil it is not it is a solvent

  12. This is great! Thank you for taking the time to do this. I just bought one on craigslist for 14.00. I had to clean the battery contacts but it works great! I want to take off the cover to clean the tracks of the ball in the plastic bed. The engineering is this thing is just amazing. Thanks again!

  13. Awesome video! All working now, just in time for Christmas. Out of interest – I don’t find the bumpers etc to be particularly sensitive – do you have any tips for increasing their sensitivity? T

  14. do you know where i can find a dc motor for this game? i bought the game and the motor is bad, i appreciate it!

  15. I find the biggest problem is oxidized switch contacts.if you just get a chirp out of the speaker it's probably that.

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