How To Set Up Your Analog Atomic Wall Clock -

How To Set Up Your Analog Atomic Wall Clock

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In this video, we explain what a clock movement is, go over what “Atomic Time” means, and then demonstrate how to set up and use any of our four main wall clock movements. Use this video to learn how to set up a basic decorative wall clock, or one that uses the WWVB Atomic Radio Signal coming from Fort Collins, CO.

Intro: 0:00

Specific movement start times:
Non-Atomic: 1:48
Type A: 2:19
Type B: 5:13
UltrAtomic: 8:19

For more information on the NIST or the WWVB signal, visit:

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  1. I have a type A, and my second hand is not turning. Clock has the correct time but the second hand is stuck at 12. any suggestions? battery replaced

  2. This video is a LIFESAVER! My Atomic Hito was a mystery to me until you. THANKS.

  3. In a hospital trying to help out the staff by adjusting the clocks for DST – this is the most complicated clock I've ever seen. Why not just have a wheel on the back to adjust like every cheap clock has?

  4. What do I do when DST changes occur? Do I have to reset everything?

  5. You speak way to fast. Not everybody speak good English like you. Think of your non English customers. The clock is sold in Canada, please do not use WWVB or other letters that mean nothing. Canada is not part of USA. Also your notice included in the package is in English only. I made a big effort with the help of google traduction to communication with you.

  6. I have National TC 201C secondary clock , that need 24 DC polarized 30 sec pulse

  7. Atomic functionality has never worked in Florida, next to impossible to set manually and it requires a battery replacement every 6 months. Will never buy LaCrosse products again….garbage.

  8. My Type A doesn’t stop at 4, 8 or 12 o clock and trying to set it manually doesn’t work.

  9. I have 4 LaCrosse clocks which we began collecting many years ago. I am inquiring about the Analog Type A clock, model WT- 3144. Repeatedly, after a fresh battery, it runs non-stop, even days, while situated facing west, for days and days until I remove the battery. Will the "Press 20 maneuver " you showed do any good?Patricia Schultz

  10. How advanced does the forecast operate on the weather station s84107?

  11. What do you do if a Type A is always 15 minutes fast?

  12. what do you do if you have the ultratomic clock and you are setting it up but it goes to 4 oclock and stays there for 5 days? It will work in manual mode otherwise but would prefer the atomic mode?

  13. My outdoor clock is always set 2 hours ahead eventhough I set it for Pacific as I live in Las Vegas. I have reset it and taken out the battery. What is wrong?

  14. Can this UltrAtomic clock pick up the signal in a basement? Because I just bought one and I am thinking about putting it in my Basement.

  15. love atomic clocks I have 3 in my apartment ones digital the other 2 are regular atomic wall clocks

  16. I have the wt 3101. It won’t receive the signal. I have a smaller lacrosse clock and it picks the signal up in one night. Is this clock defective?

  17. I have recently replaced the clock battery and decided to go with lithium. Is that going to be a problem? Should I revert to alkaline?

  18. i have an analog clock and would like to turn off chime.

  19. i have a type a movement. its does not move when i press central time button after battery set it to 4 then i held c button nothing happend ??

  20. I live in Hawaii does this clock utilize WWVH? so far I can't set the clock. Note I have 2 of these and the first one was no problem

  21. I have a question, will the ECO mode work on the UltrAtomic movement if I had a manual time setting?

  22. I’ve had this clock for quite a few years and the last couple of years I’ve had soooo much trouble once the battery dies. When I put in a new battery it will just spin until the battery dies. I’ve somehow gotten it to stop but I have no idea what it was I did. I’m so tired of this. Please help. I’m in Southern California.

  23. I have 3 Atomic as I love clocks. These are fantastic. Hope to buy more next year.

  24. The atomiclock is in Boulder, Coloradope. The WWV transmitter is in Ft. Collins. (303) 499-7111

  25. Hi can anybody please advise please…Im in Ireland Europe and have an ALBA battery operated kitchen clock. The battery ran out so I've inserted a new one. I've only just noticed it does say radio control on the front of clock. So with new battery in, the hands are going around and when I get to the time I want the click to stop at… Im pressing set…didnt work …pressed reset nope and the other tiny little button that I actually need a pin to press these three buttons that say "reset" "set "and "wave" (?)….it stops for a second at the correct time when I press the "set" Button and seconds later it starts spinning again! I never actually know the clock was radio conrolled till u mentioned it and i spotted the small print.. Do u think it could be difference for my location!! Would really appreciate your help or advice. Many thanks

  26. Had ours just over 2 years (404-1946-INT 18-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Classic Plastic Pewter Atomic Analog Clock) , then the temperature and humidity gauges start to rust up and don't work no more. Plus moisture got inside the clock face. So obviously not outdoor proof!
    Save your money. Certainly not worth $60!!

  27. I just bought this clock an it going back tommorow to much work just for the time

  28. I have an older WT-3181 atomic clock. It worked great for years. It stopped a few days ago. I replaced the battery, and the hands don't move. In fact, it doesn't move even with the manual set. I did the "press button 20 times and wait 15 minutes" thing and it still doesn't work. Is it simply broken? Is there anything else to try?

  29. As an electrical engineer, it's pretty clear to me that for the clocks that permit additional batteries to extend battery life, the batteries are connected in parallel to identically sized cells. (The AA movements put all the AA batteries in parallel, the Ultratomic clock puts two C cells in parallel, and then puts that pair in series with another pair of parallel C batteries).

    I don't think you stress enough – If you add additional batteries, they should ideally be all the same batteries from the same package. Even mixing identical batteries from different packages purchased at different times can result in a mismatch between the battery characteristics. Additionally, if you change batteries, change them all at the same time, and replace them with batteries from the same package.

    And, of course, alkaline batteries are recommended (both for the AA and C cells) because of their extended lifespans.

  30. I just bought the ultratomic clock. I did the setup, put it to the side and forgot about it. A few minutes later I hear the gears going. It already synced up! I got all 4 batteries in and I'm looking forward to keeping this clock for a long time.

  31. We have a type B that has been, for the most part, working fine for several years. Recently it has begun to randomly set itself to different times randomly. (It never does find the correct time.) I've changed the battery several times. We live 9 stories up and the clock is on an outside wall. I don't think the signal is lost as we also have another La Crosse clock in the next room that works just fine. Do these movements just wear out? It's a nice enough looking clock that I'm considering replacing the movement with a cheap generic (manual-set) movement and calling it good. I considered the manual setting as mentioned in the video but that button is missing from our clock… just a hole where it should be…

  32. 1:51 I have a clock kinda like that and I finally got it to work after this video!

  33. Why does our second hand not move but the hour and minute hands keep perfect time?

  34. my clock has quite working….can i change it toa regulaR CLOCK

  35. I have what appears to be an older version. It has a 4 position switch for time zone and a 2 position switch for DST or not. There are three buttons, SET, RESET, and WAVE.
    I changed the battery and put the clock where it is facing west (toward Ford Collins, CO). No satisfactory result after several hours. Another vendor's clock properly set, but this one does not respond. I have it set for Eastern time zone and for DST.
    Any suggestions?

  36. I have a type a and its being at 12:00 for about 6 days with new battery and it will not move even when i try to manually set it. so what do you do now

  37. I took the clockworks out of the original clock and placed it in my living room clock. The clock hands do not show the correct time. Do the clock hands need to be set at a particular position (e.g., twelve o'clock) in order for the clock to match the Ft Collin's signal?

  38. I just learned that if I transfer a Lacross atomic clock to another clock face, I need to put in a pin in the back of the clock and set all the arms at the twelve o'clock position. How do I reinsert (realign) a pin into the back of the clockworks after it was taken out?

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