How To Setup an Analog Atomic Wall Clock -

How To Setup an Analog Atomic Wall Clock

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  1. I have reset my clock multiple times lately and it will not stay on Pacific time. It keeps resetting to 1 hour behind. Help!!!

  2. We have just a few days left to sign a petition @ to maintain our radio controlled clocks and watches from Fort Collins CO to maintain funding for NIST stations WWV & WWVH! Time is running out and if we don’t get enough signatures America’s atomic watches and clocks will be useless! Please help and sign and spread the word throughout social media!

  3. Since there is talk that the NIST plans to shut down the WWV, WWVB and WWVH radio stations, is La Crosse Technology going to still manufacture products that use the 60 kHz time code to set the time?  There are still a lot of items used in North America still rely on this to set time and if enough people would pressure the government and or congress to help with more funding, then it will survive simply because a lot of people, myself included, rely on this station for accurate timekeeping. If the government has money for other stuff, they can at least give them the money that the radio station needs to keep operating. I will be very disappointed, and I`m sure others will be, if the radio station shuts down for good.i

  4. We have 3 of these in MA that one of my clients bought. They have never worked (they are made by a different vendor, made in China, called Chouchin). Each of them was left on with new batteries for 2 weeks and the time was never correct, so they were set manually, like a 5 dollar clock from Walmart. One does have to wonder why it needs to take 3 to 5 days to set a clock.

  5. This is the stupidest clock, it may take 3 to 5 days?????

  6. When I first see this clock I was scared because this is my first time seeing a analog clock can set itself. LOL

  7. A better design would be to have the ability to set the time manually and then when it picks up the signal to fine tune itself. Then it would always function as a clock under any circumstance. I got the hand me down from work because it takes too long to adjust itself.

  8. Would we get a good signal here just outside of Dallas? Thanks.

  9. All of my clocks are radio controlled. Since I live in east central Saskatchewan, when conditions are perfect, it usually takes 3 to 5 minutes for the clocks to set themselves. When I found out that WWV and WWVB radio stations plan to shut down, I was pretty upset due to lack of funding. It seems pretty obvious that this govt seems to spend large amounts on money on stuff that is not even needed. This radio station will be 100 years old this year and will be sad to see it go. This govt does not seem to think that this radio station is still considered a essential service and a lot of people still use this service. Funding was never a problem for this radio service until the current govt got elected. People who use this service should contact the people in charge about this topic and them to provide them with any kind of help they can because a lot of people in North America still rely on these services

  10. I have a Lacrosse Model WT 3144 and the La Crosse web site doesn't even list this model to get a manual. This looks just like mine on the back, great video.

  11. Its interesting technology, but my clock is more trouble than its worth. Mine often goes to the wrong time. But it works well the rest of the time

  12. Hi Terry, I have a SkyScan Model 28700 clock that the minute hand is zeroed 1 minute behind every time. How can I fix this?

  13. You said two things that might be in conflict. You said to point the clock in a westerly direction. Then you said Colorado is where the signal is. I'm in California, so I would point it Easterly!!!

  14. Thanks for the video, it helped. I wasn't exactly sure on how to set the time zone. I have troubles every time daylight savings comes around like today. Hopefully from now on I won't have any trouble. I've had my La Crosse clock for years, works great!

  15. My atomic clock auto adjusts in April and October, I haven't found one that is updated for March and November. Can anyone help. Frankly I get tired of the forward and back bull. Why not leave it at DST noon feels more like .noon in the summer then in the winter.

  16. What are you talking about, my clock adjust April and Oct only. What I want to know is how to change that to Mar Nov to reflect current time changes and no new clocks have been created. What I have to do is change time zones to show EST to DST and back. I have 7 zones to select from.

  17. My clock is an Emerson model CKS2005N, I have looked for updated models but no luck. I've had it for many years, at least as far back as the 1980s.

  18. Good news, I found a LaCrosse Tech weather station on eBay for under $30.00 . I assume it has auto update capacity. I will read details before buying. Always a good idea on eBay and Amazon, Cavite Emptor you know. Thanks a Million.

  19. I actually found an atomic clock, La Crosse for under $20.00 refurbished. Your's were selling for $109.00.

  20. Seriously, so the clock is literally useless for 3 to 5 nights. Just go to family dollar and buy a regular clock

  21. And where is the MANUAL SET VIDEO LINK? That's really the only way to reliably run these stinkers! We had these at work and they never set. Dumped them. I took a few home, but seriously – "put them in a west-facing window for 3-5 nights" and hope they catch a signal? "Press the side button 20 times to drain power"? Get a wall clock and set it by your smartphone time. These radio clocks are an antiquated exercise in frustration.

  22. This video is great! I don't remember how long I have had this clock, nor can I find the manual. I learned from this video that the battery needed changing and how to do that properly. Thank you so much!

  23. My minute handle doesn't move,how can I fix it?

  24. I've had my La Crosse wall clock for years. Still works great so I highly recommend. I'm in Michigan and have no trouble getting the signal within a few hours. Don't have to ever set it or mess with it until it needs a battery, they last months in the clock.

  25. Extremely complicated instructions, with no way to know if anything is working correctly, or received the signal or is continuing to receive the signal. It is the next thing to being 100% useless. I had one and of course it never worked.

  26. what do you do when it's constantly 15 minutes fast?

  27. Clocks are completely useless. Nothing but a gimmick.

  28. Why choose this kind of clock over conventional clock. What a hustle.

  29. I love my LaCrosse clock. This spring forward it didn’t update so I tried a new battery. It was doing all the things you said and I thought it was broken. Thank you so much for helping!

  30. LaCrosse clock wt3143-h I have it just keep spinning over and over . I replaced new battery and still the same result .

  31. does it have to always face west for it to work or can i move it to another part of the house

  32. What is the two prongs connection at the back ? to connect antenna ?

  33. I have an ultratomic clock which have a complete different movement and there are features that I don't know what it is meant for such as ECO mode, so how can I do this?

  34. This makes no sense. Why would i put this is a west facing window? Dude says that it needs to be facing Colorado. How is a signal from Colorado making it all the way to my house in California? There's a bunch of huge mountain ranges between me and Colorado plus Colorado is too my east. This video debunks the round earth theory and absolutely proves the earth is flat

  35. I’ve had this clock for quite a few years and the last couple of years I’ve had soooo much trouble once the battery dies. When I put in a new battery it will just spin until the battery dies. I’ve somehow gotten it to stop but I have no idea what it was I did. I’m so tired of this. Please help. I’m in Southern California.

  36. Too late to cancel my order .. once it arrives I’m immediately returning it .. way too much fuss here to get a clock to work ..

  37. Use: cyber security bust NTP scammers

  38. This video was exactly what I needed to reset my Sharp Atomic clock. All the buttons are the same. For years, the clock would keep time and reset to Daylight Savings, but the second hand was frozen. This did the trick.

  39. My clock gains about 4 minutes a day. What do I do?

  40. 3 to 5 days??? i can set my cheap manual clock now

  41. I own this clock, and sadly it's been 2 weeks now and it hasn't switched to the correct daylight savings time, it's still one hour ahead.

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