How to Use MRG-G1000 - Set Time, Atomic, Run Timer, Stop Watch, and Alarms - Align Hands, Battery -

How to Use MRG-G1000 – Set Time, Atomic, Run Timer, Stop Watch, and Alarms – Align Hands, Battery

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Walkthrough of the MRG-G1000. Check Battery Level, Set up time, manual atomic time, set time manually, run timer, use stop watch and set up alarm. Also align the hands if they become misaligned.

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Mrg-G1000 Module 5411 Manual

Quick links:
00:40 – Check Battery Level
02:40 – Manual Atomic Time Signal Request
05:18 – Turn on Airplane Mode
06:18 – How to set Time Manually
10:11 – Fix Misaligned Analog Hands


  1. I don't think the MRG can be made to try and receive the atomic time signal manually. Just GPS, which is a shame. Additionally home and world time can't be swapped (you have to either use GPS position receive T+P, or manually change both), and you can't disable/enable the alarm until you wait for the alarm time to be displayed in the world time dial. A beautiful and robust watch that is unfortunately plagued by small daily usability nitpicks.

  2. my head already feels dizzy watching all the functions. If I'm gonna buy one (which is not gonna happen, MT-G yes, MR-G no)…. I'm can only remember how to use timer or stopwatch only. Hahahah

  3. What is the "lat" window on the right? Is it for latitude?

  4. Thanks for the demonstration, is it possible to turn off the button beep on this watch?

  5. Hi I have the same g shock But the sec hand moving 5 sec at once What is that means Hope you answer

  6. Also. if you set it(timer) to zero minute does it do a 24hour? most of them all zeroes means 24 hrs.

  7. ohh. so you cant set the stopwatch at the top of the hour because it freezes time in that mode. I guess you could do it with two synced up watches. I always like to have mine running at the top of the hour on my ggb100. It keeps time in 100ths. lol. Has to be manually reset every hour tho.

  8. Which key to press to know the power of the watch

  9. what's the function at 3:40 at your video, when you kept holding B button and the pin stayed at 4 o'clock? thanks

  10. Ty I don't understand because I don't have watch🤣love your video

  11. hello, does the mrg work differently from other g-shock. are there any functions that are only found on the mrg?

  12. By any chance do u have any MRG-2000 VARIANTS AVAILABLE?

  13. Can you adjust or align the second hand like the rest of the hands?

  14. Hey man thanks! I just got my mines today. It's the red and gold colors and this video really helped me a lot! It was confusing adjusting the settings but now I'm getting used to it lol

  15. Great video!! How do you see the true north? Thanks!

  16. Man, please do what nobody else has shown with this watch: How to remove links and replace the pins.

  17. Just a FYI, your link to the manual doesn't work, also HOW do you set the world time, you forgot that part… other than that great vid!

  18. I was expecting a light function in this watch.

  19. so some have bluetooth multiband 6. solar. and these have multiband 6 solar no bluetooth. gps.

  20. The switch between modes seems incredibly slow!

  21. Hello, at 3.42 you mention the synchronization of the gps, but it's strange, I did not know this procedure ?
    and there is nothing indicated in the watch manual for this procedure ?
    where did you find this information ?
    and what is the use of this procedure synchronization of the gps ?

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