Howto: Setup of a digital talking atomic watch -

Howto: Setup of a digital talking atomic watch

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NOTICE: I forgot to mention: After you set the alarm, to switch it on & off, press 8 o’clock button (lower left, S4) until you hear “Alarm on/off, press 10 o’clock button [S3] to set.” Then, the watch will announce “Press 10 o’clock button [S3] to on/off, 8 o’clock button [S4] to confirm.” Visually, you will see a flashing “oN” or “oFF” depending on the alarm status.

These instructions apply to all round talking digital atomic watches. They do NOT apply to asymmetrical style talking digital atomic watches. Reizen watches should already be running. Their controls are mapped as follows: S1 @ 2, S2 @ 4, S4 @ 8, and S3 @ 10.


  1. Thanks found instructions I was looking for 😊😊😊

  2. I have more than enough for a watch like this. unfortunately though I don't think they have a configuration with a metal band as I really want to move away from analogue

  3. Does the lifemax talking digital atomic watch have an hourly announcement on it

  4. this is probabally the first digital lifemax attomic I have seen. should the one I have now stop working or the strap break on me this one would be perfect assuming they are still available because the current one I have has the exact same voice chip and is also a lifemax, but being an analogue watch I think that plane journeys with this one are not going to be easy just in case the second hand is out of allignment. I wonder if these are still available via the RNIB as I am a UK resident

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