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✅ Nuclear Diamond Batteries Could Be The Final Answer For Energy Storage


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✅ BYD Claims Its Blade Battery Is a GAMECHANGER… And ELON MUSK Agrees!!!

As the world moves towards progressive electrification, particularly in the transportation sector, there is an increasing need for novel battery solutions that can provide high efficiency, decreased size and weight, and high raw material recyclability. Major battery tech companies have been on their toes trying to develop the next big thing in battery technology. The nuclear fusion reaction of a diamond has been known to happen in nature, but the energy production of a nuclear diamond battery remains unmatched. NDB’s revolutionary nuclear diamond battery technology might just be the next big thing in the battery tech space. What is this new battery?

The mention of nuclear materials often makes people uncomfortable because of the dangerous radiation they emit. The future’s energy source, however, may be the waste produced by the nuclear power production process. Nuclear diamond batteries represent a significant advancement above the conventional lithium-ion batteries that surround us now. While lithium-ion batteries have undoubtedly played a significant part in the growth of electronic devices, they do have limitations that are significant enough to keep scientists looking for better batteries.

The disadvantages of lithium-ion batteries are most visible in electric vehicles. Since lithium-ion batteries have a low energy density and are too heavy to give sufficient driving ranges, some people are hesitant to adopt electric cars because they cannot travel as far as gas-powered vehicles can on a single fill-up. Additionally, charging lithium-ion batteries takes a lengthy time. Even with the fastest charger, you could be stuck in one place for close to an hour to recharge the battery. This is inconvenient when compared to filling up an Ice car’s gas tank, which takes only a few minutes.

Lithium-ion batteries are also quite expensive. While prices have dropped dramatically, batteries remain the most expensive component of an electric automobile. Electric automobiles are much more expensive than their ICE counterparts due to the battery and are therefore out of the price range of the majority of car owners.


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  1. The video seems choppy, as though someone randomly cut here and there. Other than that, I feel the applications they're thinking of are a bit small. To be fair they're starting small, but imagine a 'panel' of these things linked up to a capacitor/storage bank of some kind. Any excess can probably be redirected to the main line through a relay or something.

    Another idea, Emergency Lighting, connect a small network of LED lights off network with internal power storage, then connect those to an even larger battery that is connected to this NDB bank. Or even a self sustaining NDB-LED lightbulb. Great for offices, hospitals, emergency services, military use, i imagine submarines might like the idea.

    Will the output be large enough to power a vehicle? Unknown just yet. Will it work as a trickle charger of sorts when the vehicle isn't running? Most definitely, sort of mitigate the energy draw just that little bit to get that extra few miles further. I can however see space industry getting much use out of these. Imagine if any of the Voyagers had these things, or even the drones we sent elsewhere.

  2. I'm sorry, you probably don't realize it but you sound like an idiot. How could anybody give a complete exposition on a nuclear topic and, every time, mispronounce the word "nuclear." Seriously, learn how to pronounce it for God's sake.

  3. Those crystal objects found in “atlantis” in the Caribbean ocean which appear to have powers scientists could not explain. Maybe they were “nuclear diamond” objects and not just crystal objects.

  4. Speak are easy 🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜

  5. Nucular isn't a word. I had to give up on this after the 500th time it was said.

  6. the only valuable energy is your spiritual energy, the rest is a planned technological rollout to rob you of your spiritual energy. Motion and e-motions are food for these non human entities. Believe me it is true. Electricity will be provided endlessly as long as it allows the provision of their favorite foods. When will you wake up? 🙂 Love. Pure spiritual light they cannot feed or touch, they need to feed off the breakdown/byproducts, like trying to stay alive from the heat of a lamp in the cold. The matrix grid originates from the dimension you first go to when you die, the lower astral, however this also is a level corrupted by the matrix so you keep coming back forever. I am unsure how many puppets in the puppets we are at….but the very least you can do for your own safety, is to always double check 😉
    You will easily defeat them and anyone's judgement once you wake up. Enjoy 😉 just watch your life change entirely from the moment you read this. Love you always! PS: did you know they use magnetic rims on NBA basketballs and the whole show is fake/controlled? You will easily find the evidence. If this tiny fart of a fact blows your mind….well….it s going to be fun watching you 😉 So glad we can finally and openly call their bs. Everyone's waking up 🙂

  7. Showing individuals making disgusted or approving faces adds NOTHING to the information presented.

  8. "Nuclear" is pronounced "new-clear", not "nuke-ya-ler". Overall, this is good reporting on a hyper-interesting subject. All good wishes.

  9. Capitalism will never let this happen it sounds too much like free energy

  10. Hate the insertion of stock video clips. Silly and stupid.

  11. Maybe there is no need to have this introductory phase about the pros and cons of lithium and other batteries. They are all well known by now.

  12. It'd be nice if you gave more specific info like energy density, general cost, power density, etc

  13. This video has a way too long introduction and it contains facts that everyone has heard many times. Also the intro has irrelevant information. Those nuclear diamond batteries won’t never be used in cars. They provide too little power for cars. Why not go straighter to the point? I know that YouTube recommends publishing about 10 minute videos but it’s more important to have interesting and relevant content

  14. More hype and peripheral piffle accompanied with monotonous music! Get to the promised topic instead of your usual round the world tour of vaguely related matters. I’m cancelling my subscription! 😤

  15. Instead of a long introduction, I would have preferred to have a detailed explanation of the NDB and how it worked. I waited and waited until you finally got to the point.

  16. After 100K there will be garbage to through in the Oceans. Can't harvest sh-t from these batteries or windmill blades or solar panels which already are stacking up like Satan's cord wood. Nothing said…wonder why? people ar stupid, thinking its just too damn hard, so they go to college.

  17. Stop pronouncing the word nuclear as if it has two u’s in the word. Please!

  18. Please delete the background noise, it's not even music; irritatingly repetitive, intrusive,
    distracting and too loud. It disrupts the message being spoken. Otherwise, an excellent

  19. Meaningless twaddle that sounds marvelous. Full of double speak and the slimeious language I could ever write. The devil will torture all involved in the creation and presintation of these, not-lies.

  20. Nuclear is pronounced NEW-KLEE-AR NOT NUKE-YOU-LAR you dolt.

  21. If a RF Laser is beamed at an non radioactive diamond wont it produce electricity?
    if so isn't this a perpetual motion machine.

  22. Awesome! Wiki = cell output is 1 microwatt and power density is 10 microwatts per cc (10 milliwatts per litre). Energy density = 3.3 kWh/kg over 100 year life i.e. probably starts out at 6 or 7. Lithium batteries, by comparison, have energy density of around 150 Wh/kg, orders of magnitude less. This is necessary tech and I hope they continue with it.

  23. Click bait!
    It took you 3.5 minute to even mention NDB …
    So what is the "HUGE NEWS", WHEN will NDB hit the market.

  24. absolutely rubbish – only when an NDB battery is for sale in my local supermarket will I take this video seriously!!!

  25. Is the voice over pronouncing nuclear as 'nuculer'?

  26. Announcement of new tech…then 50% of the video talks about current tech. I wish content developers wouldn't do that.

  27. It's difficult to get excited about cutting edge battery tech. We were promised graphene batteries about 10 years ago but still no sign of them.

  28. When it comes to energy density you can't be dogpoo with emerald laser light.

  29. Could it be another Stock-Price manipulator(?!?), just like the IBM 'S or AIRLIGHT Triple solarEnergy panel, a dacade faded-away.

  30. Lithium is only good for insanity in pill form it's all about liquid metal antimony. Bet made in Georgia too.

  31. Sounds like another scam just like fusion. The fusion scam has been going on for over 60 some-odd years now and people still keep falling for it. 60 years have proven that Fusion does not work and it's not going to work. People keep investing billions of dollars in a total failure scam over and over again, so if you have a billion dollars laying around and you want to get rid of it just invest it in Fusion and watch it disappear. Don't take my word for it, just read, it is a SCAM! It's an old SCAM! What is that old saying about a fool and his money?

  32. when play the video, do not use music in background please.

  33. The person reading the dialogue for this video, does NOT know how to pronounce, "NUCLEAR". It is not "NUC-ULAR" it is "NU-CLEAR" (CLEAR) as in "the sky is clear". Please learn how to pronounce it correctly.

  34. Thorium salt reactors use carbon 14 in large quantities,do the research.!!!

  35. This technology is over 40 years old,why is it going to cost use billions.!!!!💥

  36. So many videos of pseudoscientific garbage.

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