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I Cloned God to Destroy Rimworld

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Imagine a god whose powers can be duplicated. With a corrupted obelisk, this theory becomes reality as we clone a god repeatedly to create an unstoppable super squad. Can we survive 300 days in an overpowered Rimworld and ultimately bring it to its knees? Join me as I play on the hardest difficulty, facing relentless challenges and wielding godlike power in this epic journey of survival and domination. This was played on Rimworld 1.5 with the Royalty, Ideology, Biotech and Anomaly DLC enabled. The difficulty is the losing is fun preset on 500% threat with the Randy Random storyteller. This is how I Cloned God to Destroy Rimworld.

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  1. The „shurikan“ gets me every time 😂

  2. which mod gives you autocluster mortars?

  3. If you want a way to handle the V.O.I.D. bases quickly and easily, I've seen from another youtuber's series that they handle them with nukes, and the amount of resources you are able to loot from each void base basically ensures you are able to walk away with the resources to make more than what you came in with. Just food for thought if you plan on taking on V.O.I.D. and wiping them out in this series

  4. A mod that you should add is kraltech, Aotc Poc will still completely annihilate it but kraltech is quite ridiculous. One simple ol arms dealer has easily over 1k% movespd, saw a few a 3k and 4k, other stats match to, they got super op armor and weapons to match, but what will make you scream is their shields, it's absolute bs. Im not even sure if aotc without pinnacle can match it, well if they got shields on yeah not happening. Remember im talking about an arms dealer, not even the stronger pawns in that faction, and the mech raids

  5. I loved the medieval series, this one has been awesome so far 👌

  6. Why don't you make your god's younger? I seem to remember you being able to do that in one of your other videos. I hope I can run at those speeds when I'm 80 years old…but who am I kidding? I can barely get out of the bed every day at half that age.

  7. He has become the very thing swore to destroy 😛

  8. veequeue in overpowered Rimworld:
    "None of you seem to understand, i'm not locked in here with you, you're locked in here with me"

  9. "a prison break on god, god dammit" – veequeue – XD love your vid always cool

  10. A regular polygon with infinite sides is really just a straight line. The internal angles in a polygon increase to a point, that being 180 degrees. So, the more sides the polygon has, the closer the internal angles get to 180 degrees. Therefore, if a polygon has infinite sides, the internal angles would be 179.999… (an infinite number of 9s) degrees. And this is equal to, not almost equal to, but equal to 180 degrees.

    Consider the following mathematical proof:

    x=0.999…10x = 9.999… 10x=9+x ∣−x 9x=9 ∣:9 x=1

    So, if ( 0.999… = 1 ), then ( 179.999… ) degrees ( = (179 + 1) ) degrees ( = 180 ) degrees.

    And if the internal angles are 180 degrees, there is no curvature, meaning it’s a straight line.

  11. Just asking, where do you craft god’s weapon?

  12. Hello im pretty sure this will go unnoticed but its worth the shot, but does anyone know how he was able to use Ambition of the Cosmic? I've checked on the workshop and its says its only compatible for 1.4. I appreciate the help!!

  13. With the matter/issue of God and God 2-4 being of 80 years old, why not perform the ritual that takes the age of one and puts it on another. That way they can remain young. Just use raiders or prisoners for the ritual.

  14. oh I see you changed the thumbnail, good tactic

  15. 11:31 A VOID base guarded by 38 of them. At last… a proper challenge.

  16. Here's more mods to try out:
    RT Fuse (to counter ZZZT).

    RT Solar Flare Shield (protects against solar flares, but uses a lot of power when doing so, and generates a ton of heat).

    Integrated Implants (new implant mod, including the ability to have a second pair of arms, and expensive but powerful ghoul implants).

    Greyscythe Cybergenetics (some really good genes).

    Greyscythe Bionics Catalogue (wide variety of artificial body parts, from neolithic crap to archotech god-like creations – incredibly expensive, but oh so worth it).

    Terraform RimWorld (change the terrain to your desires, build mountains, create vegetation, even duplicate items).

    Absolutely No Roof (remove all types of roof, including mountain roof).

    Tweaks Galore (contains many useful options, including the ability to turn off skill decay, which I never liked).

    No More Lethal Damage Threshold (in RimWorld, no matter how tough you are, if you take a total of 150 damage, you die, and this mod removes that – now only critical bodyparts missing, bleeding out or diseases reaching 100% can kill).

    Death Rattle (missing critical body parts, except for the head, brain or torso, no longer causes instant death, giving you a chance to perform an emergency transplant to save your colonist).

    Harvest Everything (great for supplying those "organ donations" a colonist missing a heart or liver could need – also makes organ harvesting much more profitable).

  17. Find that imortal girl who you found at the void base

  18. How did you limit the raid count in this play through?

  19. This dude just turned Rimworld to Hotline Miami

  20. The RECURSION is basically the endgame weapon of the True Pinnacle of Creation mod.

    Nothing beats it.

    +There is also an armor after the CHARON armor.

  21. There was a new Spiritual Successor of AOTC made quite recently, Beyond Our Reach, I think it'd be neat to check out!

  22. I would like to know what mod is the mega spiders that appear on earth with the toxic pack? or is it vanilla?

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