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I Dropped a Whole Sunfish Down

Kayak Catfish
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  1. It surely don't matter HOW, so long as you reel-in and whatever is on the hook DOES COUNT as a catch!!💯🎣 Even those dang Stick-Fish!😂

  2. Some times these cats amaze me one day they only want one type of bait other days they'll anything you throw out thanks for taking us along on another great trip with you

  3. You caught a bunch at least beats getting skunked lol thanks justin stay safe buddy

  4. Another great video, I really enjoy watching the fish and the scenery. I use the same kayak for fishing as your other one. Do you have many places to bank fish from when the water is at normal levels?

  5. I was on Center Lake today absolutely beautiful I'm hoping to catch some fish on there we do real good on Percy Priest

  6. justin my dad and myself used to catch shad than we would cut them and use only the cuts for bate we caught alot of blues and flatheads few channel .realy is a good bate.

  7. Nice catches Justin water looks beautiful thanks for sharing

  8. Thats the best time of day to wake board. When the water is glass, it's like riding on a cloud. I dont blame that guy for wanting to be out there, even though he stirred up your water.

  9. I think the fowlhook is for the people trying to snag fish

  10. Enjoyed the video was hoping you would catch a flathead today ❤😊❤😊❤😊❤

  11. I promise you you caught my favorite size because they look good on my plate

  12. Justin you should EDIT the old Miami Vice song in when one of those pleasure boaters rips by you LOL

  13. Awesome video I love watching your videos but I’ve always wondered what’s the biggest cat you’ve caught?

  14. Justin is like the Bob Ross of Catfishing with the commentary I love it

  15. Dem stupid rules are for them bass fishermen who try and cheat at their tourney and just snag em on purpose while there on a bed

  16. I’m still watching your Florida adventures 😅😅😅

  17. awesome video man keep up the great work cat fishing 🎣 is the best fishing nothing like it

  18. My question as a lifetime person who has caught thousands of catfish ,why don't you try a different area to get away from the small ones? It has always worked un the past .

  19. great video, lots of fish. leroy would thank you for the utube time or you don't owned the water lol. stay safe.

  20. Been a fan for 3 years man it’s been so awesome watching your videos they always motivate me to hit the water the next morning

  21. Get you a big size comb. Too comb out them stinger flies?

  22. Hi Justin…. could you tell all of us what model of Garmin depthfinder you have? We're looking at getting one about the size you have. Thanks!

  23. 🎉🎉🎉🎉Happy Independence day LOVE u and God Bless🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  24. That guys name is Stuart, not Leroy. You didn't hear he yell, "Look what I can do," every time he passed by.

  25. I hooked a 20 pounds flathead in the tail one time and thought I had a monster on. Biggest one Iv ever caught was 32 pounds and that one being hooked in the tail fought way harder. Was happy to get it but it was disappointing thinking it was twice that big. Probably been about 9 years ago in Murphy NC

  26. I like your videos. I catch fish on the falls of Ohio.

  27. Well Money, no golly whoopers but still a fine day on the water. Thanks for taking me along. Stay safe brother….

  28. Stinger fly getting it done today. Let us know if that small blue cat caught you a hughe flatty or not

  29. ya old fish!! thanks for another great vid Justin. been crazy cool to see a double up when those cats were coming up together i bet that will for sure put a bend in the rod. another good grind again on the bite with the quality as a little better but those dinks do give a decent fight hard to deny that. plus they keep the skunk out. livescope for the win!! hope u had a safe and happy 4th cheers from southwest michigan my friend. its very interesting using that small cat for bait. we for sure need a video on that if you get the chance. i seen some older vids of yours but its always intriguing toto me catching cats with small cats

  30. Them big things of gulp minnows you was talking about are they shaped weird? Like a genie bottle? Found some at sportsman’s but like $24 bucks

  31. Back to Kayak Catfish roots with suspending fishing. Only thing missing was the red sinker for people to ask you about. Great video my friend!

  32. These videos are addicting. Fish a lot myself and watch these at night time. Just makes me want to get back out there. Just started watching a few months ago, been binge watching all your videos to catch up. Great channel.

  33. So on your skipjack chunks why do you cut the belly section out? Just a curious fisherman seeing if I’m missing out

  34. Hi I'm new to the kayak world. Love watching your videos. Was watching to catch some skip jack in March 15 of 21. What kind of front mount ar you using for your rod holders and fish finder. Thanks

  35. The Tennessee River has so many blue cats

  36. I love your channel! Jumbo cats! Thank you!

  37. TN has huge catfish compared to here in PA lol. Our channel cats are big in the Delaware river, but man you guys down there have some monsters. Thank you for making these videos!

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