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I Finally Tried Fallout 4 For The First Time!

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Fallout 4 Next-Gen – I finally tried it for the first time! It’s an exceptional Open World RPG Post-Apocalyptic Survival game!

Days Gone EP 1:
Resident Evil 4 Remake EP 1:

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  1. need part 2 now its been 84 year goopeer

  2. You never opened Nora's chamber, you could have gotten the wedding ring and a speech. :/

  3. Mamma wassername sounds like Cindy Lauper ❤

  4. Look into the VATS system. It allows you to target enemies.

  5. Hey if you go into your house I think it was in the babies room there is a s.p.e.c.i.e.ls baby book in there if you read it you can get 1 free poi t you can use to rise strength, agility, luck. Or any one of them plus if they didn't fix it there is a glitch to Max out all of them using the doggo

  6. He finally played it! I have been sick all day but i got out of bed when i saw the vid

  7. what the happy cairek hasnt played fallout yet???

  8. More Fallout videos, wear vault tech suit whole series and install cool mods!

  9. Try fallout 3 and new vegas you wont regret!

  10. 4:11 it has that attachment fordefence he usually attacks with it if y ou have played fallout shelter in that game he uses that as a weapon to defend

  11. Don't sell your junk item, put them in the workbench. I will need them to craft mods and building.

  12. epic video i watched it from the beginning to the end. Keep up and make it a serie pls i would live to see you play more, Fallout 4❤

  13. Aww no you left your wife without saying goodbye 😂😂😂 you can only open your wife's cryogenic pod in the vault 😊

  14. Looking forward to more fallout from Cairek!!!!!!

  15. I have over 400 hours playing this game, I Hope you play the side quest and just randomly explore, to get the cryolator in the bunker take dog meat there once you find him, go in the room with dog meat and close the door and have him search and he will get you the gun, dump all you junk at the workbench in sanctuary and scrap it for resources to upgrade and build, all the quest u seen when u looking in sanctuary are new quest added in the last update, concord is part of the main quest, cook all the meat and it removes the rads but you will need purified water, collect al dirty water and clean it at a fire, once you help the minute men meaning Preston you will be given side quest to defend towns, outpost and set up a camp there like, food, water and Defence, you will need to et up a supply line from base so u have access to all materials from your main camp so it's easier to build up the outpost,

  16. Yes!!! I never though you would play this masterpiece!

  17. you would be better of collecting all the junk rather then cloths they dont give u a lot for scrapping and the weight, collect all the desk fans

  18. when you leave your power armor remove the fusion core or anyone can use it even an NPC at your camp and you cant get Them out so u lose the power armor

  19. it took me about 10 hours to get to diamond city I kept running in to side quest and exploring buildings, collecting loot, scrapping and building lmao 😁

  20. you should also put actual armor on so when your power armor is damaged the other armor gives you protection, you can wear it under your power armor

  21. this game would paired very well with a mod series called Sim Settlement 2 where u be able to do a lot more with NPCs and a lot more quests with other people.. > assuming that mods had been fixed already and perhaps u didnt download the next gen update.. < also kinda nice u start playing Fallout 4 as well.. have fun and have a great time as always..

  22. We need a full series of this game!!!!

  23. cairek even if this doesnt do as good as your other videos i would still love to see you play this game

  24. Just finished season 1 of Fallout.. this was awesome timing.

  25. Maybe a live stream of fallout 4 might get better views. I just want to see more

  26. lets get this to 1k likes so he plays more guys

  27. I think you missed the VATS prompt 😭😭😢

  28. Continue the series pls I wanna see u play it

  29. hope you keep playing fallout 4 and another series on scum, i know a lot of ppl cover scum but they are just no good, should just wait for an update for last day on earth, i used to play it but it got so boring doing the same thing everyday with no updates for like 2 years and that was about 2 years ago,

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