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I Hope I Am Crazy (Full Episode) | Doomsday Preppers

National Geographic
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We meet three Americans who demonstrate the diversity within the prepper community. Kellene Bishop, a self-described foodie, makes gourmet prep food. David Sarti is setting himself up as the communications hub for a post-Armageddon America. Kathy Harrison reveals that even New England liberals can be serious about their preps.

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I Hope I Am Crazy (Full Episode) | Doomsday Preppers

National Geographic


  1. Theses guys and the Amish and the small groups of people who are farmers are the ones laughing at the rest of us nowadays 😑🤟💚

  2. I guess by the time I watch this David is already pushing daisies ups for sure!

  3. I could smoke a whole cigarette before they draw their pistols

  4. "Oh we don't believe in stock piling guns and anything to protect ourselves"

    Three days into the apocalypse
    They all slaves

  5. Has anyone checked on the second lady? Todays crisis she might not be wrong… America pushing rushing out of the petrodollar and now warning of a food crisis because the us value isn’t worth as much

  6. If I were that Lib couple I would at least get one big bad scary gun, such fools they are.

  7. Prepared for everything except heart disease.

  8. She'll nail all that in a week or 2 then what?

  9. Storing body fat is part of the survival prep…

  10. It's 2 years later…And the economy is at risk. This is not just the US, but a world wide problem.

  11. This guy's pretty cool, and smart to be prepared tbh honest tho, if i was gonna prep it would be for almost every scenario of disaster

  12. Need to incorporate IEDs and booby traps and chemistry and biology into his prepping

  13. And now we can add ww3 to the list of things that can happen. I certainly identify with these preppers.

  14. I used to think about this type of people as wackos but with Biden in charge doomsday is not that far fetched anymore

  15. They need to bring back this series but concentrate on the average prepper! These are the most extreme of the prepper community!

  16. Dude is wasting hand warmers lol Oxygen absorbers are cheaper. You can buy 100 mylar bags with 100 absorbers for a bit less than hand warmers

  17. The idiots who think they can talk to people who intend on taking their food are delusional 👍 You have to be prepared to protect what you have! You can't protect your community with nice thoughts 👍

  18. I will always wonder how many of these preppers would have wound up being safe and secure if they hadn’t exposed themselves on this show.

  19. When I was a student, we had fire drills all the time.
    Told us to keep calm always, even during a fire. One time, I was doing my tutorials and thought I smelled smoke. It didn’t occur to me that it was a wildfire approaching. We all ran out in a frantic panic and all those fire drills and what we were taught, flew right out the window😅

  20. It's funny how almost everyone made fun of these people or brushed them as paranoid weirdos just until couple of years ago and watched them as an entertainment. But now things don't look as funny anymore. We were born and raised in the most peaceful and prosperous times there ever was, people got spoiled and thought major disasters, wars or catastrophies wouldn't happen in modern world, but there is 1 thing about history – it repeat itself especially when nobody is trying to learn from it. It's not a matter of if, it's matter of when major collapse will happen, especially now when the world is so interconnected and anything in the world affects everybody.

  21. hes gonna die of diabetes and a heart attack with all that food unopened. try prepping a thread mill

  22. The ones prepping for financial collapse and hyper inflation should feel vindicated now in 2022. Not to mention the global food crisis coming.

  23. Honestly, the best prepares are intelligent enough to not share their survival plan, thus making them way harder to find

  24. No body will survive a doomsday and the ones that are so prepared will die fast , it’s not like china USA or Russia will announce here every body get ready we will begin to throw nuclear missals in two minutes 😂😂I rather eat all the food now and share it with friends and family keep self healthy that’s the best prepared for dooms day

  25. Now i wonder people probably prepped for things like that Covid pandemic lockdown scenario before it happened.

  26. All really good people. Probably Trump supporters.

  27. Definitely more efficient to not say you're a prepper, however if no one says anything about prepping ever than prepping would not be as widely known as today

  28. Fun fact: 50% of men above 40 would get a heart attack in a crisis…. 👍🤫 And after the jab i bet many many more

  29. How nice that the spouses support each other in the prepping goal.

  30. You may want to revise the "America is not at Risk of Financial Collapse" theory. Just one year into the Biden Administration America is heading for that collapse many people have predicted.

  31. 30:57 no guns I know who I'm going to raid when it all hits the fan

  32. They've been gaining weight for years so they can last longer without food. Meanwhile diabetes is working against the clock lol

  33. Wow they're either super prepared are going insane

  34. For those just starting out!
    Order of importance:
    Health Care
    Waste Managment
    Regerative Farming
    Birth Control
    Knowledge Storing

  35. If this is what it takes to survive, what are you even living for? This is like living long enough to watch yourself become a monster.

  36. All these chubby guys….they need to loose weight

  37. I am going to that liberal's house to take all their stuff cuz they don't have any weapons LOL what a bunch of idiots

  38. The perfect prep is to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ! Hes coming soon to rapture His Church. Laughing? Soon mens hearts will fail them for the fear of the things coming on the earth. The great tribulation. God is in charge of this world, and the absolute evil that is being allowed to happen. Theres a purpose for everything.
    You cannot escape God! Repent, believe in Jesus!
    None of your physical preps are gonna help you!

  39. The PERFECT PREPPER is the one YOU don't even know is PREPPERS. The people in this video are just hobbyists having a good time.

  40. The people without guns are really ignorant to the fact people are cruel and will turn violent in a doomsday situation.They would get robbed and have nothing if it came to that scenario.I pray it doesn't for their sake..Liberals 🤡 lmao….

  41. Except when you're hungry. Then you can't protect your food.

  42. Everyone living in the pandemic: "GOD I WISH I WAS THAT LADY!"

  43. How to prepare for my two cats? What do I need to do for my two cats to survive?

  44. What was your favorite part of this episode of Doomsday Preppers?

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