"I'm EXPOSING the whole damn thing." | Graham Hancock - ndbatteries.com

“I’m EXPOSING the whole damn thing.” | Graham Hancock

Vision Unveil
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“I’m EXPOSING the whole damn thing.” | Graham Hancock
Graham Hancock dives into one of the most intriguing mysteries of ancient Egypt: the secret tunnel inside the Great Sphinx. Hancock, known for his provocative theories on ancient civilizations, takes viewers on a captivating journey as he unveils newly uncovered evidence that challenges conventional Egyptology. With exclusive access to groundbreaking research and cutting-edge technology, Hancock explores the origins, purpose, and hidden secrets of this enigmatic passageway. Join him as he reveals the astonishing findings that could rewrite history and shed light on the true significance of the Sphinx in our understanding of ancient human civilization.

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  1. 'They're looking for us in the past' is probably one of the best ways I've heard to explain the way people are looking for answers.

  2. And as soon as Japan would go public with this research it would be suppressed, just like its research into Covid and the jabbies.

  3. It was an Alien Head that’s why it was recarved. They don’t want you to know

  4. Was supposed to drop some good jewels 3 months after this interview came out. I don't know if he ever did but I think I would have seen heard it.

  5. it was red haired six-fingered Giants that built the pyramids along with aliens and hybrids and all kinds of other scum but they will never admit to that narrative Adam was not the first being on this planet they were a serpent seed and that's what they're hiding Adam was placed in the middle of the garden of serpent's

  6. Sea levels are the same they have always been. There is only beach erosion👍

  7. Embedding something into the creepy music?🤔

  8. Too goddamn many words can you not just explain this without all the excess unnecessary information? It's aggravating trying to listen to you

  9. Who says that those that were believed to be pharohs were the right and significant pharohs. Stolen identies and old habitdvfie hard.
    Also, when its all other features of these structures are impeccably almost completely flawless……all but this Sphinx. Odd. But ok. But lets say they wanted to direct you to think they are the most prominent, significant beings. Just saying.

  10. we are getting closer to the truth! 🤩💫 i have always wondered if they were somehow able to move the massive stones by using sound waves 🤔 I feel like it has been difficult to replicate ancient technologies due to the changes to our environment.. imagine over 10,000 years ago our planet was completely different.. we dont kno what the magnetic fields were like back then, possibly much stronger! maybe they could manipulate energy and matter much more easily 💡👽👽

  11. "Shafts prove 2500 BC" full stop. The rest is nonsense.

  12. Old tech seems to be sustainable, vs our current tech.

  13. Great video! Can’t wait for the next update.

  14. What's this shit lighting that keeps flashing

  15. NASA has ownership of a part of the pyramids..of course they know and they just want to keep it to them

  16. Acoustic levitation.. frequency….Why is this so hard to understand!!!

  17. I believe that, before I die, we will see heavy rainfall in that part of the world again.
    Why are they investing and betting on Africa as a major producer of food in the near future? Why is Canada Dry and hot as of the last 3-5 years?
    It’s because we are in the fourth turning. We are at the end of an epoch.
    Hold on folks. It’s about to get real weird around here

  18. Zahee Hawass is on egypts side, to keep the truth buried!

  19. Background music gets annoying. I have turned programs because the music gets on my nerves.

  20. They used sand and copper tools and time lots of time slowly chipping away at it

  21. An electric razor does not vibrate because of frequency. It vibrates because there is an electric motor in it moving pieces of it back n forth rapidly.

  22. Him: “I’m exposing the whole damn thing!”

    Also him: “I don’t want to get into it today.”

  23. IAM going to make a comment.its not going to be rude.or abusive.please do not erase my comments
    1/ remote viewing.and astral travel can be used by talented people
    That's the same for astral travel. 2/ government agencies use these and more to gain knowledge.then also get live proof. 3/ "the vatican.the CHRONOVISOR." a device that can see the past . Live. Why does the Vatican have vaults full of secrets? I will come back to this. Sign in . Then not just to see how many thumbs up compared to all the rest. Why hide the truth
    Why hide the facts.?

  24. If u can tip a bus with 200 then a million can drag grannit

  25. Or theybilt up sand to build then removed sand

  26. Teslas' work was "taken" by a guy called John Trump.
    The more you know.

  27. I think the government have already been under the sphinx and have taken and hidden whatever is under there.

  28. Why the poor sound and flushing lights?! Impossible to follow the video!

  29. I thought they already figured out the chambers were for holding different types of gas. Weren't there huge blocks of Quarts in there and under pressure Quarts crystal produces electricity. Put a gold spike out of the top and it did something like Tesla coil producing electricity around it. Tesla figured this out a long time ago. Several videos out about those chambers and gas and creating electricity. Unless I've watched several hrs of BS, this guy sounds like he's been left out of the loop.

  30. He leaves out the FIRST to comment on the erosion on the Sphinx. RA Schwaller de Lubicz

  31. 😮lies lies every thing you've been told is a lie

  32. The tech aint lost. We just not tevealing it. Mofos destroy everything you touch @humanity

  33. Side note,drag and salt the editor for this music and random bass stucatos!! Its godawful

  34. Fun story: a man named Edgar Cayce was a psychic who could predict a lot of crazy things. Some say he was a fraud some say he was legit but he predicted that if u searched under the sphinx foot you would find important books and tablets that would tell u a lot about the secrets of life. Later ppl used LIDAR to find there WAS something under the foot of the sphinx. But the Egyptian government wouldn’t allow them to dig there.

  35. The first ones to put this technology on the market make the money. That's why they keep it in a big secret.

  36. The sphinx is and was alive at one time I believe it was a half man and creature U can see from were the ear is and on top of head there was rust and blood dries up like rust hate 2 let U all know thats wut I see.

  37. All the flashes of light are extremely irritating.

  38. With something as important as this conversation, we don’t need background noise. Not only is it too loud but it’s an obnoxious,repetitive noise.

  39. How does a stationary shaft point at a moving star in night sky?

  40. I believe it was a story about how the things got the nose cut off of it a king had it done

  41. They could have moved the stones with water channels. Theres a very discriptive video on it. Also could be freqeuncy manipulation. Who knows?

  42. Seeing how Egypt seems to be the birthplace of man, what if the pyramids are just human incubation chambers?

  43. Idk my guess is that the pyramids werhere before man's existence… Aliens bruh, it's the aliens

  44. Well, I'm REALLY glad I chanced upon this, it's fitting in with what I've been watching on the why files (among others) on suppressed technology, zero point energy inventions vanishing and their inventors dying under unusual circumstances. Graham is right, the people in charge are A-holes, damn them all to hell, holding back an entire civilisation for their own profit.

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