Ion Battery & Ion Power Cell Location! - Subnautica Guides (ZP) -

Ion Battery & Ion Power Cell Location! – Subnautica Guides (ZP)

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Part of the Zero Point guide series.
In this guide I will be showing you the location of both the ion battery and ion powercell blueprints as well as a route to the alien thermal plant.

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Welcome to Unknown Worlds Entertainment’s Subnautica.
Descend into the depths of an alien underwater world filled with wonder and peril. Craft equipment, pilot submarines and out-smart wildlife to explore lush coral reefs, volcanoes, cave systems, and more – All while trying to survive.



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  1. me too i finally got out of the lava place and now i need to get back.

  2. I’ll say nothing made sense but I don’t have a river thingy or the sea moth upgrade or anything for the cyclops so imma save the vid and come back lol

  3. how do you get your seamoth past 900 meters?
    Edit: i have seamoth mk3 mod, 900 m is max

  4. The coodinates are wrong actualy. they are actualy -82 1176 -19

  5. you used console commands to get the seamoth to that depth or what?

  6. Thank you btw tip if you dont want to have to come all the way back up use the teleporter and it will bring yo back to the surface then you can go home safely

  7. How to make seamoth go deep below 900 m….?use cheat?

  8. Thank you! Is it possible to safely get down there in the cyclops if you have a good enough depth module? I don’t really ever use the cyclops, but I can dive 1300 m in it

  9. Have they changed the game to make Depth crushing more potent? My Seamoth has full upgrades to 900 m and it will explode within 25 seconds of being too low.. it hardly did any damage to his. I have a hull reinforcement although that's seperate anyways

  10. Παναγιωτης Ιορδανιδης says:

    I love this game the reason for that is…if you want something perhaps ion battery in order to get it you need 11 more things to get there LOL

  11. I literally almost had a heart attack just getting kyanite and now you're telling me I gotta go back down there, get tracked by the sea dragon again, and pray I don't get murdered just to get the things to build the rocket…

    Okay bet

  12. would a prawn suit work instead of a cyclops?

  13. fuck, I was right there inside the facility and I didn't notice the path that takes you down where the blueprint is.

  14. it has been 3 years since i’ve been trying to find this location.. thanks bro

  15. Is there purple tablets vin that alian base

  16. I seriously dont see the point of crafting an ion battery or cell if its at the end of the game. Like it would make sense if you could get that at a surface level precursor base so you can bypass the lava larva. But no its at the very end of the game where you get the blueprints. I find this very redundant

  17. Can i use a pawn suit or should i just stick with the cyclops

  18. I only brand one purple tablet cause I thought that’s all u needed

  19. I find it hard to believe that you took the little seamoth down there without being completely destroyed.

  20. How is your seamoth not dying since you went 1300m down and its 900?

  21. I love your videos they’re very helpful and informative but on this particular video your game volume seems to be up the animal sounds were taking over and I could not hear what you were saying when you were saying avoid something in the cyclops. I’ve listen to it about six times, thanks for the wonderful videos and all the help just my personal little input there thanks again

  22. Got to the lava zone, was about to save and the game crashed. Another hour gone and I’ve lost track of how many times. God damn it I’m just going to watch the ending on YouTube fuck this game. Why no autosave in 2021?! Honestly….

  23. get all the way to the console in the alien thermal plant " this is why you brought your purple tablet" i did not bring my purple tablet, would have been SUPER helpful to mention bringing a purple tablet at the beginning of the video smh

  24. Ima just take my prawn don’t wanna risk the cyclops

  25. Take 2 purple tablets… if you seen this and did your welcome

  26. Wow I'm here but I dont have the tablet😩

  27. Well shit now I have to go back to that hell hole 😭😭😭😭

  28. How is it humanly possible to get this, the cyclops runs out of battery too fast, i can’t even survive halfway the trip from my base to lost river entrance, EVEN WITH THE EFFICIENCY MODULE, it’s so annoying i quit subnautica because of this, i searched so much for help on how to make it stop using so much energy, they all say get upgrades that i need to go to the lost river to get materials for, my cyclops can’t even survive halfway from my base to the lost river, i took it to the river one time, but it just died, it’s so annoying , and they also say get these damn ion cells.

  29. He really just be waiting at the entrance tryna ask me i wanna talk about our lord and savior wtf

  30. Παναγιωτης Ιορδανιδης says:

    I was at tha alien base but didn't get the key an i had to go back to my safe shallow base to get it

  31. can i only use my prawn suit
    beacuse my cyclopes is my base so i dont want to lose it

  32. Thanks because of this I build the Neptune rocket early

  33. Is anyone gonna talk about how he is under 900 meters and nothing is happening to the seamoth

  34. how are you still only at 27.8k with that voice

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