iOS 17.5 - This is Historic! -

iOS 17.5 – This is Historic!

Brandon Butch
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iOS 17.5 Beta 2 Features, iOS 18 Leaks, iPhone 16 Pro Camera, & More! | #AppleWeekly

Apple’s iOS 17.5 Beta 2 update is one for the history books, as it allows us to finally install 3rd party app stores via Safari! We discuss that and show the process of sideloading, more leaked iOS 18 features, an overall update on iOS 17.5 Beta 2, iPhone 16 Pro camera rumors, a crazy AirTags story, and more. Enjoy!

How to Play ANY Retro Game on iPhone! (Delta Emulator):

AltStore screenshots credit: @pavel.editz on Instagram

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0:00 On the menu today..
0:25 This changes the App Store forever
1:08 Another big emulator is coming soon..
1:40 Delta is not “new”
2:05 First 3rd Party App Store & why it’s not free
2:50 New iOS 18 Leaks
3:28 iOS 18 Notes changes
3:53 macOS 15 Leak
4:30 AirPlay to Hotel TV now available
5:08 Apple Sports update
5:35 WhatsApp Change
5:52 These apps are now banned
6:13 More iOS 17.5 Changes
6:35 Sideloading Example (AltStore install)
8:10 More Changes in 17.5 Beta 2
8:33 iOS 17.5 Performance & Battery Life
9:38 iOS 17.5 Beta 3 & Final Release Date
10:31 Surprising New iPad Air Rumor
11:27 iPhone 17 Plus
11:47 iPhone 16 Pro Camera details
12:32 Crazy AirTags Story
13:58 Closing Thoughts

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  1. we are at time that the truth will be bug in the end 😂😂

  2. I heard the iPhone 18 is going to be different too and the iPhone 19 also

    And don’t forget the iPhone 20 too!

  3. Oh shoot, that Palestinian flag showing up when you type Jerusalem is crazy 😂 Someone's getting suspended

  4. Historic in battery health degradation.

  5. Still no fix for shortcuts automation. C'mon Apple.

  6. Are you for real!!! That is crazy with the AirTag story…😮😮😮

  7. android feature is their app developer
    ios feature is waiting for ios patches😅

  8. How does one go about getting different skins for Delta?

  9. CONTRA 🥹 Childhood memories unlocked playing this game on my iPhone 13 Pro Max 🙌🏻

  10. Nothing is bloody historic with iPhone iOS updates every update has issues battery range and they’ll be another update. Ready to fix the current update. Bloody hell.

  11. Apple Execs, if you are reading it, PLEASE update the back button functionality on iOS.

  12. All good and all but when will the iPad get the calculator app?

  13. Could someone in the states, change their location using a VPN & get access to sideloading?

  14. DELTA is not yet available in Europe… ☹☹☹☹😡😡

  15. Is this available only on iphones? How about ipad? Any news?

  16. Once you get Delta downloaded, how do you get the games on your phone ?

  17. It's 1.50€ for the year xDDD that for me is consider to be free xDDDDD

  18. Oh gosh… get help. You’re not Apple. We will find put when they announce it. Oh wow did u want to find work through repeating what they said and ur playing games all night. Grow up.

  19. The sports app is nice but why do we go through Apple TV to get on screen scorecards on my lock screen and dynamic island… if I want to find more information about what happened in the game I can’t just click on it because it brings me to the Apple TV.

  20. Does anyone have an issue with the camera app opening your phone with an accidental bump or from only picking it up?

  21. Does anyone know if an app like Cydia could now be installed using Altstore?

  22. Ios is most boring os recently.i had 12 pro bought 15 pro and there’s literally no difference feels the same with case on😢

  23. The Provenance app has CRT filters and the N64 control stick sensitivity is perfection!

  24. can someone tell me where i can download pokemon games that I can play on the delta app

  25. Waited the whole video for what is historic…🤷‍♀ nothing 🤷‍♀ clickbait

  26. Looks like just another useless update

  27. Cant wait to play my old N64 and Pokémon games on the emulator!

  28. I can't believe a native calculator app is big news for yall 😂😂
    I remember many, many years ago when we Android users were able to get emulators. Yall iPhone users laughed and said, "Why would we want that?" Now you guys are jumping up and down for them, how the tables have turned!! 😂😂

  29. Attention All creators and Apple Users⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
    Please raise your voice for the camera problem with iphone 15 promax. The photos change drastically after they are taken. Before a photo is taken,it seems very good through the view finder. Its saturation, vibrance and brightness are well on point. But when a photo is taken it automatically becomes dark and grainy. 😢… it also loses saturation and vibrance and becomes disgustingly dull🤮. The difference before and after clicking is so much and abrupt that i hate it😢. In indoors its good. But this problem happens in outdoor when its bright sunny day.Please raise your voice creaters😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

    Please the rest of you people, check your phones as well. Just test it in outdoors on a normal sunny day. Check the brightness , saturation and vibrance of the image before and after clicking. Then report back. We must raise our voice.

  30. New AirPlay feature will be sweet. I have a 15 Pro Max and my AirPlay is horrible. It always disconnects and gives me issues. Anyone else have this problem?

  31. I'm still not over the fact that fully-featured emulators are allowed in the App Store. 😫🤩

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