Iran launches attack on Israel | FOX 13 Seattle -

Iran launches attack on Israel | FOX 13 Seattle

FOX 13 Seattle
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Iran has deployed multiple drones toward Israel, following Israel’s bombing that resulted in the deaths of several Iranian officials earlier this month, the IDF confirmed on Saturday.

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  1. Israel doesnt get to make acts of war by attacking other soveriegn states emabassies with out consequences .. 🙂

  2. Iran’s been emboldened by Biden’s stupidity in dealing with them.


    REZA AHMADI 12 04 2024 تلویزیون ایران اریایی#jawidpahlawi

    اپوزیسیون جا انداز یا همان صادراتی های جا انداز جمهوری اسلامی برون مرز ساخت دشمنان تاریخی ایران است ( امریکا عننننننگلیس روس فرانسه آلمان و سازمان ملل فاسد تروریست پرور است) صادراتی ها را شناسایی کنیم باید افشاه و رسوا و دستگیر و دادگاهی شوند از سوی ملت زخمی وخشمگین ایران 45 سال در بندو اسیر جمهوری تروریستی وارداتی بیگانه هلوکاستگر نه میبخشیم نه فراموش می کنیم >

    درود پهلوان #جاوید_فرهنگ_پهلوانی /

  4. NOTICE how NO photos and/or video of the damage inflicted on them by the Iranian attack is being shown on western media !!!

  5. Third Country should not intervene between 2 nations. Consequences will be catastrophic and may lead to a World War…

  6. And creepy Joe Biden wants to get involved

  7. #BidenCouldSupportBargainBothSides for an immediate plan to lower populations to ease tensions in the #GazaStrip

    It's #Nvidia that #PittsburghPress is choosing #Nvidia, leaders in #MaleCentristBasedPrivilegedCentrismAI versus the #BalancedCentrismWeRequire for balancing our governance as prescribed by our #Constitution #AINews #Fascism #MindOccupation

    #BoomersREvilForRetaingHomeOwnership but who cares about the NukeGenMegalomaniasStillDrivingOurPolitics when we could be lowering populations to ensure #CompleteUniversalSubsistence. #WSJJournalHeadlineComplaint on 4/14/24.

  8. Iran has their right to defend themselves. Victim complex in Israel’s government

  9. The USA needs to stop promoting the Israeli government to be the victims in this, the Jewish Israeli government has been attacking both Iran and Palestinian and the USA is condoning their attacks. I’m an American and I love my country but stop supporting the Israeli terrorist government and it’s holy war against the Gaza and the people in surrounding countries


  11. Netanyahu is a scared little puppy who has no strength with out having America hold his hand

  12. Israel attacked their consulate

    Iran has the right to defend themselves against a genocidal regime of israhell

  13. Thank goodness president Velcro is monitoring the situation. Hopefully his Visiting Angels associate has it on the right channel.

  14. Iraan best bravo bravo iraan I love you iraan❤❤❤❤❤

  15. Are these countries not tired of having war related news for so many years?

  16. Looks like the nwo plans are going accordingly. Stupid sheep are choosing sides just as intended. After this world war Lucifer will be everyone’s god.

  17. Do u forget wat u did to the PALASTINE.
    This is nothing, its just the beginning

  18. Are they setting off fireworks again? 🤣

  19. Trump said four years ago: Biden=War.

  20. Since I was a child, the United States has been involved in one or more wars and nonsense bumbing every year.

  21. Iran es un país metiche intrépido esa guerra no es problema de Iran

  22. Im actually surprised by the comments. People eyes are beginning to open.

  23. Do not offence again Iran you are escalated the war ,it was Israel to attack Iran councelate

  24. President Biden says don't hit back what if I ran attacked the US what would we do

  25. Lang leven Iran 🖐✊🤲
    Moge Allhah de hele zionist systeem vernietigen en hun gek laten worden en dat hun elkaar opvreten 🤲
    Hasabana Allah Wa Nam Alwakil
    Hasbi Allah Wa Nam Alwakil

  26. Antisemitism is any country trying to defend it self against Israel 😊

  27. So what did Israel think was going to happen when it attacked the Iranian consulted in Damascus,? Re gain world sympathy?

  28. Iran Retaliates Against Israel fixed that title for ya.

  29. Israel just won't stop making things worse. So evil

  30. Do you not like peace and giving rights and obligations to fellow human beings?
    but why are you so happy to create enmity, destruction and plunder, don't blame yourself for the loss one day?

  31. This time Muslims are ready under the table 😂😂❤❤😂😂❤❤❤

  32. Continue to pray for me MP I am in therapy I need a place to live

  33. Aw man robux costs are gonna go up 🙁

  34. Nós brasileiros, em sua grande maioria, amamos Israel.

  35. Don't fight Israel in Iran territory Learn what happened on 6 days war 1967 Arab lost because they fight Israel in their territory and Israel air force attack Arab air force free emptive and paralysed 80% Arab airforce

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