Is Light a Particle or Wave or Both or Neither Please let me Show and Explain Photons and then Q/A -

Is Light a Particle or Wave or Both or Neither Please let me Show and Explain Photons and then Q/A

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As you will clearly see Light is BOTH a Particle and a wave….How you ask???? Because light is literally a Bar magnet which is a particle but has a large Field around it.
The Particle is the “Photon” as you will see….the magnetic “Field” creates the Wave as it pushes on all other fields to plow thru them in gases etc.


  1. How can space have light if it’s a void unless .. it isn’t ??

  2. hi, I want to give you a friendly advice. it really seems like you have a quality content, but if you could make a different way of showing the content like, for example, do a screen recording and show it part of whatever you want to show in the corner of the display and etc. there are different techniques and I guarantee you would have many more followers enjoying your content

  3. About that Roger, Rod drop a new video, very intresting 😉

  4. dividing the dark from the light…thats emerald tablet stuff,eh? heavy as always.

  5. I am the fool to confound the wise. I hope as a broken clock is right twice a day.
    In the beginning was the word ……… uk love and prayers feather maestro

  6. The black white black white looks like the 4sum turning.

  7. Love it! I honestly just learned something new today,thank you Roger! Youre the BEST!!!!👌

  8. "Light" has been proven to behave differently when it knows it's being observed.

  9. Yes sir. >:^D Cannot have light without darkness, you did not mention this fact. It is why you mention what you do. Dark and white particles.

  10. 17:42 🙌❗The Device!❗🙌.


    Still taking notes, still with you all the way, still know that we are thisclose to the changes that °will° LIBERATE humanity and you will no longer be ignored.


  11. Tesla said everything is light. And that it is a coaxial circuit of compression and rarefaction of the ether. I think What we call particles are the compression of light which is everywhere at different levels of compression or vibration Example a swimmer doesn't emit waves while swimming in a pool just as much as the sun doesn't emit light when it's shining. I think it's just waves of compression.. but I have no real education about this. I just think particles are compressed light… always trips me out about what the hell is it?

  12. CORRECT! There is no such thing as a photon. Tesla states that light is a sound wave through the ether. Without the ether there is no light, just like without the air (atmosphere) there is no sound. Mother Nature is very simple but you have to accept the existence of the ether. The ether is a medium. It’s hard to explain to a fish that he is surrounded by water. The fish has taken it for granted all of his life!!!

  13. This makes so much sense once you realize we have transducers with electromagnetic and piezoelectric properties in our brains.

  14. At .27sceds in, a wave is from a particle. Earths wave extends behind it in its revolution debris around the sun , possible looking at earth and the sun from a distance our sun may appear to have a ring caused by the revolutions earth makes every year around the sun, space debris left by earth earth may re-encounter 365 days after or space debris left by earth a hundred million years ago

  15. At 1 38, that thermal image reminds me of thoughts a year ago, possible the av node in the r.atrium is similar to a fuel injector going along with the sa node igniting when a short is reconnected given the level of rbc's in the r.atrium consider rbc's to be conductive, possible in the r.atrium charged rbc's expell the charged electrons or become organized as a collective briefly

  16. Roger, you can definitely get a fair shake on Veritas TV, now. Mike Wilkerson was on today, discussing rocks with the anatomy of a heart and other instantly petrified flesh.

  17. Hi rodger! Love your work, funnnee but how it is ! Think your gunna
    be ledgend wen your gone! An incredible body ov work put down in your he face ov persecution! Again ledgendstatus! Is light not just a visual display ov energy.

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