Is radiation dangerous? - Matt Anticole -

Is radiation dangerous? – Matt Anticole

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When we hear the word radiation, it’s tempting to picture huge explosions and frightening mutations. But that’s not the full story — radiation also applies to rainbows and a doctor examining an X-ray. So what is it, really, and how much should we worry about its effects? Matt Anticole describes the different types of radiation.

Lesson by Matt Anticole, animation by Tinmouse Animation Studio.


  1. Short answer: way too much radiation yes

  2. imagine saying protons without ns and add gen

  3. Lol don't worry, x-rays are safe. Then the staff member walks all the way to Egypt to press a button.

  4. Thank u broo 4 giving valuble information

  5. I think the only thing this video is missing is to really nail down that the radiation emitted from a synthetic process is not really different from natural radiation. Cosmic radiation is higher energy than anything humans can make, and an alpha particle emitted by naturally occurring radon is just as damaging as one emitted by americium in smoke detectors. It's the dose that matters. Humans evolved in nature, and nature is filled with radiation, hence humans can easily handle low levels of radiation. It's the dose that makes the poison.

  6. Curie's quote is great, but the lady still died of exposure to too much radiation. Apparently some amount of fear might come in handy

  7. All I know is that Afghanistan deserves some assistance with high levels of radiation dropped from a B-52 bomber

  8. Aplastic anemia Marie Curie died from it

  9. If is makes politions the eart and nature , if is invasive to the human

  10. you might want to rethink the sievert exposure. I watched a Chernobyl tour where each of them gained about 4-8 seiverts within about a day and they were completely fine.

  11. This video is so good! Perfect for lesson in radioactive elements for my son in homeschool!

  12. Awesome video. Everything I wanted to know was talked about in this video.

  13. Remembering RadX and Radaway for daily basis

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  15. Only gamma and x-ray is dangerous or myb more

  16. ‘’ right’’ “cell phones and microwave won’t hurt because of low radiation’’.I usually look at my devices on the ground on the table I try not to hold it on my hands because it hurts so much I can’t hold my cell phone more than a minute if I wanna look at a video or even be on the phone it really really hurts my hands and now it’s hurting my leg because I have it on my leg. Ouch so yes it is still bad to even use a microwave.only us for extreme hunger. Cell phone …. Well smh I’m stuck to that. Still need it

  17. It seems it's implied that all isotopes are radioactive at 1:34, but this is not the case. "Isotope" is simply a word for specifying a specific count of neutrons/protons. All differing combinations are isotopes, regardless of their stability/radioactivity. It may be common for rare isotopes to be radioactive, but that has nothing to do with the definition or isotopes in general. If I'm wrong, please correct me; I'm no chemist.

  18. What a disservice not talking about Radiotherapy. This is a great video and wonderful explanation about radiation but as it was balancing the benefits and risks of radiation, it was ignored the incredible number of people (& ANIMALS) that are treated, has been cured, by m controlling the local progression of the disease or the benefit of paliativos for the reduction of critical effects using isotopes or X-Ray emitters like Linear accelerators.
    It uses particles like protons and electrons, and electromagnetic ionizing radiation fótons that luckily have a higher impact on the tumor than the Normal tissue. It deserves a TED only for that as it impacts a lot of lives worldwide.

  19. monkey hears: banana have potassium radiation.
    monkey then: meh who cares about eating radiation
    *munching noises*

  20. 2:54 "cell phones and microwaves operate at the lower end of the spectrum" is incorrect reasoning. The part of the RF spectrum both cell phones and microwaves transmit on can be deadly with enough exposure. Both device are safe because they are manufactured to emit below the FCC RF exposure limits. A microwave is shielded and a cell phone does not transmit with enough power for its cellular radio frequency to be harmful.

  21. A kid in my class said that we will all die by radiation by Russia and we will cough up our lungs?

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  23. Putin is about to do this to us all i wanna see what it is really how it will affect me

  24. I doubt if people are concerned with everyday radiation.

  25. Of course it's not dangerous, in fact it's very safe, healthy and very good for you. Ann Coulter said so…

  26. Okay. My dentist told me something like my annual x rays aren't more radiation than an hour of sunlight or something I forget what exactly but basically nothing. Same with airplanes but does anyone know if it would be smart and worth the inconvenience to deny going through the security scanner at airport? As a frequent flyer I am more concerned about that scanner

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