Israel Strikes Back On Iran | “Netanyahu Showed He Can Retaliate” -

Israel Strikes Back On Iran | “Netanyahu Showed He Can Retaliate”

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The Government is stressing the need for “de-escalation and moderation” amid reports of a retaliatory attack by Israel against Iran.

Cabinet minister Mel Stride said the UK recognises Israel’s right to defend itself, while also pressing its ally to “work hard towards de-escalation”.

Iran said it fired air defence systems early on Friday to shoot down drones spotted at a major air base and nuclear site near the city of Isfahan, raising fears of a wider conflagration in the region.

Unnamed US officials said Israel carried out the airstrikes, according to reports, days after Israel was targeted by a barrage of Iranian drones and missiles.

TalkTV’s Dr David Bull and Sarah Hewson are joined by former Israeli politician Ksenia Svetlova.

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  1. Iran still has operational F-14 Tomcats 😂😂😂😂

  2. Israel send 3 toy drone 😂😂 thats only they can do 😂😂

  3. Iran used 300 missiles and drones isreal used 3 drones how is this a response? 3 drones is no response at all its like a kid fighting a adult but the adult will always win

  4. There were no such attacks…..misinformation and deceptive report….balderdash

  5. 3 drones without any achievment. Western journalists are so esctatic

  6. Irans not defending its self.its easing the pain and suffering of the Palestinians 😢

  7. Now khomini is farting leaving gas with the sound dogs running away

  8. I wonder how the world would react if the tables were turned and the Palestinians had the means and backing to defend themselves after being attacked by Israel? Would the killing of 33,000 Israelis, demolition of their infrastructure, starvation and genocide be acceptable?

  9. blatant warmongering from so-called populist media. history will see who fanned the flames of World War 3

  10. I wonder how the world would react if the tables were turned and the Palestinians had the means and backing to defend themselves after being attacked by Israel? Would the killing of 33,000 Israelis, demolition of their infrastructure, starvation and genocide be acceptable?

  11. 😂😂😂😂😂 that was drone not missiles. Israel has no courage to make a bigger scale attack over Tehran.

  12. Good on Israel and well done. The Iranians won't be dancing and cheering in the streets now.

  13. This seems to be a fake and pseudo pre-arranged attack with Iran for face-saving purposes and the chapter seems to be closed now!

  14. Retaliate how, Quadcopters against ballistic?

  15. STORY FOR ISRAEL ARMY ASKING MOSE TO STRIKE PAK SITES ONLY 1000miles FROM IRAN: Pakistani Lt.gen can confirm!! Our military were ready by summer of 1992 early January… as a junior officer I was invited to the celebration party by upper management…. OUR CLOSE ALLIES AND BIGGEST MILITARY DONAR UNITED STATES ONLY FOUND OUT 1998 … I am sure 👍 cia had ideas but you can never be sure nuclear ☢️ warheads or conventional… UNTIL PAK ARMY TESTED!! (Summer of 1998) Lt.GEN PAK ARMY QUESTION?? Does “Pakistan” have NUCLEAR ☢️ WEAPONS ….. yes OR no ??? If anyone hurts us” do you think 🤔 we will use it OR not ??? Israel hits pakistan 🇵🇰 embassy in Damascus killing our ARMY DICTATORS with their fingers on the red button?? Third ?? What was the house price of an Israeli home back in (2005) ??? CAN YOU BUY A HOUSE IN ISRAEL 🇮🇱 cheaper today (2024) than in 2005???? You have given the Iranians 20 years to develop their nuclear ☢️ capabilities…when it took the Pakistani army 12?? It took North Korea 10??? 20 years later Israel is saying IRAN’ 🇮🇷 doesn’t have nukes … we have to take it out !!! SERIOUSLY AFTER 20 YEARS???????????Titanic didn’t know about the nuclear ☢️ armed ice’ until the Israeli ship 🚢 hit!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. US. Putin the slaughterer said a few months ago the West's dominance has come to an end. He said recently that Israel should not retaliate so obviously Putin is implicated in these conflicts. Both Iran and Russia to name just two are pure evil fascists who crave power. Israel is fighting what the UK and the West have welcomed with open arms. It's a shame we do not have relevant journalism.

    Since the 1980s when dictator Ayatollahs seized power and dictated a politically vicious form of antisemitism, anti-Israel hate, and anti-West hate, Iran has funded Hamas barbaric death cult to launch rockets at Israel certainly since the last conflict. Iran also funds Islamist preachers of hate to indoctrinate inward-looking Muslim communities in the UK and West. They dictate dress code eg, the hijab is not religious dress, it is ethnic dress and shows an allegiance to Hamas, Ayatollahs, and preachers of hate and NO allegiance to Britain or the West only hate.

  17. Iran sent 300 missiles to Israel that did not hit anything, except for severely injuring a 7-year-old girl from the Bedouin-Muslim community in the desert.

    Israel sent one missile to Iran and half an air force base was destroyed

    Yes, Israel can do more, it's called self-restraint and responsibility

  18. The iranian government released a statement that there had been no attact from abroad & those drones were from infiltrators from within their country.
    The unnamed US officials speculated the attact is from Israel & the media are exaggerating it.
    Humanity after covid desires to live in peace not in a world of hatred & chaos.

  19. Israel has absolute right to defend itself

  20. Aaahh. I want to see Little Britain and it's tiny army have a go.

  21. In response to 300 missiles… Nethan yahoo just farted… What a way to retailiation… 😅😅😅😅… And still can't use his language to say he attacked the Iran

  22. What happened to Biden telling Iran don't do it, don't you dare do it. Talking about iran attacking Israel… Well they dared you sleepy Joe

  23. Israel isn't finished dealing with the Iran threat.

  24. Once they were called cruise missiles now they are called drones

  25. Will Iran retaliate to Israels retaliation of Irans retaliation to Israels attack?

  26. That was a ridiculous response, they shouldn't have even bothered, if that's what his response looks like! Absolutely weak! What it really showed is that Israel don't really want war with Iran!

  27. Fake news! Neither Iran nor Isreal have confirmed this actually happened.

    The UK s**t-stirring!

  28. Face saving? Presenters need to be a little more educated

  29. What I don't understand is that Iran has a Jewish population?

  30. I can't believe you LIARS are pretending that Israel didn't launch the first strike by bombing the Iranian embassy in Syria!

    This is the most disgusting propaganda!

  31. 😂😂😂اسرائیل پاپیون کرده 😂😂😂😂

  32. Israel attacks Iran when you give the devil too much power

  33. Iran said "they wouldn't call that a strike. They used toys that we let our children play with to strike us" lmao Iran trollin'

  34. Iran got a clear message: Israel showed they can get to very heart of Iran undetected.

  35. Netenyahoo is the cause of all the problems to begin with until now. He is an unreasonable, genocidal Zionists who needs to be stopped immediately.

  36. "retaliate" he's been escalating since day one. And failing absolutely in defending Israel.

  37. Someone needs to arrest Netanyahu and cage him

  38. What a stupid headline
    He bombed their embassy
    How can he strike back when he started it?

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