IT HAPPENED! NDB's Nuclear Diamond Battery FINALLY Hit The Market! -

IT HAPPENED! NDB’s Nuclear Diamond Battery FINALLY Hit The Market!

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It is safe to say there is no modern gadgetry without the humble battery. Everything that
needs electricity to work and cannot always be connected to a power source uses one
type of battery or another, from heart pacemakers to smartwatches and electric cars!
That is why the battery industry is among the hottest lately, as different companies race
to be the one to produce the class-leading battery! Many battery materials have been
tested, but there is a new battery material in town that shocks the entire industry! It is
the nuclear diamond battery that can run for 28,000 years! What is this new battery?
How does it work, and why is everybody talking about it? Join us as we bring you
everything that you need to know about the wonder nuclear diamond battery that
shocks the entire industry


  1. So how much will this battery cost if it ever gets to market we hear a lot about new technology in batteries but nothing ever changes

  2. I think thats an fanastic idear however, thier is one flaw and that is, the developing evolving softwear in deviceis like mobile phones cars countertop devcies cet.. the newer products put the exiting devices into trash or recycling what happends to the battery when you upgrade your devices ?.

  3. This is good…thank you…WOW…the FUTURE looks great and ready for new POWER Sources!! WOW!!

  4. I hope no one takes into consideration how easy it might be to create a dirty bomb out of these batteries. Once they are mass produced and easily accessible we'll get some fun environmental disasters!

  5. Let's see, they don't need recharging, and they last forever. NOPE, they don't want these made…

  6. What could go wrong , mmm batteries will keep working while you die of cancer

  7. Wow, what an oppertunity to grow forrests and cultivate metal renditioned sciences for food. Very good idea!

  8. it would be cool if they built a car with thousands of these batteries

  9. Love this idea. Can't till they hit our stores.

  10. I love the idea of this. I know its still early. But if they could just get a battery the size of a lead acid battery and add it to a lithium ion battery for a car it would help alot I think with range and recharge rate. Not sure how fast this could recharge a pack. If its between a stage 1 or stage 2 charger this could solve alot of the EV charging issues.

  11. I think that sounds fantastic, I can’t wait to get my Apple Watch

  12. i hope they will be safe to use for every day consumption in a few years

  13. What is the radiation dose for the User/wearer?

  14. 🏆🏆🏆👍🇺🇲🙏
    Thank you for sharing.

  15. It is a great intention if it can blow like 1 ton of tnt.

  16. This will be a great solution for the world energy crisis..

  17. Now let’s hope they all don’t say, “Made in China”.

  18. Sounds good. This could be the battery we have been looking for? Time will tell…

  19. If radiation levels are safe as well as disposal issues, this is a game changer.

  20. Can the nuc daimonds be used in phones?

  21. I am wondering if I can take this on the plane?

  22. i have a book that i right down my ideas. i showed this one to my patent attorney and now they have a patent on it. made me sick and i threw up don't trust people

  23. Interesting, if it's safe for the user and no side-efects all systems are go!
    Will it corrode after long time of usage?

  24. Well done you nerds 👏😃❤️
    Do we glow in the dark though

  25. Do they come with a gieger counter?

  26. conspiracy theorists are gonna go crazy about this

  27. The mass production won't be harmful radiation wise?

  28. I hope they stay true to their ideas and never get regulated by big company's.

  29. So how many milliamps per battery does it produce?

  30. representative dot in a theoretical circle says:

    Black hole 🕳 things:

    Don't study 4D. (1D, 2D, 3D, 4D 🚫)
    Study 0D. (0D, 1D, 2D, 3D ✅)

    0 is the beginning, not 1.

    A piece of 1, no matter how small, will NEVER be 0 (without becoming 0, thus no longer being 1).

    What number is before 1? 0.

    0D (metaphysical point) = No spatial extension. Zero size. Exact location only. Quark (strong nuclear force). Monad "singularity/alone".

    Read 📚 a book 📖.

    If we all die in a CERN-related black hole…incident…it's because we don't know the definitions of 0 and 1.

    0D = (point)
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    ". with 0"

    Looking at you, CERN.

  31. That means all of the old batteries about to be on sale lol

  32. I hope this isn't hidden from society because we don't have much time left…

  33. The ultimate energy source for my new estate in Mars👍

  34. Very interesting that a ndb my be the future and could out live human life

  35. This battery change hole entire worldThis battery keeps free energy and recycling of nuclear waste

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