IT HAPPENED! Nuclear Diamond Batteries Finally Hit The Market! -

IT HAPPENED! Nuclear Diamond Batteries Finally Hit The Market!

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Batteries! The invention that powers most of the modern world! Many electronics you
enjoy using won’t work without them. These include your phone, laptop, tablet, and the
electric car in your garage! Some satellites also use batteries out there in orbit!
However, these batteries have limitations that affect the level of satisfaction we can
derive from them! This is why scientists have been working hard at creating a new
battery. The latest result is a diamond battery that has the potential to last for thousands
of years and also help eliminate nuclear waste! How does the diamond battery last so
long, and how does it work? Join us as we bring scientists’ insane new diamond
batteries just released!
The best battery with ability for a wide range of applications is the lithium-ion battery.

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  1. if multiMillionaires are promoting it… bet on it not being safe nor sane (Y) ⛑🚫🚫☢☣☢☢☢☢☢☢☢🚫🚫🚫🚫🚭🚷

  2. battery technology was the only current technology that was holding us back from advancing further, due to the storage restrictions current batteries have, however, if this NDB proves true, we get a battery that can last 28 thousand years and can self recharge.. guess we won't be needing solar or wind power anymore.

  3. Self running generators and power walls, would give us seemingly endless clean energy everywhere all the time. Different versions and sizes of it, will help humanity anywhere. 😎

  4. Go no where technology because it won’t fit into our pervasive Capitalistic world where items are purposely built to fail, planned obsolescence, thus insuring a steady stream of customers. A battery that never needs charging would be a direct threat to energy producing corporations that bribe…excuse me…”lobby”, those who write legislation. And batteries that never fail do not fit into planned obsolescence meaning the company selling has no way to increase year over sales once market saturation has been achieved thus driving shareholders away.

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  6. Run Nano threading, graphene and certain polymers through the whole structure of EVs to turn them into a big battery that lasts for a very long time. Have a direct connect to the axle of EVs and solar, to super charge them. No more plugging in 😎

  7. Thieves steal catalytic converters all the time for their rare Earth metals.. so SURE, WHY NOT make a diamond battery that I'll get robbed at gunpoint for when I make a phone call?

  8. Okay, a couple things I want to point out.

    Arkenlight was formed by the team at Bristol who discovered diamonds generate a charge when exposed to radioactive material. They then realized that by using carbon-14 to create a synthetic diamond with a few inclusions of more radioactive elements, and then encase it in a regular carbon-12 diamond, they would have self-charging battery that was impossibly durable and would last, without needing replaced, for years, decades, centuries, or longer. Since they are the ones who invented this concept, they learned firsthand that these beta-voltaics are never going to power large objects like cars, planes, or heavy equipment because the rate at which the batteries charge is too slow and the power output is too low for those applications. That's why they're sticking to sensors, integrated electronics and IoT devices. Those applications are far more suited to beta-voltaics and are far more widespread than EVs right now, so by completely eliminating the market for other battery types they generate massive profits, while doing the world a massive service by being paid to process nuclear waste into working technology. They've successfully designed, prototyped, and implemented their batteries on a small scale as they're building the capital necessary to build their mass production plant. Their website states that working C-14 batteries, which would be implemented in IoT devices, are slated to be available sometime in Q3 of 2023, not 2024. If Morgan Boardman actually said otherwise, they need to update their website.

    Arkenlight patented the entire concept back when the physics was discovered.

    Nano-Diamond-Battery, Incorporated , aka NDB, Inc., has not produced a working model. They claim to have demonstrated two proof-of-concept devices at Livermore, but Livermore has not confirmed that that actually happened to my knowledge. NDB originally claimed that their batteries would be able to power everything from phones to planes to EVs and would last for tens of thousands of years. However, they have never released a datasheet proving these claims. Not only that, but they actually recanted their claims not long after they made headline news, stating that they'd been misquoted when they said their batteries would power cars.

    Arkenlight, when they were asked what they thought about NDB, said, very specifically, that there is no way NDB is getting the power output they claim and that, if NDB is telling the truth about their battery physics, they're in clear violation of patent law. Since then, NDB seems to have modified their design enough to satisfy international patent law, but regardless they have yet to provide any actual data backing up their claims. Not too long ago, they sent out an email informing people signed up for their newsletter (which includes me) that they had been granted 3 patents by the US government, but, again, they have not provided any data.

    Today there are three designs on the NDB website, where they make some very bold and ridiculous claims. For instance, they claim that their NDB cell can give consumer electronics (think smartphones) "the opportunity to raise personal quantum computing." Sorry, but there is no way, within even 25 years, that quantum computing will develop to the point where you can make a phone that has a quantum computer. Its a ridiculous idea not just because that level of technology wont be available for nearly 50 years, but because quantum computers are not suited for everyday web browsing, they're really bad at that actually.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the idea and I'm really excited to see it implemented on a global scale, but until NDB can put their money where there mouth is and publicly produce working models that can do all the things they claim it can I cannot, in good faith, be excited about NDB.

  9. The only one who can support these innovations are rich people, if only rich people are not so full of their riches, then the world would rapidly change and grow.

  10. Governments would never allow such a dangerous thing to be commonplace. All it would take is someone to get their hands in a bunch and take them apart to commit a terrorist act.

  11. Lets see. Instead of safely storing Nuclear waste safely underground or other places, won't this spread nuclear (radioactive) everywhere? How won't batteries thrown in the trash or out the car window not pollute the environment as the case and material gets exposed to the weather and breaks apert. Other than that…

  12. There are literally warning labels on household cleaners so poeple don't EAT THEM and they're going to release batteries with radioactive cores? We either need smarter people or less of the dumb ones first. 🤣

  13. That is until you die of nuclear radiation exposure. ☢️ what good dose Nuclear energy do for us?

  14. I never cease to be amazed by how inventive we humans are. Here's to a future full of wonder and hope for all.

  15. Sounds like science fiction!!! When the nuclear diamond battery eventually needs recycling what happens to the radio active carbon 14? Is that recycled into more nuclear diamond batteries have to be put in a deep hole somewhere?

  16. I am cautiously optimistic about this breakthrough, as I am of every technology that has yet to leave the lab. All good wishes!

  17. Will the big coal mines and energy companies and oil companies allow this battery to be used for everything. This battery can be used to power every device and house 🏠 no more pay 💰 bills for power. Hmmmmmm these batteries can save the planet from pollution.

  18. Never having to charge your phone? Sure bring it on. Ouroborus batteries are finally here.

  19. They should not use the word nuclear, from a marketing point of view.. people will not trust the product despise how hard they claim it is safe. Nuclear term is a no p no.. i also presume you can not recharge the battery. So ev cars equiped with diamond battery may need to a new battery for many reasons.. deffect, car damage, etc.. so the battery also has the be affordable and easy to make

  20. Cant wait for this to be commercialised! That means I can in the future i can use my phone without charging for years!😆

  21. I want it now been waiting ever since I saw the first article. I would also want off the shelf version to build my own projects.

  22. another dead end .too expensive ..and for sure C14 ..aa it is safe to use in battery ..well we are storing it in safe way under water…it is for sure safe..Sure 2024 …yes I'm sure they will produce 2 batteries as prototype and they will ask money for 'research' and mean time it will be 2030 and there will be no nuclear diamond battery at all…Why …because it isn't safe and for sure you don't want to have it on your body..and power produced isn't great so forget about things it will change..mean time we are improving Litium battery technology ..and much more..

  23. Uh, no. These batteries produce extremely tiny amounts of power. A few hundred microwatts at best. They are useful for remote sensors and things which require essentially no energy to operate. They aren't useful for anything else. It would take hundreds of millions of these batteries to do anything useful for a home or an EV. Obviously a non-starter. Also, this technology isn't particularly new. They are called beta-voltaics.

    To put this into perspective, a tiny solar cell with roughly the same footprint as an AA battery produces 3000x more power (750x more energy with 6 hours of sun per day) than one of these nuclear diamond batteries.

  24. I love these kinds of videos, the ones about never-land. I can see the ad for the 2099 Tesla, with a selling price of $1M dollars that uses ND batteries. HOWEVER, range anxiety will be a thing of the past…😂

  25. Oh you know the powers that be are gonna stop this from happening, just look at what happened to the 75mpg carburetor guy.

  26. Now I will only have to change my Gamegear batteries every day instead of every few hours. That’s progress!

  27. Nuclear batteries are definitely something I would invest in, I'd use them to power my house!

  28. It probably will not be available to the general public…think of how many companies will go out of business and how many people will be unemployed if these things will last so long!
    The ecological benefits are undeniable …this would a game changer for ALL technology as we know it !

  29. Lithium mining is destroying communities in Portugal

  30. This thing is not cleaning nuclear waste, it's taking it from underground and bringing it in our lives. No thank you.

  31. Uranium waste could also be used in a Thorium reactor once & bring the radioactive life down by hundreds of years but free energy & a truly clean Earth isn’t profitable & gives the people independence.

  32. How long does it take to charge such battery?

  33. This technology was brought up in the 1970s. I remember in popular mechanics magazine they had an article that at some point we could all have a Nuclear power source in our homes. A device the size of a loaf of bread that wold power our houses for 100-150 years costing less than 6 months of already electric. But we know the power companies bought up the rights and hide the technology.

  34. If it's not disrupting the planet to make them, then these could be the batteries we have needed

  35. Valve's Steam Deck SHOULD use these Nuclear Diamond Batteries

  36. Any serious climate change advocate knows nuclear is the answer. First fission then we get fusion and its next step outer solar system

  37. wow as much potential as graphene… lol

  38. Big corporations aint gonna let this happen

  39. NDB; Thanks so much. You solved my disstresful dilemma with electric extreme power source for my in near future "Extreme Motorhome!!!" Bravo NDB!

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