It Happened! Scientists Have Created A Nuclear Battery -

It Happened! Scientists Have Created A Nuclear Battery

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Will you use the radioactive waste from a nuclear power plant to fuel your smartphone, or will you let it power your electric vehicle? Numerous battery materials have been evaluated, but there is a new battery material that has the entire industry in shock. It is a nuclear diamond battery with a 28,000-year operating life. This new battery, what is it? How does it function? Why is it a hot topic right now?

It’s obvious that a modern gadget tree would be incomplete without a modest battery. Batteries are used in anything from pacemakers to smartwatches and electric cars that require electricity but cannot always be linked to a power source. As a result, the battery sector has recently become one of the most competitive, with numerous companies
vying to develop the best battery on the market.

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  1. Last forever … great … besides making them useful now, next part of problem will be how to recycle them for other uses when their device wears out

  2. dam… i can kill people slowly with batteries now.

  3. This is a thing of beauty and in the Nick of time. Those pioneers in this venture are people who will be remembered in technology and inventiveness.

  4. Yeah blah blah blah believe that shit when I see it that is if it's not used as a weapon what happens with the waist if somebody does throw them away God knows what

  5. So basically, it would be practically free energy?

  6. The public will never have access to a nuclear battery or any technology that can actually free them from government.

  7. It would be awesome to use in mobility scooters.

  8. It would be great if i don't have to charge my phone for 28years that would be amazing.

  9. 👏👏👏👏👏 I've been saying for years nuclear power is the way❤️good luck most success

  10. Nuclear batteries have been around for decades. What is new this time?

  11. In 1950s two British scientists invented a nuclear power battery and it has a patent. It has a 27 year battery life. Are you in a shock?

  12. Apparently this nuclear battery is a kind of ferry tail with respect to EVs

  13. Yeah, 49 years ago and they installed it in Voyager I and II, and they keep going and going and going and going and go…..None of you remember, they were DESIGNED to last NO LONGER than TEN YEARS at the OUTSIDE LIMITS! Voyager II was HOPED to reach Jupiter and fly-by it's moons. We CAN power cars with nuclear power, but WHAT ABOUT WRECKS??? Oh.

  14. lets wait and see if it a real deal. and if it, will they start another war over it !?

  15. Question what happens if the battery is damaged?

  16. You haven't mentioned that it's better cause you never have to recharge the battery, ever…….

  17. don't like the idea of radioactivity close to me, even when claimed safe – heard that before…

  18. This has nothing directly to do with spacecraft as they use a hot isotope and thermocouple for power. This is an artificial diamond made of cold isotope of carbon and works electron emission by cold particle the problem with this is that when unused electrons return to the emitter their energy is released as heat and as the emission is controlled by proximity and as the isotope is bonded part of the diamond heat control from unused electrical generation could cause issues in upscaling.

  19. Sounds great but be sure you investagate the long term effects completely.

  20. If you're in shock then I stopped further viewing because I don't want that..

  21. How toxic are the radioactive emissions to the human body?
    Have you forgotten how extreme is the radiation of nuc waste?

  22. Soviet era nuke batteries are big but keep working decades. They use them in satellites and sea buoys.

  23. Yes that sounds like a great idea.Let's dig up and use all that waste that is highly dangerous and let us not forget it is radioactive waste.So some how they can now use radioactive waste to create a non radioactive, diamond beta emission battery.It can power a watch,It can run a pacemaker etc etc ,I think using nuclear waste to make a battery is stupid ,would you want a radioactive powered pace maker in your chest.???
    I thought not, Nor would I want a watch that might give me cancer..

  24. I have seen a lot of videos about these nuclear diamond batteries, but not one of them answers the actual important question. Are we going to get radiation sickness from them? Will a Giger counter pick them up? If a Giger counter picks them up then they ain't safe right?

  25. This is a common practice, feed the people slow, make a profit with the simple and disposable.

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