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Japanese Heavy Cruiser Nachi

Dark Seas
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In early 1942, the Japanese invasion forces were on their way to the Dutch East Indies. Fully aware that they had the upper hand against the Allies, they rushed to claim every inch of the Pacific as soon as possible.

The Japanese were on a winning streak and not about to let that go, looking to continue their imperialist invasion at all costs. Thus, the invaders put together a massive attack before the American, British, Dutch, and Australian forces could even coordinate a response.

Past noon on February 27, the 1920s heavy cruiser Nachi sent her reconnaissance floatplanes to search for the enemy, and they soon spotted the Allied Combined Fleet. Subsequently, Rear Admiral Takeo Takagi ordered his invading troops out of the area, as it was about to become a battlefield.

The Battle of the Java Sea had just begun, and Nachi would soon prove her worth against an unrelenting adversary…


  1. As the codes were broken just before midway. What information are you speaking of?

  2. "Only the Poe escaped,

    and was sunk a few hours later." (by the same ships). Same battle, larger battle area, and just as sunk. That's not really an "Escape".
    Because words matter!

  3. Why Japanese biplanes sometimes proved to be successful in WW2, although the biplane are antiquated and obsolete in WW2?

  4. Why does Dark Seas think the WWII Started Dec 7th of 1941?
    The Brits, Dutch, and French were all protecting their Bank investments colonies for years before America step in to save their asses.

    Most Americans didn't give a Rat's Ass about what happened in the Pacific.
    Public Libraries stayed open late, and set outside large maps on easels, just to show people where Hawaii was at after 7/12/41.

  5. I’m pretty sure I remember hearing about a squadron of sopwith camels biplanes harassed Bismarck or some other German battleship with little to no casualties due to its AA guns being unable to down the aircraft due too its small size and the AA-gun rounds simply hitting non important parts of said aircraft. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  6. Do you use a voice changer bc I really like your voice and keep up the good work

  7. Ok honest question who would win? The French char 2c superheavy tank Or the German K wagen superheavy tank. (context) it’s a head on fight during a offensive/counter offensive.

  8. Since japan attack that islands there's blessing in disguise, after liberated that large region and take over to colonize the whole islands and through cruel time under Japan rule ordinary peoples more suffer than in Dutch's occupation, but there's light at the end of dark tunnel after Hiroshima blast, Japan surrender and the world in chaos, our leader Mr Soekarno proclaim independen these islands become a country named INDONESIA on August 17 – 1945 and command order to our peoples who trained by imperial Japanese army/navy as back up soldiers in pacific did coup ASAP and Japan don't have any choice they can leave peacefully back to their homeland if they leave their weapons too, so our peoples get riffles, machine guns, tanks even fighter planes with the last ammos. We have short time to practice that war hardware to prepare Dutch and British who will take over again after Japan leave this country, so war happen again after that against Dutch and British with poor human resources and poor trained we can maintain independen with guerrilla war and unbelievable that they can flew with Japanese planes to bomb allied bases, they only have several months to practice how to fly a plane in basic. And our country like other else normal in this planet still exist until today

  9. I had no idea our diving and intelligence recovery was that advanced in 1945. Tell us more.

  10. How was there possibly a language barrier between the allies when they are all English speaking countries ffs?

  11. They see they old navy in glass bottom boats now

  12. "She collided with the Mogami…" Y'know the Mogami's ability to critically injure her own fleetmates would be almost unparalleled until the HMAS Melbourne arrived on the scene.

  13. The best Dark Seas I've seen in awhile. Please move Pacific battles.

  14. Japanese heavy cruisers were hell on wheels. They decided the Washington Agreement's 10Kton limit on cruisers was just a suggestion. Admiral Hiraga's designs for heavy cruisers were innovative and seriously dangerous combatants. Add the Type 93 torpedoes and launchers on both flanks, and they were a nightmare. The US Baltimore and Cleveland class cruisers outgunned and surpassed them, but those ships only began to arrive in late 42.

  15. What was the military coup left us hanging there

  16. Yeah Dark Seas, along with Dark Doc's, & THG. Episodes. You Folks do really great Stuff . So Thank You Very much.

  17. Old Man Doing High Kicks Only In Black Socks says:

    "Nachis–I hate these guys."
    –Indiana Jones, aboard HMS Exeter

  18. It's refreshing to hear a truly neutral script in a history video. I have subscribed just for that 👌🏻

  19. Yokosuka…
    Say it with me.
    Better now?

  20. This salmon-haired gyaru cruiser in Azur Lane

  21. why do ww2 era cruisers always look so good

  22. The main allied disadvantage was a Dutch Admiral.

  23. Thumbnail looks like its got two huge piles of coal on the fore- and aft decks.

  24. Well I hope you tell us what they found in those code books!

  25. The big mistake of Yamamoto was not to install radar on the ships

  26. Early Japanese Naval Artillery was highly effective because they used Colored Dye in their ammunition. This allowed for immediate correction of fire during the chaos of battle, division of firepower, and higher accuracy.

  27. Disliked & put in the DO NOT RECOMMEND CHANNEL for various reason:
    (1) they rushed to claim every inch of the Pacific as soon as possible – exaggeration. its only SEA esp Indonesia
    (2) imperialist invasion – you put a derogatory remark against japanese but never mentioned same thing against western colonizers in SEA (bias west as usual. very despicable. evil r@c3)

  28. Why do one of the front main guns face backwards?

  29. you mean torpedoes in surface ships was their idea?

  30. Enjoyed your video and I gave it a Thumbs Up

  31. It's so American to always come back for revenge and DUMP ammunitions on the target WAY over kill style. It really takes one torpedo to destroy just about any ship. Three tops. It sounds like they unloaded our country's whole arsenal of bombs. We kinda did Japan dirty in the end. Theres even code of honor in war. We killed mass amounts of innocent people just to win.

  32. Good and informative but why is the Szent Istvan June 1918 capsize video shown

  33. Gotta love the lines of those ships.

  34. On Java was an artillery battalion of the Texas Division that originally was to sent reinforce the Philippines. One sergeant in an .50 cal. Anti aircraft battery later surrendered when ordered to. He was half Japanese, Frank Fujita. The Japanese tried to use him for propaganda purposes after discovering his heritage. In actually he helped the American identify who were POW’s, and made the scripts that he had to read over the radio broadcast very soft stuff.
    After the war he helped design the great seal of the USAF.

  35. My bet is on the German K-wagen because of its similar design to the British mark one,s gun arrangement And locations. I would say it was inspired by the British mark one tank design

  36. It will be great if you add a simple information about Dutch East Indies…"that now known as Indonesia".

  37. 2:05 The sinking of SMS Szent István is often used in youtube videos. 😉

  38. Simply excellent. Thank you for the new series…

  39. When you review a History like this one. You will understand completely and fully why the US Military is almost constantly involved in JOINT TRAINING with it's Allies. 🇺🇸⚓🐵

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