Joe & Raanan Talk Movies - Episode 77 - Oppenheimer -

Joe & Raanan Talk Movies – Episode 77 – Oppenheimer

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  1. losing security clearance was a big deal to Oppenheimer and his career, actually

  2. The whole movie felt like a 3 hour YouTube recap of Oppenheimer the tv show seasons 1-3

  3. This is probably the most I've ever agreed with either of you on a movie.

  4. The silence during the trinity test was actually exactly how it must have felt to all of the people watching because sound actually took a few minutes to reach them. The first moments of the bomb were just the visuals, and the people watching would only have heard their own breaths getting heavier by the second.

  5. The movie is obviously technically amazing but has absolutely no soul much like the new Wes Anderson

  6. "I farted during Oppenheimer" is one of the best video reviews of that movie on youtube

  7. Barbie was actually pretty dern entertaining. Greta Gerwig is a talented lady. Jizz.

  8. Currently listening to this as I’m driving home from Oppenheimer. Love the debrief!

  9. So glad you guys are back. Love you both. So objectively wrong with much of the criticism, essentially missing the point. Love you both. Looking forward to the next one

  10. I didn't find the movie the confusing? It wasn't that hard to follow imo

  11. Great Episode Guys! I will say this movie was much better on a second viewing with a better understanding of where the film was going. It gets better on repeat viewing

  12. Some great points and some terrible points, happy you guys are back with this!

  13. Just wanted to tell Raanan that there is a new Holocaust Drama Film releasing later this from A24. It’s called The Zone of Interest & it’s told completely from the perspective of a Nazi officer & his family living a happy life together directly across from the concentration camps.

    its described as a very arthouse film & experimental & a haunting portrayal of the nature of Evil & the horrors of War.
    It sounds extremely interesting.

  14. How ironic we got 2 comedians bombing in front of us.

  15. I totally agree with you guys! The movie had a lot of promise, especially in that second act, but the last act was boring and confusing and seemed more like a historical documentation of every dry fact that happened after the bombs were dropped than it felt like an entertaining movie with a satisfying conclusion. I left the theater feeling disappointed, having loved other Nolan films. During Oppenheimer I felt no emotional connection to any characters, and the true emotional impact on the Japanese people was barely mentioned and shown, compared to how much time was spent on the courtroom story. Not enough time was spent showing Op’s feelings. I loved seeing inside the cosmic visualizations of quantum ideas in Op’s mind and wished that we could see more of a movie like that and much less time spent on courtroom stuff.

  16. This isn’t a joe bit callback, but seriously, I don’t think I cringe harder and dislike anyone more than RH. He’s so egotistical and rude. Interrupts constantly. Thinks he’s smart but really isn’t. He probably smells like pickles and whitefish.

  17. I'm definitely going to watch ex machina now… Thanks Joe!!!

  18. Oppenheimer was great! The sex scene between Oppenheimer and Einstein was phenomenal

  19. Oh thank god…I thought was was just a dumb person because I didn’t really get or enjoy that movie. I was thinking everything you were, but you’re smart so…whew!

  20. This movie stinkles. How about those goofball Einstein scenes?Thanks for the review

  21. "Robert Downey jr has never played a Machiavellian character". well done on a movie critic podcast, obviously he only had a career in this century, and definitely didn't have a shootout with the police at any time in his real life lol

  22. I dont get Joe's criticism of 80 years have passed. If humankind ends because of nuclear holocaust then that was a chain reaction regardless of how much time elapsed from creation to ultimate destruction. That is all.

  23. I took the Strauss story to be a human representation of mutually assured destruction . For the character of Oppenheimer, Nolan uses super hero aesthetics to subvert them, Oppenheimer not being heroic in any way. Also they open with a quote about Prometheus, and the third act is the second part of that myth.

  24. Back at it! Thanks for all of the content!

  25. Shalom and thanks for this lol. Trying to hang in there 🕎🔷 48:30

  26. The Gary Oldman scene stood out as particularly abysmal, jesus christ

  27. It was worth watching Oppenheimer just to enjoy Joe & Raanan s#!+ on it.

  28. I like when the guys talk about downey being a big part of the movie. What the fuck was Nolan thinking? Reminds me of how crazy it made me when I saw Austin Powers and like nearly half the goddamn movie was about some guy named Dr. Evil. The movie was literally named after the main character and they couldnt keep the story on him. DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON AMADEUS!

  29. I dont understand what must have happened to Joe's parents in between having him and having Raynan, but I truly hope they are working on a cure.

  30. What's with this guy staring at joe so much weirdo

  31. The movie isn't about Oppenheimer and the nuclear bomb. The movie is about the power we give our government. That's why the last third of the movie is Relevant. It's encapsulated in the scene when Matt Damon and Cillian Murphy watch the bombs drive away on the truck. We give a corrupt system more power. JFK stood up to that power and lost.

  32. Can they sit farther apart please.? My father's gay, and the couch closeness is making me very uncomfortable..

  33. This is just amazing!!!! Hilarious!!!!!

  34. I was hoping the movie would show how nukes are fake and gay.

  35. This entire movie is about complexity and how the right thing isn’t clear and is clouded my ambition and bias and idealogy. 15 minutes in and im livid at raanan

  36. Really good takes on this one . Haven’t seen a Chris Nolan since the disappointing Dark Knight Rises. I kinda wanna see Barbie though. Joe could learn something from ken I think. Please do that one next!

  37. AI produced movies will be so much better. Can't wait!

  38. This lad sounds like artie lang with a nose full of glass

  39. Can the producer of this podcast turn down Raanan's mic or better yet mute it? Jesus fucking Christ I'm deaf..

  40. I actually agree with all of the takes on this ep. Keep ‘em coming boys. Best pod ever!

  41. How do you not have a tea sponsor yet Joe?? You drink tea you spill the tea on movies… great podcast!

  42. I thought the same thing about it feeling like the trailer but after half an hour it either settled down or I got used to the pacing and small scenes.
    Don’t really understand the criticism about not caring about the Strauss story line since it’s connected to why Oppenheimer lost his security clearance. It’s part of Oppenheimer’s story.
    But I’m happy you guys made another podcast. Always fun to listen too whether I agree or not

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