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JRE: NUCLEAR Batteries Last 28,000 YEARS?!

JRE Shorts
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Joe and Oliver discuss nuclear batteries and developments with them in the past decade.

William Oliver Stone is an American film director, producer, and screenwriter. Stone won an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay as writer of Midnight Express, and wrote the gangster film remake Scarface

Clip Taken From JRE #1992 w/ Oliver Stone
Host: Joe Rogan
Guest: Oliver Stone
Producer: Jamie Vernon

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  1. The way we throw away tech every year, this wouldn't be great.

  2. I'm not smarter after watching this. But I am older!

  3. iPhone 20 with nuclear battery tech. Only 1.365 million dollars.

  4. How are they so sure about it lasting 28 thousand years ?

  5. A friend of our family he’s long passed was friends with Nicholas T. Talked about something he was working on (N.T.) static electricity being used/ converted to AC & DC never ending electricity no more batteries no more power plants.

  6. We had a thorium salt reactor that ran for 4 years. Why are we not using that

  7. In my opinion we don't use nuclear because we know our intentions for the rest of the world. If they fight back our nuclear sites will be our weakness. Aside from the profitability of Petro.

  8. Yes nuclear energy is the way forward. Everyone can have reactors in their backyard. Nothing could go wrong.

  9. This is the dumbest episode of JRE I’ve seen. 0.04% of our atmosphere is carbon.

    Banning gas stoves is a good thing? Why? So New Yorkers can be stuck relying on a power grid that’s going to be even more overloaded? A power grid powered by…..?

    Only 50 people died from Chernobyl? I’m sure there’s a few thousand people who died of cancer that would disagree with you Roger.

    Nuclear batteries last how long? Did I hear Roger say “trust the science”? Gee, where have we heard that before. 😷

  10. human nuclear power ops – Chernobyl, Japan.,.. i dont trust bill gates to be ethical. how many will die so he can make money ?

  11. An IPhone with nuclear battery, and Apple will still figure out a way to slow it down with planned obsolescence. NEXT!

  12. Ye now it's getting interesting, want knock off work an go home listen this doing pushups, what we do with nuclear waste what was thing about it being recyclable but dangerous

  13. I'm sorry all I could focus on is him sounding like the Native American Firewater from Sausage Party

  14. USA is all hype. The West is so far behind with technology.

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