Ken-Tech T-4660 Atomic Clock w/ Non-Slip Suction Cup -

Ken-Tech T-4660 Atomic Clock w/ Non-Slip Suction Cup

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The Ken-Tech T-4660 features stylish design with a unique locking large suction cup on the back. It will stick firmly to on any smooth surface like wall, tile or mirror for space saving. The T-4660 offers split second accuracy and sets itself automatically from Official Atomic located at the National Time Observatory in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Large easy to read time numbers are accompanied by the display of the month, date and day of the week. Attractive metallic silver finish casing and needing only one “AA” battery to bring you precise time-anytime.


  1. Is there a place to purchase just the suction cup, I turn it too much and the screw broke

  2. Click bait – nothing but ads – no content!!!

  3. How do I change language? I'm trying to get it in English? Thanks!

  4. How do i change the time zone? Please share if you have instruction manual or you know how to

  5. This clock SUCKS!!!!!!!! You can adjust everything but the time zone!!!! Unfortunately It thinks I live in California (West Coast) but I live in Georgia (East Coast) and our time is a 3 hour difference and there are no instructions on how to adjust the time zone. If you adjust the time it will auto correct itself back to 3 hours earlier. This clock infuriates me!!!!

  6. Bought it in 2015 and is still working for me. I stick it to my bathroom mirror and i love it

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