KEYNOTE: Building Better Batteries Faster - Prof. William Chueh -

KEYNOTE: Building Better Batteries Faster – Prof. William Chueh

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Keynote von Prof. William Chueh zum Thema Building Better Batteries Faster im Rahmen der Advanced Battery Power am 10.04.2024

What are the challenges and opportunities for building better batteries faster?
– This is the key topic of the presentation of Prof. Dr. William Chueh (Stanford University) held at the 2024 edition of the conference „Advanced Battery Power“ hosted by Haus der Technik e.V.
In his keynote speech Wiiliam Chueh, renowned and award-winning associate professor of materials science and engineering at Stanford University, outlines the role of artificial intelligence in the development of batteries and shows how to combine battery physics and state-of- the-art informatics-driven approaches (machine learning) to accelerate the R&D process of battery innovations.
You missed the opportunity to meet Prof. Dr. Chueh in person? Don’t worry, watch the video and follow his contribution and the discussion on how technology can improve sustainability, especially in terms of energy storage and conversion.
This presentation was recorded at the conference „Advanced Battery Power“ (Muenster, April 10, 2024)
Year by year, this conference offers an excellent platform for companies, research institutes, universities and individuals to present their work and results in the field of battery technology to a broad professional audience.
Up-to-date, first-hand information and cross-industry content across all aspects of battery development and use are what make this conference so appealing.
Mark this date in your calendar: The next „Advanced Battery Power“ conference will take place from April 2-3, 2025 in Aachen.

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