La Crosse Technology Large Display LCD Electric Atomic Alarm Clock with Phone Charger -

La Crosse Technology Large Display LCD Electric Atomic Alarm Clock with Phone Charger

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This La Crosse Alarm Clock offers the rare combination of Electrical Operation with Battery backup, and Atomic Time Accuracy. This Beautiful Clock will make a delightful addition to any room. Updated everyday to the Official US Atomic Clock in Boulder, CO. for the most accurate time avaialble. The clock Face includes Gentle Wake Ascending Alarm, Large 1.5” White High Contrast Time Display with seconds counter, Indoor Temperature, Indoor Humidity, Moon Phase Icon, Day & Date. Colorful and effective all around. You can operate the clock on batteries or electricity, but for continuous backlight you will want to leave it plugged in. Charge your phone with the USB Charging port while you sleep. The Backlight is also adjustable.


  1. How do you change the time setting for seasonal time change? I noticed it doesn't auto adjust

  2. So, I was left waiting to see how to program this great piece of technology…
    I am looking at the leaflet to program this, like I said, great piece of technology, but there are no instructions on how to program it. I called the number and they say monda through Friday only, and today is Saturday. They have shutdown the website and no where to get info. They say go to YouTube, and I guess I am gonna have really spent a lot time to see who, where to, to get help…

  3. I just got the model W88723V2 and I set up the date and time and the alarm but cant get the time set. Do you know howt do that? That is not included in my manual and my moon phase is at a different place than yours, it's in the lower left hand corner. Help pls? Thank you so much!!

  4. can the temperature be displayed in Celsius?

  5. I can't believe you didn't demonstrate the different dimmer levels and just told the names of them.

  6. I would like to know the item model number

  7. How to you select the LCD brightness? I can't figure mine out

  8. I own this one, it is the best of its type. Easy to read across the room. I give this alarm clock 5 of 5 stars. I highly recommend this product.

  9. Will this work in India or Asia.. As u specified is atomic..

  10. '
    this LCD clock with 3 colors are too dark…
    better all LCD whites only…
    no color

  11. Very Well done explanation!!! Easy to understand. This is a very nice desk clock as well. Thanks.

  12. If it's radio controlled, why would you need battery backup. Wouldn't having power reset date, time and zone by radio.

  13. How do you make it so that it automatically receives the time? Mine won't get a signal for some reason and didn't know if it should do it automatically once you turn it on.

  14. so youre phone has 10:09 am and the clock has 12:07 am, how long does it take for the atomic to work?

  15. I have this clock but its two minutes behind

  16. Garbage. Goes very dim for the first 6 or 8 minutes of each hour! Do not plan to set it on something above eye level – you have to be at eye level or higher to see it. This is not like an old '90's Sony or similar that has a sharp, clear readout from any angle. It's some new and inferior display technology. The atomic aspect works well, as does the temp and humidity. So, when I look up and it looks like it got unplugged, I just know that it's the first few minutes of… some hour.

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