LineMar Atomic Reactor -

LineMar Atomic Reactor

Roly Williams
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LineMar “Atomic Reactor” steam engine. This engine has been restored by a previous owner with a few reproduction parts.


  1. The steam and battery must be to start up the reactor. I wonder if the U-235 is still good?

  2. Back in the days when kids toys didn't need batteries they needed fuel,

  3. In the 1950s, Louis Marx and Company produced the Linemar Atomic Reactor through its Linemar line of tin toys manufactured in Japan. This operating steam engine is complete with water tank and boiler (the reactor dome with safety valve), fuel to heat the water (Esbit tablets), and battery (for the lighted cooling tower). The cylinder oscillates with an oiler on the steam chest. To keep things safe, a guard rail surrounds the engine.Selling for approximately $19.95 in the mid 1950s (about $193 in 2019 dollars), this was an investment for lots of continuing fun. You can find this in collector’s markets today from between $300 to $700

  4. Cool! I had a smaller, cheaper one (from Sears, I think) that used a horizontal cylindrical boiler with a "smoke stack" and metal firebox embossed with a brick pattern. It used small Esbit stove tablets for fuel.

  5. welll that a toy yes me i do fore tea hot steem and stirno wow fun all day thank you E GAMES yes i had the cracher crater that tucks hot rubber and pored in molds and got cretchers hot hek you say other thing you tube censers LOL had do that joke but lot toys bak in day whare not safe or just say guns not wright but fun play with had tuns cap guns bak then but now got holr armys of sifi and fantacy troops yes have guns i just go on

  6. Where can I purchase a syringe for the water like you have ?

  7. So steam turns the wheel which generates electricity that lights up the bulbs in the reactor?

  8. Avec je vais pouvoir charger mon portable

  9. It's like Tim Allen rewired the family Sodastream!

  10. I had one of these back in the 60’s when I was in high school! Fun stuff!

  11. What types of radioactive materials came with such a kit? And did they have the build your own neutron gun kits also??? 🤣🤣🤣

  12. i could operate a mini ship with this

  13. Something a little different Roly ! Thank you.

  14. Very similar to an engine that Wilesco had made at (probably) around the same time.

  15. Wasn’t this the most radioactive toy to be created for children or something though
    Edit: this isn’t the same thing nvm

  16. Uhh lol tell me when you have a 3rd arm LOL

  17. This HAD to be before my time, probably in the 50s… Although you DID see the kid chemistry lab, microscope/dissection kit, and electronic labs – Oh yes, (maybe) the steam engine that burned alcohol – all in the 60s/70s when I was growing up, you sure DIDN'T see the above, nor things like the Gilbert "Atomic Energy Lab" and the "Junior Glass Blowing Furnace"…

  18. Fine example sir, I think had LineMar made this with a turbine and generator, It might have been more fitting the Intended theme and possibly more popular?

  19. Seems safe… Isnt an atomic reactor basically a bomb if handled wrong?

  20. All my brain cells when we have a division test:

  21. What are those oil cans called? I would love to buy some. Are you using different types of oil?

  22. Good morning, I have an atomic reactor that is not operational. The boiler tank is leaking. I am in Canada and hoping to inquire about restoration. Hoping for some help! Thanks I’m advance.

  23. If that was real that would be bad

  24. Looks complex, but a simple steam engine.

  25. Wow! So very beautiful complex toy! A dreamed wonder machine!

  26. It's just a steam engine… The exit of the fournace goes directly to the piston, and the water is heated Py the fire underneath the fournace, not by uranium

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