Live And Direct With REAWAKEN AMERICA TOUR Day 2 Part 2 -

Live And Direct With REAWAKEN AMERICA TOUR Day 2 Part 2

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  1. Xray, this is so sad in what happen there I pray someone will get ahold of them.

  2. I had a feeling something like this would go down. Sorry it happened to you.

  3. When I was young who ever called the cops first won
    I thought they would of seen your live stream’s

  4. Shellie she is a awesome person she is a giver
    God is good

  5. The deep state won’t s us to fight over things don’t matter. Look here not their

  6. I can’t believe they ask you to leave, but they give JJ a media badge, it’s crazy

  7. It’s time for some slander charges against that trash spreading false information on someone like they have been doing it’s illegal and it’s time to press charges. Everyone they are slandering needs to press charges period. They are an embarrassment to America

  8. JJ lies so bad, says he got you kicked out, what a jerk

  9. In closing Our Ambassador Patriot X-ray Vision! Live showing us the event also his sweatshirt 10 4 driver, keep it sexy! Shoutout PQ Trucking, also Shelly and her husband.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. You guys need to get some money together and get a lawyer. They are spending lies, thats deformation of character and harassing .

  11. Reawaken America is still asleep 😴. They are fakers

  12. JJ & Freedom Squirrel are claiming victory in getting all of 1776 thrown out of rally. Please confront the lies they told security & get it handled. In their streams, they are asking others to send them info on all of your future events & where you will be. I don’t think they want the drama there. Thanks for streaming. They are stalking all of you.

  13. Please X-ray, don’t get upset with the organizers! It’s the Suicide Squad & the lies they told about you all with 1776!

  14. One could take the reawake in America tour could be a money grabbing operation.. Ultruism doesn't run in everybody's veins

  15. JJ Was in the process of laughing at you as you were walking outside the getting outside the gate down the road, And then security came right up to him a shorter black guy and another guy.. And they said you were told not to do this.. Then Jersey J and the squirrel pop up leaving the place via car but denying that they were kicked out.

  16. That's right you better have a long talk with that guy events the short guy from the shortcut is from the New York unity TPC tour group is the tour group that I have been a part of in the past, I know you know him and I've talked to him, But for some reason that JJ wackjob has Him Buffaloed.

  17. Why don't you go down to 1 or 2 of the J6 Washington DC rallies near the prison where they're saying the saying the prayer in seeing the national anthem……. Oreos there for the 2nd night

  18. Aug 13th 2022! USA Florida bringing down the house! Droves of cars, trucks, ppl by President Trump’s home honking, “put Trump back in asap USA trashed by current administration” honk! honk! honk! Don’t tread on us! USA goes Bring Trump Back!!!✍🏻

  19. If I didnt see you get tossed with my own eyes; because the rat pointed you out to security while Live, oh dear! What the hell with the double standard? You handled getting tossed perfectly. 👍✌

  20. God bless you X-ray. Shame on those junkies drug heads for siding with Democrat and Rino slanderers.

  21. You were actually the one acting like a fool, filming the squirrels and making dumb faces. You just can’t help yourself, can you?
    And you say only “elites” can film? The squirrels had media badges.
    The Republicans showed you what they think of you, but you’ll continue to lick their boots.

  22. Squirrel is to blame that this happened! Xray you did great!!

  23. What you guys need to do is show up at an event like this without giving the meth head critters a heads up, then go live after you get there. This way these clowns can’t follow you.

  24. Why didn't you call your friend that was on that security team there? I know he would of told them off for a great Marine!

  25. Again X-Ray is the man that Jersey Jay wishes he was.😂

  26. @XRAY I don"t know to like or not to as I STAND for You , Mrs Shelley & other GOOD PATRIOTS !!! I am going to hit like but I CAN'T STAND the Stalking Strange nasty people . I hope you look at the Elderly Male who was sitting with the STALKERS & than the guy with big belly & dark blue shirt comes up and the female carrying the Little Girl . I may be wrong but it seems it went down as they were ALL together POSSIBLY . If you can get us the # to CALL we would be pleased . Look at your AWESOME EDUCATIONAL RESUME / BACKGROUND verses JJ & Jin with drugs & gun charges & than Squirrel's with METH & WEAPONS charges . I think the big issues is they have """ LYING TIES""" and they are SLANDERING & STALKING You ALL . STAY POSITIVE and THANK YOU , 1776RM & the TRUE PATRIOTS. I will try to email you soon . GOD Bless You

  27. X ray Get a badge for the next one 👍 it will be fine 😉

  28. Hi Shelley and all the rest of you all guys you look like you’re doing good thanks for standing up for everyone we appreciate you guys and x-ray

  29. Yes x-ray you need to get with someone that knows the Clay guy and have them introduce you with Shelly and those guys and he’ll know right away that you’re an awesome guy. Great patriot jersey Jay should not be allowed in there.

  30. Why are they allowed the squirrel and jersey j shouldn’t even be allowed in ????

  31. Yes that other bunch are professional Bull shiters.

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