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[LIVE] ARIRANG NEWS | 2023-07-07, 21:00 (KST)

Arirang News
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▪ Gov’t says Japan’s plan for Fukushima wastewater discharge meets int’l, IAEA standards, asks Tokyo to make technological improvements

▪ IAEA chief says he’s aware of S. Korea’s concerns on wastewater, plans to meet opposition party lawmakers in Seoul

▪ S. Korea’s military drills near Dokdo Island spark protest from Japan

▪ S. Korea’s current account balance swings back into black in May on goods balance surplus

▪ Samsung Electronics posts record low earning profits while LG Electronics records highs in Q2

▪ LG Energy Solution tops global EV battery sales, excluding China, with 27.4% market share

▪ Washington seeking “healthy economic compeition” with Beijing: U.S. Treasury Secretary

▪ U.S.-led global coalition targeting fentanyl crisis to officially launch Friday

▪ Russia raids Wagner Group chief Prigozhin’s mansion

▪ Record-breaking global average temperatures from July 3 to 5

▪ Choir Olympics at Gangneung: 2023 World Choir Games Gangneung

▪ Le Sserafim ranked no.1 on Japan’s rookie sales chart in first half of 2023

▪ K-pop girl group NewJeans prereleases two tracks from upcoming EP “Get Up”

▪ Hot spells for Seoul with highs of 31°C… Downpours for southern regions


  1. 일본이 IAEA 에게 돈을주고 오염수 방출한다는 서류 내용을 밝히는 겁니다

  2. There are only three countries in the world where IAEA Director-General Grossi visits and explains about treated water. South Korea, Cook Islands, New Zealand. Many South Koreans are unscientific and are deceived by ghost stories. troublesome nation. Ghost stories make them uneasy, and they are the only ones in the world who buy up salt.

  3. 제발 이 사실을 전세계에 알려주시기 바랍니다. 제가 영어가 않됩니다. 그래서 부탁 드립니다

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